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Bella awoke to find herself tucked gently into her warm bed, the covers mused only slightly like she had just woken up from a nap. She shifted more into that welcoming warmth, desperate to cling to that groggy edge that swarmed inside her. If only she could sleep some more…maybe forever…then maybe…

Maybe it would all just be a dream.

Maybe He didn't leave. Maybe They didn't leave. Maybe she wasn't all alone.

Wait, how did she end up in her bed? She was sure she had just wanted to lay in that forest forever. There was no way that she could have moved her pain filled body all the way back to her bed, even if she somehow could figure out how to get out of the forest. Not her; poor pathetic Bella. She was just a toy, just a thing to pass the time, just a-

"Please. Stop with the self-loathing…I'm sure I have enough of that for the both of us."

At the sound of that strained voice Bella shot up in bed, her chocolate eyes wide and searching her room for the source.


Her voice sounded raw, and she could barely hear it herself, but she was sure the vampire with the shaggy blonde hair of curls could hear her just fine.

She found her answer when he nodded his head; half in acknowledgement, half in what almost felt apologetic.


He wasn't sitting in the rocking chair. The chair He always used to sit in while he watched her. No, Jasper was sitting in her computer chair by her desk, rod straight like any moment he expected to be inspected for any faults.

Must be the soldier in him. To always be alert and ready.

Suddenly she felt hope swell within her. Maybe They stayed. Maybe He lied and He was the only one to leave. Maybe her family fought for her. Fought to stay with her. Just as she was about to open her mouth and ask Jasper cut her off.

"Isabella. I'm…I'm sorry. I know you feel hopeful, I can only guess it's to hope that the family is still here…but…It's only me. I'm sorry."

Her arms came up to wrap around her as she felt the edges of the hole in her chest tang with loss. She was beginning to feel numb again, but she had to try, had to ask.

"They're gone? All of them…even…" She took a breath, wrapping her arms around her tighter. It hurt to even think that her best friend had left too; left without a goodbye, or a care in the world. Her sentence ended in a whisper. "Even Alice?"

Jasper nearly flinched at the sound of his mate's name. It couldn't be. Alice couldn't have just left. Maybe she could have left her…but not Jasper, not her mate. Suddenly she was angry at Alice. How could she leave her mate when it was obvious even to lowly human Bella that he was hurting? Jasper looked up shocked at her anger but before he could ask the words poured out of her mouth in a deluge of word vomit.

"How could she do that to you Jasper? She can't just leave you here! It's obvious that you're upset about what happened at my birthday but it wasn't even you're fault! Surely as your mate she could tell that you were feeling everyone's blood lust and not just your own! She is so selfish to just blame you!"

Jasper blinked at her, eyes wide from being exposed to the sudden onslaught of Bella's words. He wasn't sure he had ever heard her talk so much, or with so much passion. She always seemed so timid. He would have to worry about her reaction later but right now some of her words had him puzzled.

"Alice isn't my mate, Isabella."

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