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Project Tsunayoshi - Chapter 4

'Ring-ring.. Ring-ring.. Ring-'


"Wah! What a lovely morning!"

I sat up on the bed and stretched to get all the sleepiness out of me.

"Mmm.. hmm.."

I heard someone mumbling beside me.

Eh? Mumbling?

I turned to see Tsu-kun and Yo-kun curled facing each other still sleeping.

Ah! That's right! They fell asleep here after having our family talk! Hopefully the alarm clock didn't wake them up yet. They have the cutest faces when their asleep. They seem so peaceful.

I need to take a picture!

Now where did I put that camera?

I searched inside my bedside table.

Found it!~


Waah! My lovely boys are still so cute!

I crept out of the bed slowly as to not wake my boys up.


I need to get ready then make breakfast for everyone! It is still a school day for Tsu-kun. I hummed a tune from the top of my head and when I finished getting ready for the day, I headed downstairs to make breakfast for everyone.

Hmm.. what about pancakes? I haven't made that for years.. That's no good! I have to practice or my cooking might get rusty!

What do I need to make pancakes again?

I got all the ingredients out, a bit more than usual. I'll need more than usual. Call it mother's intuition! Hmm.. but I'll need to go shopping later.. I plan to make a feast tonight! Everyone's favourite! To welcome Yo-kun home!

Oh! Tsu-kun can invite his friends over! I'm sure Yo-kun would want to meet every single one of them! Just to make sure it earned his approval! I let out a giggle. Yo-kun sure can be protective when he wants to be.

So that's that. A huge feast for tonight! Everyone's invited! I continued humming a tune and started mixing the flour and eggs and milk. Hmm.. a bit more! I have a feeling everyone would be a tad bit hungrier today.

Oh! And I have to make Reborn-kun's espresso!

I cooked for everyone, extra careful to make everything more delicious. All for my boys. A sad smile appeared on my face.

My boys.

Their growing up too fast. Iemitsu used to be included when I said 'My boys' once. But that was a long time ago.

And my boys are just so understanding when it came to Iemitsu. They put up with him even after everything. They put up with him for me. Especially Tsuna. Tsuna stood by me with that decision to forget Yoshi and it wasn't easy. It was never easy after that. Tsuna had to carry the burden instead me. Cause I couldn't do that.

I felt tears enter my eyes but I blinked them back. I saw with my own eyes how Tsuna was withering away before Reborn came in. I'm thankful for Reborn too. For bringing back life into my son's eyes.

I owe my boys so much. And it includes Reborn-kun now! I let out a giggle. Oh Tsu-kun! How lucky you are! And I had my usual smile on my face now though it quickly changed back to the sad smile.

Hopefully, this doesn't turn into another tragedy.

I owe my boys so much. But Iemitsu.. I shook my head. I don't owe him anything. And Tsuna's right, this family was torn apart when Ryanna died.

I'm going to stick with my boys with this plan. It's a crazy plan. My usual smile was back on.

But crazy plans work.

I heard Tsu-kun's voice from last night replaying a sentence.

"The mafia used us, now it's our turn to use the mafia".

And my smile turned deadly for a split second. A smile I haven't used in a long time.

They will regret ever messing with my family.

And I switched back to humming a tune and smiling a big smile while making pancakes for everyone. Oh, and just in time too! I can hear Reborn-kun waking up and coming downstairs.

"Good morning, Mama"

I said to Mama. She was humming a tune while making pancakes. Pancakes? Haven't had those yet.

"Good morning, Reborn-kun" she said with her big smile like usual. She handed me my espresso which I gave a curt nod as thanks. Mama was making a lot more pancakes than usual and being extra careful with each of them.

I took a sip out of the espresso. Ahh.. Mama's espressos are the best after all.

"Oh, Reborn-kun. Could you do me a favor and wake up Tsu-kun and Yo-kun now? I want a breakfast with the whole family before Tsu-kun has to go to school. Their sleeping in my room." she asked me while making another batch of pancakes.

"Of course, Mama" I left my espresso and headed up to wake up my Dame-student and his brother.

I found them sleeping peacefully, next to each other. Well, not much longer.

Leon turned into a mallet and in a flash I brought it down on the twins' heads.



Was Dame-Tsuna's usual response while Yoshi was much quieter.

"Reborn! Why do you have to do that every morning!?" I ignored Dame-Tsuna's complains.

