Disclaimers: Trinity Blood and its characters belong to Sunao Yoshida.

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"There she is."
I say as I acknowledge her graceful presence.
"There is no other fragrance that can be compared to hers."
"Luscious and yet discrete."

(You notice admiration in my voice.)
"Do you love her?"
"Maybe I do."
But I cannot stand the idea of sharing her with
any individual other than myself.
Not even with my precious Abel.

You ask me if I know how she is feeling.
"Sad" I answer as I look at her expression.
"Why?" You tease me faking concern
(you wait for my confession)

"Because she loves him."
"And yet she fights against us." I sadly complete.

You tell me she is approaching us
nodding my head I tell you "I know."
Watching her intensively,
I memorize each part of her being,
each part of her soul.

We both hear her melodious voice calling our name.
'No!' I mentally scream.
"She only calls for my name, she only cares about me"

You take one step forward
forcing me to take two steps backwards
(I am imprisoned in my own mind)

As I move my lips to answer her,
I realize that my voice cannot be heard.
Only your voice prevails,
and it is filled with violence and gird

As I start to regain my consciousness,
I refuse to believe in my eyes.
Her blood is all over the place,
and her headless body lies on the ground.

"Do you like the sight?"
(You enjoy my pain)
"What have youdone to her?" I angrily demand.

Desperation takes over me
As I hold her head tightly against my chest.
"What have you (I) done? I angrily repeat
But Youdon't answer me back

Reluctantly I lick the blood off my fingers,
and slowly I start to regale its taste.
We both cry, we both laugh
As my sanity starts to fade.


Hi Guys, I hope you like this poem ^^
This poem was based on one of my drawings (Cain's contradiction), if you would like to see it please check my deviantart.
My user name is: Noharahishimo