Okay guys; I've spent a lot of time with these stories on Hiatus, and during that time I've thought long and hard about what I should do.

The truth is guys, life has been hell for me lately, school is torture, I haven't been able to even go near a computer until recently because of my grades, and frankly, I'm am just tired of it all. (Not the kind of tired you might be thinking, I would never do that)

So yeah, don't worry about these stories. I know that the last time I tried to give one up for adoption, it didn't work out so well. Sorry about that Kingdom of Arion fans. But this time will be different. The main stories that are going up for adoption are: Book 1-3 The Kingdom of Arion (Yes, it is a trilogy), A Trip Down Memory Lane (Also a trilogy), and The Lost Child. Anyone who wants to adopt these stories will need to PM me within the next two weeks (Expiry date will be March 8) if they want to adopt it, and I will choose the most promising author for each one if there are multiple offers, so no hard feelings if I don't pick you.

Also, whoever gets the Kingdom of Arion Trilogy will also receive The History of Arion because they are obviously tied together.

Anyone who wants to adopt my minor stories (ie: The Double Wedding, The Family of Blumiere, or The Fiddler) will have to PM me about those as well, otherwise they will automatically be deleted.

I am really sorry that I have to do this, but I don't really have much of a choice. If I could, I would hold all of my stories close to me and snarl like a feral animal at all those who tried to take them, but sadly school decided that I needed to be domesticated. Remember that the end date is March 8, so send in those Pm's

*Note: If I don't pick you for one of my main stories, you will automatically be offered first pick of one of the minor ones. Or I might even give you a sneak peak at one of the newer stories I was trying to work on before all this s*** happened.