Prologue: The Flood

3'rd Person POV

14 young men trudged across the barren desert. They had just heard about a man called Noah, who had said that a great flood was coming. Most laughed at the man, calling him crazy. But not them. They believed Noah, and wanted to ensure that they would survive this "Flood". But when they asked Noah, he said:

"NO! You are all children of the Nephilim! I refuse to allow you onto this ark! For if I did, then the Lord would surely sink it, and all hope for humanity would be lost!"

So the men left, but still fiercely determined to make it out alive. The cut down trees, and tried to build their own ark. It didn't look as beautiful as Noah's, but it would have to do. They gathered food that would last 3 months.

Hopefully the flood wouldn't last that long, but you could never be to careful. In 7 days time, flood started. Their raft like boat wasn't able to withstand the thrashing of the seas, in moments the raft had sunk.

When they awoke, they were on different lands. There were seven cities that had sunk, and would now need leaders. Two people landed on different places. Two landed on the Country that we now call 'Arion'. The one we named it after; Arion. And the one we named a terrible sickness after, his brother; Ragnok.

Our lord Chaos named Arion King. Ragnok, who was still getting over the loss of the rest of his brothers and sisters, Mother, Father, and soon to be Wife, was furious. So blinded by his anger, he forged a sword from the depths of Tarturus, and tried to kill his brother.

He lost, of course. But he did manage to cut Arion. 5 years later though, Arion fell ill, and died. Apollo named the sickness Ragnok, for the disease was as terrible as Arion's brother.

Over the past few centuries, when twin brothers are born, one is evil, the other is good. Our Elders believe that they are actually reincarnations of Arion and Ragnok. But whether that is true or not, we still can't be sure.

Now that we have given you the True History of our world, we are forced to believe that you will keep this information to yourselves. We can't allow it to fall into the wrong hands.

Who knows what they might do?