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Project Tsunayoshi - Chapter 2

Mama went up and hugged Yoshi. And the next thing I knew, I was hugging him too. We stayed like that for a while, momentarily forgetting the consequences of Yoshi's return, before we were interrupted.

"Maman, what-"

"Tsuna-nii, who-"

"Dame-Tsuna, who is this?" Reborn asked. The other occupants of the house were watching us.

We separated, wiping the tears from our eyes. Reborn's eyes were hidden underneath his fedora and his face was as unreadable as ever.

But Mama and I kept an arm around Yoshi. Just in case. Mama to Yoshi's right and me on the left. Afraid that if we let go, it'll all be just a dream and Yoshi would be gone from our lives again.

"Oh, where are our manners?" Mama said smiling as bright as ever. I'm smiling too, wider than I have in ages.

"This is Yoshi-" I started, smiling a smile than we, me and Yoshi, shared.

"-Tsuna's twin brother" He finished it, smiling our smile. As we grinned at each other, Mama was watching us smiling, probably thinking she would never again see this. And I thought so too. But for once, I'm glad I'm wrong.

"And Yoshi, this is Reborn, Bianchi, Fuuta, Lambo and I-pin" I introduce them to Yoshi while pointing to everyone.

"Bianchi, could you help Mama clean this up?" Mama asked Bianchi. "We-" she gestured to the 3 of us "-have some family matters to talk about".

Family matters? ..Oh.

The smile I had on vanished. I forgot about that. What Yoshi coming back would mean, the reason he was gone, what happened 8 years ago and I wonder just how much does he remember? A look of dread and fear appeared on my face when I stared at his face. I bit my lip. Was he angry?

Bianchi nodded her head in compliance. Of course. No one says no to Mama.

And as we headed up to Mama's room for our talk, Reborn interrupted us "Mama, Dame-Tsuna still has homework to do".

I flinched. Oh yeahh… math homework. The horror. And just as I was just about to complain, Yoshi said "I can help Tsuna do his homework". He gave me a smile "just like how we used to" and I couldn't help but give a smile in return.


I felt this creepy sensation going up my spine and then I made the mistake of looking at Reborn.

"Hiee!" I jumped behind Yoshi. Reborn had this dark aura leaking from him and his eyes were shadowed from under his fedora.

It was clear. Reborn wanted to talk.

Whether or not I'll live after the talk is an entirely different matter.

"Ahaha.." I forced a laugh "you and Mama should go ahead to Mama's room. I need to get my homework first".

I dashed up to my room and closed the door behind me. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.


"Hiee!" I jumped and turned around only to find Reborn standing on my bed, eyes still shadowed by his fedora with Leon gun form in hand.

Stupid baby hitmen and their sneaking abilities.

"What was that, Dame-Tsuna?"

"Nothing! I didn't say a word!" I forgot he could read minds! ..or at least mine.

There was silence for a while. I was thinking of what to do and what I did wrong to make Reborn so angry. Why is he so angry?

So I did what I would usually do before Reborn came into my life. I tried to run.

"S-so I'll be taking these!" I snatched up my unfinished math homework and a pencil and eraser and ran to the door.

Only to find Reborn standing in front of it.

Well.. that didn't work.

"Dame-Tsuna" a click of a gun was heard "who is Yoshi?"

"M-my brother?" uncertainty laced my voice.

He shot near my feet. Just so it missed my foot by a hair's breath.

"Hiee-my twin brother!' I cried out, dropping the unfinished math homework and scrambling up on the bed and taking a pillow and hiding behind that. I don't really have anything else to hide behind..

"And how come I never heard of your twin brother?" Reborn's eyes were still shadowed.

"Cause-cause" I tried to think of something "you were never told?". I blurted out the first thing I could think of. My eyes looked sideways for a way out. There was none.

A click of a gun was heard again.

I swallowed, thinking of a suitable answer when I remembered something.

An old memory flashed before my eyes. One from eight years ago.

Mama was crying in the kitchen. This is the last time she will ever cry in Papa's presence again. I was listening at the doorway.

Grandpa and Papa is having a serious talk. Yoshi had already gone missing.

"Iemitsu, there's no trace of him".

"But Nono, Yoshi-"

"Enough, Iemitsu! I know it's hard but you need to face facts".

"But Nono, just a-"

"I said enough, Iemitsu!"

Grandpa's voice was loud and rang in my ears even after he shouted. I saw Papa bend his head down as he gave in.

"Yes, Nono".

Grandpa's eyes turned softer "I'm sorry, Iemitsu. I know it's hard to take in. But to have Yoshi disappear so suddenly and without a trace, this could be bad for the famiglia if word gets out. The fact that somebody got past the Vongola undetected and that one of your children are missing woul-will cause an uproar in the mafia".

"So what do you propose we do, Nono?" I never seen Papa's eyes looking so sad.

Grandpa's eyes turned sad. "I'm sorry to ask this from you, Iemitsu and I understand it's not an easy thing to do but it's for the best".

There was a slight pause.

"I'll do anything to protect the famiglia,Nono ". Papa's words had some tone in it.. pride? I didn't know why at the time but I felt sad at his words.

Grandpa closed his eyes and took a deep breath and when he reopened them, it had a different shine to it. "Iemitsu, to protect the famiglia, I need you and your family to erase Sawada Yoshi from your lives".

I saw Papa freeze and me and Mama did too. Mama was overhearing the conversation even when she was crying.

"I want you to pretend Yoshi never existed in your lives and to go on like usual without him. And since your family is still being kept a secret, Iemitsu, no one will be the wiser. Your family will have extra surveillance to make sure something like this never happens again and everything about Sawada Yoshi will be classified Vongola information. Sawada Yoshi will have never existed".

