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She didn't know what she was doing. She was just so…empty.

A drop of rain fell on her forehead and with great effort; she tilted her face to look above her. Leaves. Dark green leaves hanging from green moss covered branches were shielding her from the sky, and from the light pit pat noises steadily increasing, the growing rain as well.

She let her face fall back onto the muddy, moss covered ground. Who cared anymore? Obviously not her, virtually abandoned as she stumbled after Ed-

She curled farther into herself as the pain hit her. She couldn't bear to think of Him. Not with how he left her, saying she was just a toy-was she always just a toy?- leaving her alone, taking her family from her, the only ones she knew here in too green Forks. He didn't care. Why should she?

A hoarse, choked laugh fell from her lips, sounding even more twisted coming from the throat that sobbed and screamed His name for hours as she tripped farther and farther into the overgrown forest.

"Oh how the mighty Bella Swan has fallen."

She was sure that's what people like Jessica would mutter when they found out about how He left her. How They left her. But unlike all the times her clumsy nature made her trip before…Bella was sure she wouldn't survive this.

It hurt so much, far more than when James bit her and started the spiral that she knew, deep down would lead to this. Instead of the intense burning sensation of fire running through her veins, she got almost the exact opposite. There was a sharp cold within her, starting from what she was sure had to be a gaping hole in her chest, and spreading throughout her muscles, taking out her limbs one by one. She was sure that she could never recover from being frozen solid.

Bella curled further into herself, wrapping her arms around her as she laid there on the forest floor. Yes, between this gaping hole in her chest with its jagged edges, and the growing frozen numbness blanketing her, there was no way she would survive this fall. Oh what was she thinking falling in love? She had no experience with this. She had no intention to end up so consumed with that feeling. It was so overwhelming, her love for Him, that she couldn't recall having room for any other feelings when He was around.

But, He had left. He was gone and she was nothing. Just plain, boring Isabella. A nobody, just like He said. A flitting, human, fancy to distract from the ever monotonous eternity. There was nothing special about her. Not even her unique blood scent could keep His attention. And the others…They probably just played along to His new hobby. She meant nothing. No one cared. Not for her…

With a light, pathetic whimper she let her chocolate eyes become unfocused as she slipped into the dark hole of her mind.

"Oh Isabella. Fuck, I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry…"

She blinked in response to a voice saying her name. Who…Who was that? They sounded so sad. She wanted to make that voice stop sounding so sad. They didn't have to be sad…She was the one all alone. She couldn't get her eyes to focus. Everything was so heavy...so numb…

Maybe she was imagining things. Yes, her mind had to be making up melodic voices to try and ease her from her loneliness. But, this voice…it wasn't one she remembered hearing much from Them. It seemed too rough. It was a deeper voice. Still musical in its own right yet less perfect, more smoke filled. Where had she heard that voice?

She felt herself being lifted gently into strong arms. Uselessly, Bella cringed and gripped tighter to her body. The hole in her chest didn't like being jostled. She should just be allowed to stay here, on the muddy forest floor like the discarded toy she was.

"Shit. I don't feel anything from you. You're…numb? God Isabella, I'm so sorry…"

That smoke filled voice was back, causing the chest she was cradled so gently against to rumble. She felt like a child who had wandered out at night and now someone comforting came to bring her back inside to the warmth. She almost felt…safe. Bella clutched to the shirt in front of her, a low whining forming in her throat, trying to convey her pain. To let this safe someone know about her missing heart in her frozen body.

"Shush darlin'. It's a'right. I'm gonna take care of ya. Don't worry, I'm goin' to make this better. Just sleep now hun."

Wait. She knew that twang. That southern accent, it rushed her with a wave of familiarity. And as a sense of extreme lethargy took over her, one thought stayed suspended in her over worked dark hole of a mind.


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