The next couple days consisted of Spot and i trying to think of a plan to get rid of Brandon and my papa for good. It was only the second day and we spent the entire day thinking, but still couldn't come up with a thing.

We walked to my usual selling spot and he helped sell some papes since he had sold a lot already and could live without selling for a day or two. "Do you'se think if we'se hide somewhere else that it'll work?" i shook my head sadly. "I wish. The things i'd do to you.." i smirked and looked away from him to sell another paper to a business man.

He didn't register it since he was so busy thinking but when he did, he grabbed my waist and pulled me into a passionate kiss, leaving me flustered when i pulled away first.

"How's did i'se stumble upon someone like you'se?" he smiled down at me and i laughed "Dunno. Maybe you were my night and shining tin foil and found me on the ground all bloodied up?" He nodded knowingly and laughed "maybe's"

It took a up till dawn until i sold my last paper. Spot and i had stopped going to Maddea's or Tibby's, since we'd inevitably bump into Brandon there, so for the last two days, we'd just stay home while his newsies went and partied.

When night fall came, Spot had some important business to attend to, so it was just me in the lodging house. I couldn't find a way to entertain myself, so i just sat downstairs and played solitaire, goldfish, and some other games the lodging house keeper.

It wasn't until a couple hours in did he get tired and called it a night. He had also left me, probably intentionally an endless supply of alcohol unmanned. I grabbed a glass and poured myself a drink and sat on the couch, staring into the night, contemplating more of what i should do with my current situation.

I was in the middle of making pros and cons of going back home and staying when i hear the door open, a little roughly. Whom i thought was Spot, was definitely not. It was Brandon.

"Brandon?" he looked at me menacingly. "I want you. Now." his words were a little slurred, but not enough to not know where he was and who he was talking to. "What?" I asked stupidly, slowly getting up, drink still in hand.

He had walked in a fast pace toward me. He threw my drink across the floor, surprising me, looking at the mess on the ground. "Brandon. Don't do this, calm down. This isn't you."

"OH yeah it is. It has been and it pisses me off that you're with him." his eyes grew dark when he thought of Spot. "Tell me you're still a virgin." I looked at him in utter awe. "What? What kind of question is that?"

He grabbed my neck harshly, to which i flinched. "Answer me." i nodded my head yes. Spot came close, but i had a feeling Brandon wanted more than what Spot almost did to me.

He pushed his head down on mine and kissed my lips, which i didn't reply because at this moment, it was clear that i liked Spot. It felt weird to feel someone else' lips on mine, not to mention that i didn't like it.

He didn't seem to notice and started grasping my breast, which was when i stopped him. "Stop it, Brandon." he spit in my face, to which caught me off guard. "What the fuck?!" I wiped my face and then proceeded to punch him, which he slyly blocked.

We started fighting and it got violent because he had started taking chairs and threw it at me. As a result, i fell and started to get up but couldn't, my legs lay limp on the ground, i couldn't move them. I tried desperately when he walked toward me again, but they wouldn't budge. It hurt really bad, i could tell, i just couldn't feel them.

"You're mine now." I started to panic when he started to unbutton his pants and take off his shirt. He then proceeded to try to take off mine but i fought back as hard as i could. I will not let this happen to me again. Not again..

He had started getting even more violent and just full on ripped my shirt in two, which caught me by surprise. He grabbed my hair and pulled me on the couch, which my legs finally responded and it didn't respond well. I yelped in pain, it hurt so much.

He pulled down my pants and proceeded to touch my crotch area and kissed me all over, sloppily. "Brandon, stop!" i kept yelling and yelling and i don't know when but at some point i had yelled for help.

He kept moving my legs and i would respond, screaming and crying. "Help!" i cried and he just slapped my face "Shut the fuck up" he retaliated. Then the lodging house keeper had come out and i saw him and pleaded of help. He had yelled at Brandon and asked what he was doing, which was stupid, because it was obvious.

"What do you want old man?" he had left me and punched him in th side of the face, which knocked him out quick, since he was so old. "NO!" i yelled partly because he was such a sweet old man and partly because he was my last hope. I tried moving and getting away, but my legs just wouldn't let me.

"Brandon, please don't do this, please" i cried and cried and he came toward me and pulled out his penis to which i screamed again. "Someone help!" i yelled even louder, my voice was starting to crack and i knew it was going to run out soon, so is stuck to crying.

"You're going to lose your virginity to me, not him." he said menacingly again. "Brandon, please don't, please, no." i cried even more and i felt his hands take off my panties. He entered me and i screamed and cried, he'd done it so fast, i could feel the blood.

"Stop!" i cried and screamed and when my voice ran out, i just laid there crying and struggling. "Stop.." i kept saying and he kept going, faster and faster for what felt like so long. He then pulled out and pulled up his pants and shirt, slapped me, and left.

I laid there drowned in my own tears, i couldn't stop them from coming out. It happened again. "Why?" i asked myself. I didn't know what to do, so i laid there, half naked and crying. I could feel the bruises start to form all over my body.

I was crying and shivering and screaming when Spot had found me. Oh, how i'd kill to take back him seeing me like this. This was the last state that i would want him to see me.

I didn't know how long it took for him to come, but all i knew was it felt so long. He had come in with couple newsies and some Manhattaner's and i didn't care. All i knew and all i felt was helpless.

Spot had dropped everything and ran toward me. "Who?! WHO THE FUCK DID THIS?!" he lowered his voice when he realized that i flinched when he yelled. He then proceeded to put on my clothes for me. I shivered the entire time, tears streaming down my face.

"I-" i chocked out, but couldn't muster up any words to say. I was speechless. "Shh. It's okay. it's okay." he looked in my eyes with such worry, concern, and i know i saw that he felt so bad for me.

He pulled me up, bridal style and i flinched when he carried me and every time there was a noise anywhere. "It's okay.." he told me and hushed me when i whimpered in pain.

But all i could think was my screams and cries and having no one come save me. Being helpless and lifeless, just laying there. I'm so helpless.