To pretend Yoshi never existed? I could feel my eyes tearing up.

Papa was still frozen. But when he was back to normal, he bowed his head and said:

"Anything for the famiglia".

And that did it. I cried. The tears freely flowing down my cheeks. And I couldn't stop them. I know Mama would follow Papa. She loves him too much.

I stumbled back to Mama, hugging her. We cried holding each other, crying over the family we lost. For Mama we only lost Yoshi but for me, we lost Yoshi and Papa. From that moment on, Papa became otou-san. Just a person that's suppose to be my father.

And I know I'll follow Mama with whatever she decided. For the good or the bad. Cause Mama will always be there for me and I'll be there for her.

I felt Mama wipe my tears then wipe hers. She held my hand and led me to the living room where the other two people are. Mama's voice was shaky in the beginning but held firm after a reassuring squeeze from me. She said:

"We'll do it".

And I don't know what drove me to say it. Maybe having to pretend Yoshi was never there or loosing Yoshi forever. But I said the sentence with as much resolve I had. I said the sentence that changed my life:

"I'm changing my name to Sawada Tsunayoshi".

I felt Mama squeeze my hand and smile down at me. She's proud of me. And I smiled back.

I couldn't read otou-san's expression. It was a careful blank. But Grandpa smiled at me.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi.. hmm… that can be done. And it seems like a fitting name to this act you have agreed to and all information on Sawada Yoshi; Project Tsunayoshi".

"It's classified Vongola information" I blurted out before I could stop myself. I slapped one hand over my mouth. Oh shoot...

There was a slight pause as Reborn jumped onto the bed.

"Why is it classified Vongola information, Dame-Tsuna?" He looked into my eyes as he asked. I can see his eyes now but I couldn't read anything from them.

"I-I can't tell you that" I couldn't meet his eyes as I said it. I could actually. Now that Yoshi is back. But I feel like I can't tell him the truth. Something bad will happen if I told him. It was a feeling. It was my intuition. It's telling me, I just can't tell Reborn yet.

But I want to.

I so desperately want to tell Reborn everything. To put as much trust into him as he did in the Arcobaleno Representative Battle. But I can't. I know I can't. I may not know the reason why I can't now. But after I-we (me and Mama) talk with Yoshi. I'll know. And for now I'll trust my intuition.

He shot near my head. Making a bullet hole in the wall. I cringed away from the shot. My hand muffling my cry.

"I don't like liars, Dame-Tsuna. And you are clearly not telling me something" I could hear a hint of anger in his voice. I gulped. Reborn angry is never a good sign.

I unconsciously bit my lip. I want to tell him but I can't. I just can't. I looked Reborn in the eye.

"I can't tell you, Reborn. Not yet".

We locked eyes for what felt like forever which was only a few seconds. Reborn was almost glaring but I couldn't look away. I wouldn't. He was testing my resolve and I'm not going to disappoint.

And finally the stare ended.


Reborn's fedora shadowed his eyes. Reborn wasn't looking pleased though. Leon changed from being a gun to a phone.

A phone? Alarm bells were ringing in my head.

"R-Reborn? What are you doing?" My voice goes a pitch higher, like it does when I'm panicking. I stared at the phone, hoping he wasn't doing what I think he's going to do.

He gave a glare my way. I flinched away. "Since a certain dame student of mine isn't giving me the answers I need, I'll just have to call Nono" he was still angry.

The alarm bells rang even louder in my head.

"No! Don't do that!" I shouted, reaching over for him. I got Reborn in my arms and he's not getting out by hurting me so I pulled him closer to my chest like hugging a doll.

Nononononono. Banish that thought. If Reborn heard me thinking it… horrible things will happen… mostly me being tortured horribly..

"Dame-Tsuna" There's a warning in his tone "let go of me".

I shook my head and tightened my grip on Reborn. "Don't make that call! Don't tell them Yoshi is here!" there are tears in my eyes but I wouldn't let them fall.

If they knew Yoshi was here, everything will go wrong. There's a reason Yoshi went to us first. And that Pa-tou-san isn't here. If otou-san wasn't there with Yoshi at the doorstep, then Vongola never found Yoshi. Yoshi went here undetected. He doesn't want to be found. He has a reason to be here and the mafia can wait a few days to interrupt.

But it's a bad idea to inform Vongola. Even Grandpa. Cause even from the beginning, they never knew anything we didn't want them to know. They never knew anything.

And it'll stay that way. Unless Yoshi plans otherwise.

"P-please don't tell them Y-Yoshi is here" My voice is shaking but I won't cry.

"Tsuna.. What are you hiding?" his voice turns gentler and those huge black baby-yet-somehow-adult eyes turned to look up at me.

I shook my head. I can't tell you. I shut my eyes and pulled Reborn closer. Please Reborn. Please listen to me for once. I chanted desperately in my head.

I felt more than heard Reborn sigh. It was barely audible but a sigh nonetheless. "Fine, Dame-Tsuna. You'll have your way just this once. But I expect to be told the whole story someday. And I mean the whole true story. Got it?" Reborn said. And I knew I couldn't argue anyway. He wouldn't allow it.

I opened my eyes and allowed a smile on my face. "Thank you, Reborn" I can do that. But if we're talking about secrets, I could tell him a small one.

"Hey, Reborn".

"Yes, Dame-Tsuna?"

"My name's not Tsunayoshi. It's just Tsuna. Sawada Tsuna".

"Sawada Tsuna? Hmm.. I like that name better than Tsunayoshi. It was too much of a mouthful".

It felt great to get that off my chest. Reborn at least knows my real name. And the other secrets.. can wait their turn to be told.

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