(Hello, my fellow readers. This next story that I am going to do is a sequel to another fanfic story made by one of this site's famous authors, Blue Paratroopa's crossover story the "Hunchback of Notre Ed". Oh and before I forget, Ed, Edd, n Eddy belong to Cartoon Network and the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" belong to Disney. I own nothing!)

It was another typical day in Peach Creek and all of the cul-de-sac kids are enjoying the day playing out on the street except for the Eds, who are watching by the curb.

"Ah, what a beautiful day," said Double D. "The birds are singing, a nice cool breeze is gently blowing, does it not fill your heart with joy?"

"I'm bored out of my mind!" shouted Eddy.

"I forgot to wear underwear again, guys" said Ed while his two friends looked at him oddly.

"Well, Eddy, how about we just skip enjoying this happy summer day and just go ahead and start another one of our famous and failed scams?" sighed Double D.

"Why bother! We already used every idea I could think of and, besides, look at everybody." shouted Eddy as he pointed to everyone's activity on the street.

" Johnny's playing melon head again, Jimmy and Sarah are playing with dolls, Kevin's doing stupid bike tricks, Nazz is lounging again, and Rolf is counting his turnips…. Did I mention Nazz is lounging!?

"I know, I know, I know," yelled a happy hoping Ed.

"Yes, Ed, what is it?" asked Double D.

"Let's go to Paris, guys!"

"Oh why didn't I think of that? It's so simple," said Eddy sarcastically. "Going to Paris, what a great idea, but one thing wrong with that….that is the most stupid idea I ever heard!"

"Actually, Eddy, I think I know what Ed's suggesting," said Double D.

"What are you talking about ,sock head!?"

"Just follow me, Eddy."

A minute later the Eds arrived at Double D's garage.

"Why'd you drag us here, sock head?" complained Eddy.

"Déjà vu, Eddy" said Ed.

"Shut up, Ed!"

"Gentlemen, may I reintroduce you guys to…" said Double D as he opened his garage door, revealing three familiar futuristic-looking helmets hooked up to a large machine. "Our old virtual reality machine!"

"Oh yeah I remember that!" said Eddy.

"Yes, Eddy, remember when we used it to travel to Paris hundreds of years ago?" said Double D.

"Ah what a great time it was as though it was only seven years ago" said Ed happily. "Remember when we met Quasi, Hugo, Victor, Laverne, Phoebus, Clopin, gasp….., Esmeralda and her goat!"

"And we also kicked Frollo's butt!" said Eddy with his fist in the air.

"If I remember right, Ed was the one who beat Frollo," said Double D.

"Ah what do you know, sock head."

"Well we haven't used the machine in a long time so I was hoping we could use it again," said Double D.

"Why not, sock head, let start her up!" said Eddy as both he and Ed put on their helmets.

Double D began pressing buttons on the machine. "Just give me a moment, fellows, I am setting the machine seven minutes after we left. There, that should do it."

"Oo-la-la!, déjà vu again Eddy!" cried Ed.

"Ed, shut up!"

Double D then put his helmet on and pressed the final button and in a flash they were all standing in the Paris square, looking up at the Notre Dame cathedral.

"Ah look at it, gentlemen." sighed Double D. "Whether it's virtual or reality, Notre Dame cathedral is still the most magnificent sight of them all."

"Yah well the place still smells," groaned Eddy.

"Oops, sorry, Eddy," apologized Ed.

"Not you, lumpy!" grumbled Eddy. Then Eddy noticed something around the town.

"Hey, what's going on here? Is it Valentine's Day already?"

Then as both the Eds looked at the surroundings they see a familiar hunchback jumping off roof after roof putting party bands on each roof.

"Look ,fellows, it's Quasimodo!" shouted Double D.

"Hey, Quasi, down here!" shouted Eddy.

"Yoo-hoo, Quasi ,it's Ed see me?!" shouted Ed.

Right when Quasi finished putting the last decoration on the house he heard some familiar voices and looked down to the source and to his surprise he sees his old friends.

"Ed, Double D, Eddy!" shouted Quasimodo as he jumped off the house and ran to the guys and brought them to a group hug.

"Oh I missed you guys so much. It's been so long!"

"Ed missed Quasi too," said Ed.

"Geesh and I thought Ed was the tough hugger," gasped Eddy.

Quasi then let the Eds go from his hug ."It is great to see you again too, Quasi, but what do you mean by so long?" asked Double D

"Why, you guys been gone for seven years," said Quasimodo.

"WHAT!" shouted Eddy and Double D.

"Escargot!" shouted Ed.

"Seven minutes huh?" said Eddy.

"Well I must have accidentally miss typed the time coordinates." admitted Double D. "Well besides that, what's going on Quasi, is the festival of fools happening again?"

"Well actually…"

But then our company hears a familiar laugh and when they turned around for the source they see…

"Clopin!" shouted Ed.

"Ah, my friends, welcome back to Paris and I see you have come on the day we prepare for the Festival de Amour!"grinned Clopin.

"Festival de what!" asked Eddy.

"Ah, allow me to explain." said Clopin as music is heard though the air.

"Oh, no not a song," grumbled Eddy.

"Hooray, Sing-a-long!" shouted Ed.

Clopin: There's music in the marketplace

The streets have come alive

The town is in a tizzy

It's a busy, buzzing hive

There's cause for this commotion

And emotional display

We just can't wait

To celebrate

Our favorite Holiday!

"Which is?" questioned Double D.

Clopin: Le Jour D'amour

Your song is in the air

Clopin and Quasimodo: What magic will you make for us?

Elderly couple: What promise will you share?

Clopin and Quasimodo: That golden bell, sweet La Fidel

Will soon be ringing clear

The best of all the festivals Le jour D' amour is here!

"Again Festival D what!" shouted Eddy

"Le jour d' amour, Eddy. It means the love of the day," said Double D.

"Right, my friends," said Clopin. "It's for all the lovely couples in Paris, it's a festival that celebrates both new and old couples to gather around and proclaim their love for all of Paris to hear."

"Gross," said Ed.

Clopin:Some have come in puppy love

A chance to steal a kiss

Some are still in l'amour

After years of wedded bliss

Clopin and company:Everyone's parading down the promenade in pairs

Clopin: To join the celebration of the finest of the fairs

Clopin and company: Le Jour D'amour your song is in the air

What magic will you make for us?

Whose name shall I declare?

That golden bell, sweet la fidel

Will soon be ringing clear

The best of all the festivals Le jour D'amour is here!

Quasimodo: Oh how the stars will sparkle on the water

As the troubadours sing tales of true romance

Hugo and Victor:The spirits may rise

With fire in their eyes

Laverne: While gypsy girls enchant you with a dance

"Hey, Sock head, did you hear that?" asked Eddy.

"Why, yes I did Eddy. It sounds like the Gargoyles but did Laverne's voice sound different to you?" said Double D.

"Let's mambo, guys!" shouted Ed as he grabs both Eddy and Double D and joins the dancing villagers.

Clopin, Quasi, and company:Le Jour D' amour

Your song is in the air

What magic will you make for us?

What promise will you share?

That golden bell, sweet la fidel will soon be ringing clear

The best of all the festivals

Le jour D'amour is here!

"For once can we skip the songs?" groaned Eddy.

"I thought it was good, Eddy," said Double D.

"Let's party!" shouts Ed.

"Come on, guys, I want to show you all something," said Quasimodo as he opens the cathedral doors. "Follow me."

"Follow Quasi!" shouted Ed as he once again grabs his friends and follows Quasi inside Notre Dame.

(Well that ends our 1st chapter. Tell me what you think.)