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"That movie was funny." Jayden said, eating some popcorn.

"It's only too bad that Leroy never got a good home, like 627, you think they would ever?" Riz said.

Riz and Jayden had just finished watching "Leroy and Stitch" in their neighborhood movie theater. Riz was a 14 year old girl, who was very cautious. Jayden was 13 year old girl, who was the outgoing, who-needs-a-plan kind of person. They were next door neighbors, and best friends.

Jayden frowned. "Yeah, it is pretty sad. Do you think any of the supposed "evil experiments" will get a good home?"

"Doubt it," Riz snorted. "They just left them alone. By the way, if you could be any of the Experiments, what would you be? Or maybe... we could be our own Experiments, that sounds like fun!"

The 2 girls laughed. They walked by the woods by their houses, and halted as they heard a voice coming from the woods.

"Young girls," the voice said. It echoed around the area, making chills run down Riz's spine. "Come to the woods, there is something over there that you must see."

"Wh-what was that?" Riz shivered, rubbing her arms for warmth.

Jayden shrugged and turned to the woods, grinning. "It came from that way!" she exclaimed, pointing to the woods. "Come on! Let's follow it!"

"Are you crazy?!" Riz protested. "You don't just follow a creepy voice!"

"The creepy voice did say to come into the woods." Jayden said. "Why don't we?"

"You nincompoop!" Riz exclaimed. "If the voice said to jump off a cliff would you do it? No, creepy voice, in the head, ever watch the movies of what happens to people who listens to it? Do the math, let's go home and ignore it."

"...nincompoop? Really?" Jayden said, raising an eyebrow. "And I hate math! Anyways, c'mon Rizzy! Don't be such a party pooper!"

"Would you rather I called you naive idiot instead?" Riz said, then yelped as Jayden rolled her eyes and dragged her towards the forest, effectively embarrassing Riz, seeing Riz was a year older than Jayden. Jayden was always stronger than Riz, but Riz was more cautious out of the 2.

"Stop that Jayden!" Riz exclaimed, struggling in Jayden's hold. "We're going to get in trouble!"

"Hurry young children," the voice said again. "Before the sun sets or it'll be gone."

"You don't know that." Jayden said to Riz. "And if you just ran with me, I wouldn't have to drag you." then she shouted to the voice, "And stop calling us young children!"

"JAYDEN!" Riz shouted, trying to get Jayden to stop. But Jayden just ignored her friend's protests.

Then, Jayden finally stopped in front of what looked like a really old stone. It had markings on it and it was glowing faintly.

"What is that?" Riz asked, a little amazed by the giant stone.

"Touch it young children," the voice said, much to the annoyance of Jayden. "Touch it and all your dreams will come true."

"I don't believe that baloney," Riz said, rolling her eyes. "Come on Jayden, let's go home and pretend this never happened... Jayden? NO! DON'T TOUCH IT!"

Jayden had reached forward towards the stone, hovering over it. "All my dreams..." Jayden murmured. "Come true? Sounds promising!" she touched the stone and suddenly disappeared with a flash.

Riz covered her eyes from the flash, then opened them. She looked around quickly, wondering where her friend was. "Ah! JAYDEN! Oh-no! What'll I do!? Police!" she shouted, pacing back and forth.

"The sun is setting," the voice said. "If you don't hurry and touch the rock you will never see your friend again."

"But... Jayden..." Riz said, looking down. "Ohhh, YOU'RE ALWAYS GETTING US INTO TROUBLE!" she punched the rock out of frustration and disappeared with a flash too.

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