"He does that every morning?" Yoshi questioned while rubbing his head.

"Mama wants you both down now. She made pancakes" I ignored them both and headed out the door.

"Whaa! Why didn't you say that earlier!?"


They ran out the door, got ready faster than I ever saw Dame-Tsuna ever did. And that was when he was threatened by being 'bitten to death' by Hibari. And on the trips from the toilet and back, they woke up everyone else.

Why are they so excited?

Dame-Tsuna grabbed me along on his trip downstairs. And in a flash they sat me down in front of my espresso with Dame-Tsuna sitting on my left and Yoshi sitting on Dame-Tsuna's left. Both looking eager for breakfast.

This is getting weird.

I heard mama giggle.

"My my, I haven't made pancakes in such a long time, I've forgotten how excited you two were every time we had pancakes for breakfast". Mama was happily putting 5 pancakes on three plates, for each of us.


She set down the pancakes in front of us and I heard a quick muttering of identical "Itadakimasu" before they started eating. But they kept glancing at me in between huge bites.

Okay. Mama's food is delicious but I've never seen Dame-Tsuna this eager. But oh well, might as well see what's the fuss about. And just as I was about to take a bite, the other 2 stopped eating just to stare at me. I ignored them both and ate the pancake.

I froze. Very unlikely for the world's greatest hitman. But Mama's cooking was just that good. It was the best pancake I have ever eaten. And the world's greatest hitman only eats the finest.

And when I got over that shock of taste buds, I finished the whole 5 pancakes. I heard Mama give a giggle and Dame-Tsuna and Yoshi join in laughing. And while there both were distracted, I took the rest of their pancakes.

"Reborn!" I heard from both of their mouths. Serves them right. No one laughs at the world's greatest hitman and gets away with it.

"Reborn!" My pancake! Noooooooo! But Mama comes to the rescue and gives us more pancakes. And soon the others come down to taste Mama's famous pancakes too.

Seriously, their famous and Mama won a cooking contest with these pancakes.

A contest in the whole of Japan.

Reborn stole my pancakes again though I couldn't really stop him. Though I tried stealing his.

It didn't work..

"Oh! I'm having a feast tonight!" Mama said after everyone stuffed their fill of pancakes. "Everyone's' favourites! And Tsu-kun invite all your friends over!" She gave such a bright smile that the Sun had competition.

"Kay, Mama!" Oh! I could also introduce Yoshi to all my friends! "Oh, I better go or I'll be late!"

"Be careful now~" Mama said as she handed me a bento.

Reborn didn't make any moment to move though.

Reborn isn't following me to school? That's rare.

I look from Reborn to Yoshi. Oh please, get along.

And as I closed the front door behind me and headed to school, I could only hope Yoshi would be alright with Reborn for a few hours.


I could tell Tsuna was worried when he walked out the door. But there's nothing to worry about, right? I mean I am at home with people I don't know. But that'll mean I just have to be friendly, right?

I haven't been friendly in quite a while…

But I'll just have to smile and nod, right? Or copy Mama. She's the friendliest person I know.

But I don't know that many people..

"Yo-kun! We got a lot to do today! I need you focused!" Mama's bright expression lit up the whole room. "We have to buy the groceries, then ask Tsuyoshi if he could deliver some of his sushi.. Oh! We can invite him too!" Mama was mumbling things now, pacing up and down the kitchen with the rest watching her.

"Okay! Reborn-kun, I want you to be in charge of the guest list. Invite everyone Tsu-kun knows, kays~".

"Got it, Mama" He nodded, sipping his espresso. Did he refill it?

"Bianchi~ I heard you once worked in a 5 star hotel" wow, she did? "I'm putting you in charge of the house. I want this place to look incredible and completely unrecognizable when you're done".

"On it, Mama" Bianchi said, nodding and smiling to Mama's request. Bianchi sure looks pretty.

"Fuuta, I-pin, Lambo" Mama knelt down so she would be the same height as them "you guys are in charge of the food selection. List down what food I'll have to cook and what else to buy. This is a very important job. Make Mama proud" Mama ruffled their hair.

"We won't let you down, Mama" Fuuta said. I could see sparkles in his eyes.

I couldn't quite make out what.. I-pin(?) said. It sounded.. Chinese.. I think.

"GYAHAHA. Lambo-sama will make Mama proud!" Lambo looks excited.

