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Summary: Tony's thoughts while working on a Friday night. A short one shot.

A/N: If it seems a bit OOC, it probably is. First time writing for NCIS. English is not my first language, so...any mistake, let me know.

Paperwork seems to appear out of nowhere. After one file is done, another is added to the pile. Outside, night has already fallen. Inside, his internal voice is waiting not so patiently to let out a scream. Friday night. Working. Who wants to do a happy dance?

As his mind wanders, another annoyed gruff comes from across his desk. It's enough to make him come back to reality. She's still here. How could he have forgotten? But despite the mood, her desk is spotless. The unfinished pile of reports clean. How did she do that?

And like that, his mind wanders again. He watches. A loose strand of hair. A hand comes up and pushes it behind her ear. In the other hand a pen writes furiously on what seems to be her last report. Her bottom lip is trapped between her teeth as she bites with the same determination.

With that, comes the thought. Last report. Last time I'll see her until Monday.

Suddenly, the ping of the elevator is heard. Hurried steps carry a head full of gray hair.

"Grab your gear!"

He smiles. Perhaps morbid, but never had he liked those words so much.

His mood just improved.