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Courtney: Don't you have to say something first?

Me: I forgetting something?

Duncan: Yes.

Me: Fine. I don't own TDI. I just own Lila.

Lila: No you don't!

Me:Yes I do, you're my OC! Let's get to the story! Oh, the girls are freshman, and the boys are sophmores.

Gwen's POV

I was walking to school in my usual clothes (AN: Clothes from TDI) and looked for people I might get along with. And let me tell you, it wasn't that many. I mean, I'm a goth, and most girls follow Heather. From what I've heard from people, I've heard she's a bitch. And I hate her type. So I'll steer clear.

Jus when I was about to walk in the building, someone bumped into me, sending my stuff, and hers or his, flying! I was so mad. Thinking it was on purpose, I snapped. "Hey, watch where you're going!" I looked up to see a girl with a hurt look on her face, then a slightly angry one. "Well sorry, I was looking at my schedule." The girl was wearing a sort of girly outfit, but what stuck out the most was her hair. It was bright orange, like fire! She might make a good friend.

"Sorry, I thought you did it on purpose. You know how some people are, right?" I asked, hoping for forgiveness. She looked calmer now, knowing why I was so rude. "Yeah, people can be real jerks sometime. You a freshman too?" The girl asked, hope in her eyes. "Yes, I am. My name's Gwen." She breathed out, looking relieved. "I'm Lila. And so far, you're the only freshman I've met! I'm glad I'm not the only one!" She smiled at me, and I smiled back.

"Are you serious?" She smirked. "No, I've met tons of other freshman, you're the only one that looked interesting!" Lila said in a sarcastic tone. "Wow, you're good. I have a feeling we're gonna be good friends." "Me too Gwen, me too." We walked the rest of the way to the front doors, talking about what we have in common. And it turns out a lot! She likes a lot of my music, shows, and colors! I was honestly shocked.

"Hey, what's your schedule?" Lila asked me at the last minute. I took it out, and saw that we have Science, Math, and lunch together! "Sweet! Someone I know!" We both laughed at that.

"So, you know who your sophmore guide is?" I asked Lila. She looked at her schedule, and checked the name. "I got a guy named Noah. You?" She asked me. Then I looked at my schedule to see a guy's name. "Soguy dude named Trent." Lila smirked again. "Hey, they could be cute!" She then wriggled her eyebrows in a weird way, which made me laugh again. Then I heard someone calling my name.

"Gwendolyn Matthews?" I looked up and saw a guy with black hair in a mullet-ish style, but with a modern twist, and pale green eyes. He was wearing a dark green hoodie over a black shirt with blue jeans and black sneakers. I nearly fainted.

"Ok first of all, Gwendolyn? And two, cute guide! Meet you in science." Lila then winked at me then walked off, probably to find her guide. I walked up to the guy calling my name, and when he saw me, he smiled.

"You must be Gwen. I'm Trent, your guide." I smiled back at him. "Looks like it. But, never call me Gwendolyn. It's embarrassing" "I know, they made me use your first name. He then walked me into the vast halls known as high school.

Lila's POV

After leaving Gwen with her super cute guide, I looked around for my own guide. I just walked and looked aimlessly, until I heard my name being called out. "Lila?" He sounded bored out of his mind. I turned around, and my breath caught in my throat.

He was tan, with dark brown hair and dark chocolate eyes. He was wearing a blue dress shirt under a red sweater vest, and khakcarp pros with white sneakers. He lookEd like a freshman because of his height, but I was eye level with his nose, so I had no right to say that.

When I walked up to him, he took one look at me, then his eyes widened for a split second, then they went back down. Now, I've never had a boyfriend, or a friend that's a boy for that matter, so I had no idea what it meant.

"You're Lila?" He asked me. I nodded, not knowing what to say for a split second. "Yep, that's me. And I'm guessing you're Noah? Total guess, because I know tons of sophomore guys to an area that I just moved into." Noah was silent for a minute, then said something surprising.

"My friends would love you. I can just tell. And I can also tell that you and I might get along. Might is the key word." My eyes widened in shock. "Wow. First day here and I'm already made some sophomore friends! My mom will be so proud." Noah chuckled. "Ok Lila, let's show you the wonderful yet terrible life of high school." He then led me inside. Oh boy, this is gonna be fun.

I'll do Bridgette and Courtney next chapter. And don't wory, if it doesn't seem drama filled yet, just wait, it'll be crammed pack with drama later! I already did the disclaimer, but ideas are still accepted. Hope you read this chapter! :)