"What do I do, Mama?" I asked.

She turned her smile at me and I couldn't help smiling back "You'll be everyone's assistant for the day! Help everyone out, Yoshi~".

"Kay, Mama!"

"Remember! Anything that needs to be bought put it under 'Sawada Household' tab. They'll understand" I raised my eyebrow. When did the family have a tab? And there won't be a Sawa- ohhhh… clever Mama. Taking advantage of situations like that.

In a week time, there won't be a Sawada Household anymore.


It's lunch finally!

We ate lunch on the roof like usual. My friends talking like usual. Though a few was missing but Gokudera, Yamamoto, Chrome, Enma, Kyoko, even Hana was there. Oh good. I can just tell them now. They'll pass it on to the rest.

"Okay! I need to tell you guys something" And almost immediately they stopped talking to look up at me.

"Mama is holding a feast tonight at my house. You're all welcome to come eat!" I gave them one of my Mama smiles.

"I'm most honoured to, Jyuudaime!"

"Ahaha, sure we'll come, Tsuna!"

"T-thanks, Boss".

"Thank you, Tsuna".

"Wah! I'm delighted to come, Tsuna-kun!"

"Hmp. I wouldn't usually come. But your mom cooks great. It'll be a waste to skip".

I felt something rise up in me.. happiness? My friends are great! And they'll soon meet Yoshi too!

"Oh! I would also want to introduce you guys to someone. He's very special to me. I love him, you guys will too!" my smile just keeps getting bigger.

"Tch. Who's the bastard, Jyuudaime?"

"Maa maa Gokudera. Don't be like that".

"No one deserves Jyuudaime's love!"

Protective as ever, Gokudera. And his intentions are completely innocent. But I couldn't help the narrowing of my eyes. I'm not taking anyone talking bad about Yoshi.

No one.

"Gokudera. I will not take any ill talk about him. None of it. He is a very important person to me and Mama. And you will treat him with the level of respect as you do with me".

I didn't notice I was unintentionally glaring and I snapped out of it after Gokudera's quick apology, saying how he was sorry and-

"It's okay, Gokudera. I forgive you. Just don't ever insult him again" I gave him a big smile to show I was okay with it.

After my outburst, my friends were very keen to find out who this 'mysterious' person is.

I laughed with them. I was sure that'll they come to love Yoshi as they do with me.

I'm sure of it.

"Yo-kun! Keep up!" Mama shouted ahead of me. We just finished our grocery shopping. Hours spent shopping for only the finest ingredients and we came back with a total of 10 (very much full) shopping bags. Mama is carrying 4 shopping bags (2 in each hand) while I'm carrying 6 (3 in each hand).

"Quickly, Yo-kun! Tsu-kun will be here soon! Then Reborn will be taking you both!"

I hurried my paste to keep up with Mama and when we finally reached home, I placed the shopping bags in the kitchen and sank down on a nearby chair.

I never knew shopping was so tiring.

I heard noises in the background. Mama's voice:

"Fuuta, I-pin, Lambo! I want to see your food selection!"

Bianchi's voice on the phone:

"Did you get all that? Or do I have to repeat myself?"

Even Reborn's voice over the phone:

"Tonight at the Sawada Residence. – Hello? Uni? I was just about to call. Okay. I'll get Dame-Tsuna and we'll meet you soon".

Eh? Why does he need Tsuna?

"I'm home!"

Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

I went out to greet Tsuna.

"Welcome back, Tsu-ahh!"

Tsuna tackled me with a hug before I could finish.

"Yoshi! You're still alive!" he said it like it was a miracle.

"Ahh.. why wouldn't I be?" I'm confused. Why wouldn't I be alive? ..besides the obvious reason that I died a few years back..

"Oh, nothing" Tsuna got up and helped me off the floor "Reborn can be quite.. umm.. Reborn. You'll see".

If it involves dying, I don't think I want to see.. But before I could reply, Reborn cut me off by jumping onto Tsuna's shoulder.

"Dame-Tsuna, you're finally back. We have places to go".

But before Tsuna could reply, we heard Mama's voice.

"Ah! Tsu-kun! Yo-kun! Come here!"

We went to where Mama was. She was scrutinizing a piece of paper and committing it to memory. The kids were standing in front of her waiting. The quietest I ever seen them. Reborn came along, riding on my shoulder.

