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History bites back.

Chapter 1:

Oh woe is me?

Buffy was getting really tired at hearing the little troll ranting, technically speaking, principal Snyder was giving her a lecture on how fire and buildings were two concepts that were not supposed to meet, especially not in his school.

But he looked like a little troll and his ranting was by now even getting repetitive, that was actually unusual, but the man´s enjoyment at just for once being able to smack down on her with complete justification was obvious, and so he kept ranting and Buffy kept waiting for him to be finished.

"-oh the joys of having an arsonist at my school. Didn´t you learn from the last time you burnt a school down ms Summers?"

"Hey, it was only the gym!" the moment she had spoken she knew it was a really bad idea and cringed inwardly.

One of Snyder´s eyes twitched repeatedly before he grinned maliciously.

"I think I have just the cure for your boredom ms Summers. Report back here tomorrow at 8.30."

He sat down and completely ignored her after the dismissal.

While Buffy left, she was really not a happy camper, principal Snyder had a knack of coming up with punishment, either long and dreary or simply just awfully bad, and giving her until tomorrow before telling what it would be, that was the mark of the truly evil. He was probably a demon or something, yeah Buffy was certain of it! She really wished he could just be nice and come out of the closet with it so that she could slay him.

-*Next day*-

Buffy entered the principals office and was rather surprised at seeing another girl sitting in one of the chairs in front of his desk. Not tall, actually fairly close to Buffy in height, asian looking but with a not exactly purple hair colour that just could not be for real, except unless the girl was really meticulous about it, there should have been something showing it wasn´t real. But it looked real, and with such long hair, colouring should really have been visible...

"Ah yes how good of you to drop by miss Summers." the false joy in his voice was almost horrible to hear "Now then, this is ms Tsukimura who has just transferred to this school and who will need a guide for the next month or so, at least,-" his glare showed very clearly that in his opinion it should go on forever and ever.

Buffy blinked with surprise, both because this kind of assignments, playing guide for a new student, was usually something for a day or two, at most a week or two, however she was even more surprised at this apparently being her dreaded punishment, what the hell was the catch?

"-as she is new not just to the school but also to the country and is a rather important lady it seems."

That made the girl blush slightly and Buffy had a feeling she knew what the principals twisted mind had come up with, this girl was apparently some sort of high society or something and the principal thought she would be horrified by having to spend time in such -distinguished- company, he probably even hoped that she would influence her or something. Buffy quickly assumed what she hoped was a mask of cheerfulness with an undertone of pain. It seemed to work as Snyders evil grin widened.


A few minutes later they had escaped the clutches of the troll and Buffy was about to give her a tour of the school, Snyder had actually ordered them to miss the first few classes for that reason, with the addition that Buffy was still not to miss out on the subjects of those classes, despite being ordered not to be there, 'oh joy...'

The girl spoke up, a slight accent obvious but not so bad, she spoke very softly though "Eh, sorry about you getting stuck with me."

"You noticed?" the girl nodded.

Buffy chuckled brightly, surprising the girl.

"Oh don´t worry, I wouldn´t mind doing something like this anyway, