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Chapter 34: One Year

Rachel heard cries on the baby monitor. She and Finn had just gone to bed, and since he'd already fallen asleep, she didn't want to wake him up. Quickly, she walked into Allie's bedroom and saw her daughter trying to stand up in the crib.

"Hi, honey," Rachel said, taking her daughter out of the crib.

Allie seemed to calm down when she saw Rachel. Rachel smiled at her daughter. "I can't believe you're going to be one year old tomorrow!" She really couldn't believe it. The past year felt like it had gone by so fast. It felt like just yesterday, Rachel was in the delivery room. That had been the most pain she'd ever been in, but it was all worth it.

When Rachel had found out she was pregnant with Allie, she'd been terrified, to say the least. She didn't know if Finn would take her back, if her dads would support her or if she'd be a good mom. Now, she knew everything had worked out. Rachel loved being a mom. She also thought that Finn was a great dad - and a great husband. Even though her dads had been upset at first, they'd come around. This had also given Rachel an opportunity to form a relationship with her mom, and Burt and Carole were also wonderful grandparents. Kurt, Blaine, Santana and Brittany were all very helpful and loving in the apartment with Allie, as were Puck, Quinn, Katie, Anna and Blake during their frequent visits. When Finn and Rachel saw Sam, Mercedes, Tina, Mike, Artie, Sugar, Rory, Joe, Ryder, Marley and Jake back in Lima, they were all good with Allie as well.

Rachel looked at her daughter in her arms drifting off to sleep. Allie and Finn were the best things in her life, and she couldn't imagine life without either of them. Allie was such a sweet little girl and never failed to make Rachel smile. She was beginning to walk with a walker and could crawl around the apartment, and while she wasn't talking yet, Rachel had a feeling it wouldn't be long.

"We'd better get you back to bed," Rachel whispered to her daughter. "You know that we're having a party for your birthday tomorrow, and your grandparents, aunts and uncles are all coming." She walked back into the room and put Allie in the crib. "I love you, Allie." She then went back to her room and crawled into bed next to Finn, putting her arms around her husband as she fell asleep.


The alarm went off at nine in the morning, and Rachel noticed that Finn was already out of bed. She had a feeling she knew where he was, so she walked into Allie's room. Sure enough, Finn was in there, changing Allie's diaper.

"I thought you'd want me to take care of this," Finn said.

Rachel went up to her husband to hug him, then looked at her daughter. "Hello, birthday girl!"

"You can get her dressed," Finn told Rachel. "You know I'm bad at picking out clothes that match."

"Please!" Rachel said, going through Allie's clothes as Finn held her. "It's thanks to Kurt, Santana and Brittany that she knows how to dress."

"Yeah, watch Kurt take her shopping when she's old enough," Finn said.

Rachel took a little pink dress out of the dresser. "How about this?"

"I trust you," Finn said as Rachel got her daughter dressed.

"One year old!" Rachel exclaimed. "One year old!"

"We're doing pretty well, I think," Finn commented.

"I like to think we are," Rachel said. "Well, I know you are."

"Rachel, you're an amazing mom and Allie loves you," Finn said.

"She loves you too," Finn said. Rachel carried Allie into the kitchen for breakfast. She put her daughter in the high chair as she began making breakfast.

"Just think, if she was older, she'd be asking why she hadn't gotten her presents yet," Finn told Rachel.

"That's true," Rachel said. She turned to Allie. "You will get them tonight, when we have your party."

Allie giggled as Rachel continued to make breakfast. Finally, the food was ready, and Finn and Rachel were helping their daughter as Kurt and Blaine came in.

"How's the birthday girl?" Blaine asked.

"She's doing great," Rachel said.

"I can't believe she's one year old!" Kurt said. "I remember a year ago today, we were in the delivery room and you were screaming, and I thought you'd break Finn's and my hands..."

"Hey, it was all worth it!" Rachel said as she kissed her daughter.

"You two are really good parents," Blaine said.

"We try," Finn said.

"What time is Mom and Dad's flight getting in?" Kurt asked Finn.

"It's supposed to arrive mid-afternoon," Finn said. "Rachel's dads will be on the plane with them." Rachel smiled to herself, glad that her dads were going to be there today, especially after what happened when they first found out she was pregnant.

As Kurt and Blaine sat down for breakfast, Santana and Brittany came into the kitchen. "Happy Birthday Allie!" Brittany said.

"She's already more fashion-forward at one than her mom was at fifteen," Santana commented.

"Well, she has you, Brittany and Kurt to help, and she lives in New York, not Lima," Rachel said.

"You have a point," Brittany said.

"So, I got a text from Quinn," Santana said. "She and Puck are getting here at around one."

"That's great," Rachel said. "That way, we'll get to spend more time with them before the party."

"It's too bad our other friends from Glee won't be able to make it," Finn said.

"I know, but traveling to New York isn't cheap," Rachel said.

"We'll see them all at Thanksgiving, just like we always do," Blaine reminded the group. McKinley had started up again, and the seniors in Glee this year were Ryder, Marley, Jake and Kitty. There were some new underclassmen the New Yorkers didn't know as well. Rory, Sugar and Joe were freshmen in college this year. Joe had gone to a ministry, and Rory and Sugar were both at OSU. Sam and Mercedes were in LA, while Mike, Tina and Artie were in Chicago. Mr. Schuester was still the Glee club director, and he and Mrs. Schuester were expecting their second child, another boy.


"How's the apartment look, Rachel?" Brittany asked. While Rachel and Finn had taken Allie for a walk, Santana, Brittany, Kurt, Blaine, Puck and Quinn surprised them by decorating the apartment for the party.

"It looks great," Rachel said. She looked at the clock. "We told people to be here at five, so they should start arriving soon. She took Allie out of the stroller so she could crawl around a little. While Rachel loved watching Allie crawl or walk with her walker, she was so excited to see her daughter walk on her own.

Then Rachel heard the doorbell ring, and she went to the door and saw her mom and Beth. "Mom!" Rachel said, hugging her mom.

"Hey, sweetie!" Shelby said, hugging Rachel. "You've been a mom too, for a year now."

"I know, it's crazy!" Rachel said. She watched Beth run up to the crawling Allie in the living room.

"Hi Allie, happy birthday," Beth said, hugging Allie. When Allie put her arm around Beth, Beth looked at Rachel in excitement. "She likes me!"

"Yes she does!" Rachel said.

"Don't you want to say hi to Daddy?" Puck asked Beth.

Beth giggled. "Duh." She went over to hug Puck and Quinn as Rachel heard the doorbell ring again. This time Finn answered it. It was Burt, Carole, Hiram and LeRoy.

"All her grandparents are here now!" Finn said, leading his parents and Rachel's dads in.

"Thanks so much for coming in," Rachel said to her dads and Finn's parents.

"We couldn't miss our granddaughter's first birthday," Carole said.

"From what we've heard from Kurt, you two are really good parents," Burt added.

It felt good for Rachel to know that so many people thought she was a good mom.

"It's because you are!" Quinn said as she held Beth.

"You a good mommy, too," Beth said to Quinn. Rachel smiled to herself, knowing that Quinn had always wanted to have a mother-daughter relationship with Beth.

"Yes you are," Rachel said, sitting next to her friend on the couch.

Quinn leaned over and whispered to Rachel, "If it wasn't for you, Beth probably wouldn't know that I'm her other mommy. Thank you."

Rachel smiled and gave Quinn a hug as she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned and saw Katie and Anna.

"Hey!" Rachel said, jumping up and giving each of them a hug. "I'm so glad you guys could come."

"Of course we did," Katie said. She looked over at Allie and picked her up. "Wow, she got so big this summer!"

"She's almost walking and talking!" Rachel said.

"She looks so much like Rachel did when she was a toddler," Hiram told the three girls.

"Well, any daughter of Rachel's would be beautiful!" Anna said.

Rachel then turned and saw Finn talking to Blake and Chloe. She went over to say hi. "Chloe, I wasn't expecting you."

"She came to New York for the weekend, so I thought I'd bring her with me," Blake said.

"I really love New York though, after we graduate, I want to move here," Chloe said.

"Well, Rach and I are definitely staying here, so we can go on more double dates," Finn said, putting his arm around Rachel.

"I'm up for that!" Blake said.

Then Rachel felt tugging on her leg. She looked and saw Allie, who had Katie and Anna standing right behind her.

"I think Allie missed her mommy and daddy," Anna said.

"She was pointing toward you two," Katie said.

Rachel picked up her daughter. "You got some really cool looking presents," she told Allie. "How about we open them?"

Allie smiled.

"I guess that's yes!" Finn said. The family went over to open the gifts their family and friends had gotten for Allie. Allie was already old enough to act excited about every gift.

After the guests ate dinner and birthday cake, everyone either went back to their apartment or hotel. Kurt, Blaine, Santana and Brittany went to the hotel with Puck and Quinn for a little, so now Finn, Rachel and Allie were at the apartment alone.

"We pulled off her first birthday party," Rachel said to Finn.

"Yes we did," Finn said.

"I'm so happy right now," Rachel thought out loud.

"So am I," Finn said.

"I feel so lucky to be able to wake up and spend all day every day with you and Allie," Rachel said. She put her arms around her husband and daughter.

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