"Ah! Tsu-kun! You should know what your friends like to eat. Anything you want to add to the list?" Mama asked while pushing the paper into my hands.

I stared at the list. Number 1 was pancakes and it listed everything from marshmallows to espresso. Everything I could think of was on the list. Sweets? Check. Sushi? Check. Hmm… but it was missing something.. Something Italian. That's where most of my friends are from. So we'll need an Italian main course.. But what?

Ah! I know!

I nudged Yoshi, who was looking through the list too, with a bewildered expression. A little stunned of the amount of food and the pure uniqueness of some of them.. Like why would we need marshmallows? If only Yoshi knew..

But he will! Later tonight.

He looked up at me, a question in his eyes.

"What about we make our fettuccini?"

His eyes widened. Mama, on the other hand, was practically jumping for joy. Her eyes sparkled. Reborn, who never tasted any of our fettuccini, could only raise his eyebrow.

"B-but it's been such a long time since we made any. I.. might not remember how". 9, almost 10, years. I know.

But it gave me some hope. Yoshi said 'might', not 'don't'. He still remembers. I know he does. It's not like we can forget.

"One last time, Yoshi. Please".

Just one more time. For everything we've been through.

He gave a sigh. And that's when I knew he agreed.

"Just, one last time. For old times' sake".

Yes! I had a huge grin and Mama had one too.

"Oh my. Oh my! My boys are making fettuccini! Who would've thought?" Mama bit her lip and a troubled expression crossed her face "I never bought any fettuccini ingredients" and then she brightened up a second later "we need to go shopping! Fuuta, Lambo, I-pin! You're coming along with me shopping!"

"Yes, Mama!" They said simultaneously.

"You two go with Reborn". She pushed us out the door, rushing along with the kids tagging behind.

"Mama, I only need Dame-Tsuna with me. Yoshi could go with you shopping" Reborn said, argued(?).

"Yoshi's coming along with me, Reborn". I'm not letting him out of my sight.

Time is limited.

Reborn's eyes were shadowed. "Are you arguing with me, Dame-Tsuna?" There was an underlining threat in those words. I tried to suppress a shiver from going down my spine.

I tried.

"Reborn-san, I'm going with Tsuna" Yoshi added in. Oh god. We're going to die.

But I won't go anywhere without Yoshi. We only have a few days to make up for lost time, after all. And there is a looooot of lost time. And Yoshi feels the same way too.

Reborn was not happy at us. Not at all. He doesn't like not getting what he wants.

But Mama lets out a giggle, breaking the tense atmosphere instantly. "My boys are so cute! So protective! And all so stubborn!" she giggled again. "But! Reborn. I know when I'm beaten. Do you?" she asks with a smile, a seemingly innocent question. But I could tell it wasn't and so could the other 2.

"I wouldn't separate them, if I were you. There are a lot of things to be done. And they do things best together. Come hell or high water won't separate us".

I looked at Mama. She's giving Reborn a lot of clues. But why?

Reborn just stared at Mama for a while. Mama just gave her usual smile. Before finally replying with "yes, Mama".

I'm surprised but I'm not. I'm surprised on how Reborn gave in so easily and not at how Mama got her way. Like I thought before.

No one said no to Mama.

No one.

But before we went our separate ways, Bianchi appeared at the door.

"Mama! I need a colour theme" she said urgently.

It's just a colour theme. Why is it so urgent?

Must be a girl thing..

Mama paused thinking. She looked around for inspiration and finally her eyes landed on me.


Her eyes moved to the next person, Reborn.


Then to Yoshi.


And finally she looked down at her hands and said.


Bianchi raised an eyebrow but did not question it. "Yes, Mama" and with that she went back into the house.

I looked at Mama, eyebrow raised. People have been doing that a lot lately. Why did she include Reborn?

She looked at me, catching my question, then looked at Reborn and smiled her smile. Her family smile. Her biggest, loveliest and most sincere smile.

But I haven't seen it for too long. I was stunned by her smile. She only smiled like that once a long time ago when the family was once whole.

But it was only for family.

Reborn wasn-ohh…

I get it, Mama.

Mama's smile dazzled Reborn, I could tell. Even if Reborn had an indifferent face on. And when he looked at me, because – he's Reborn - he never missed the looks we gave each other, I gave him my own family smile too.

Welcome to the family, Reborn.

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