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"Fools! I am Sarousch, no prison can hold me!" shouted Sarousch being carried by Ed toward the prison wagon with the rest of his goons.

"Oh, shut up, fatso!" snapped Eddy as Ed tossed Sarousch in the wagon.

"Now, evildoer, prepare to face the power of… Sheldon Jr.!" shouted Ed holding up a piece of old rotten cheese that god only knows how old it is, but man did it smell! Ed then tossed it into the wagon.

"Mon Dieu! Please let me out! Did I mention I do birthday parties?!" cried Sarousch as the wagon left for the palace of justice.

"Don't you think that was too cruel, Eddy?" said Double D trying not to laugh.

"All I know is, I don't want to be him right now!" laughed Eddy then his face turned serious as he noticed Madellaine talking with Quasimodo.

"Hey, Madellaine!" shouted Eddy as he stomped towards her. "I got one thing to say to you!"

Madellaine stared at Eddy prepared for a big yell.

"You're okay," smiled Eddy as he shook her hand. Quasimodo was Just as surprised as Madellaine was.

"You're not mad at me?" asked Madellaine.

"How could we be?" said Double D. "After all you helped us saved Zephyr."

"Maddie, Ed's friend again!" said Ed hugging Madellaine.

"Ed, my name's not… Oh I'm glad we're friends again too," said Madellaine hugging Ed.

"Oh my, I just remembered the festival is tomorrow!" shouted Double D.

"Then we better hurry and return La Fidèle to Notre Dame," said Phoebus.

"Okay just let me check the bell and see if the jewels are still there," said Eddy as he slid under the bell.

"Yep still there. But I think I should do one more sweep around."

"Ed, if you please?" asked Double D as Ed ran toward La Fidèle, lifted it up and carried it away toward Notre Dame.

"Hey!" shouted Eddy.

"This rings a bell, guys!" shouted Ed.

"There weird," said Madellaine.

"They're great friends, but you're right they are weird," said Quasi as he, Madellaine and the rest followed the Eds to Notre Dame.

The day had finally arrived the festival D'amour was here as Quasimodo rung the bell. All the people cheered, for not only were all their stolen goods returned but now they can celebrate the festival now that La Fidèle has been returned.

"And now, while Quasimodo rings La Fidèle, come and proclaim your love for all of Paris to hear," said Clopin as each couple stood at the board to proclaim their loved one's name.

At Notre Dame the Eds who were right by Quasi, looked down at the celebration.

"Oh, isn't it romantic, Gentlemen?" sighed Double D looking at all the couples.

"The people look like ants down there, guys," said Ed.

"Look at all those people and I can't scam any one of them!" whined Eddy.

"Oh, well, to each his own," said Double D. "Hey, look I think that's Phoebus and Esmeralda down there."

"I love Esmeralda!" shouted Phoebus.

"I love Phoebus!" shouted Esmeralda as the two shared a kiss.

"What makes you say that, Double D?" said Ed.

"Shut up, Ed," said Eddy.

Then the sounds of the bell stopped. The Eds turned to find Madellaine right by Quasimodo holding a flower and Zephyr right by the Eds.

"Quasimodo, you've showed me that the world is full of miracles," said Madellaine.

"Just ordinary miracles," chuckled Quasi. "They happen every day."

"Oh, isn't it wonderful? Quasimodo has finally found his one true love," said Double D. "Doesn't it fill your heart with joy?"

Double D looked to Eddy, Ed, and Zephyr who gave him a look.

Double D sighed. "I know, I know."

"Yuck," said Ed, Double D, Eddy, and Zephyr.

"Yeah, yuck," Quasimodo and Madellaine both said.

The Eds then walked up to the gargoyles.

"Well, looks like Quasi finally found a girl huh," said Eddy.

"Oh yes, I'm so happy I could just mildew," said Victor.

"Oh lighten up, take your heart for granted, sniff, like me," Hugo began to cry.

"There, there," said Ed patting Hugo.

"Aw, she better take good care of our boy," said Laverne.

"Don't worry, I will," said Madellaine. The gargoyles gasped as Madellaine winked at them while their jaws dropped. Madellaine giggled and kissed Quasimodo on the lips as he let go of the rope.

Zephyr then grabbed the rope and rang the bell.

"I love Madellaine!" Quasimodo shouted.

"And I love Quasimodo!" shouted Madellaine.

"Hooray for the new couple!" shouted Ed as all of the people cheered while the Gargoyles smiled.

The Eds walked away and toward the model village and noticed the models of Quasimodo and Madellaine on the model bridge.

"Well, Gentlemen, I think it's time for us to go back home," said Double D.

"Aw, do we have to, Double D?" whined Ed.

"Sock head's right, besides I got some late scamming to do," said Eddy.

"Well you're not leaving without saying goodbye to me this time," said Quasimodo who with Madellaine was behind the Eds. Then the Eds gave Quasimodo a goodbye hug.

"I'm going to miss you guys."

"Don't worry we'll come back," said Double D.

"And this time we won't get back here seven years later," said Eddy.

"Before you go, Quasi has something for you all," said Madellaine.

Quasimodo then went to his model village and left his model Notre Dame to reveal three new models and when Quasi showed the Eds there were models of themselves.

"I made this as soon as you guys left the first time," said Quasimodo.

The Eds each held their individual model selves.

"Oh my, it's… thank you, Quasi," said Double D breathless.

"Wow, a model me!" said Ed playing with his model.

Eddy just looked at his model with tears coming from his eyes.

"Eddy, are you crying?" said Madellaine.

"No. I just got sawdust in my eye from this thing," sniffed Eddy as he and the rest of the Eds put their models in their pockets...

Double D waved. "Goodbye Quasimodo, goodbye Madellaine, Goodbye to you gargoyles as well, you can bet we'll see each other again."

They began to return to the present as everything went white and then faded to black.

Suddenly, they went back home in the Cul-De-Sac. "Well it's good to be back home," said Eddy.

"And it was great to see everyone again, and I'm also glad Frollo was not there," said Double D.

"And Ed's glad that Ed has a little Ed," said Ed playing with his model self.

Both Eddy and Double D looked at Ed in shock.

"Um, Double D, is that the same model Quasi gave us?" said Eddy.

"Oh no I'm not falling for that again," said Double D. "Ed, did you make that in art class?"

"Don't you remember, Double D?" said Ed. "Quasi made this for us."

"Ed, be serious where did you…"

"Uh, Sock head, look," said Eddy as held up the model of himself to Double D. Double D was shocked at this and he slowly took his hand in his pocket and with a shock pulled out his model self.

All the Eds looked to themselves in shock then they turned to the virtual reality machine then looked back to themselves then looked back to the machine.

"Sock head, what happened?" said Eddy.

"I-I don't know, Eddy, It's a miracle," shocked Double D.

"Nope it's an ordinary miracle," smiled Ed as Eddy and Double D look at Ed and back to the machine with smiles on all of their faces knowing that there is a Hunchback friend who will be waiting for them.

"What a minute, if we could bring the models with us here then that means… I could have all of those jewels!" shouted Eddy.

"Oh Eddy," said Double D.

And Ed said, "The End!"

(Well, I'm finally finished with this story. So once again I would like to thank Blue Paratroopa for allowing me to make a sequel of his story The Hunchback of Notre Ed, and I hope you all enjoyed the ride.)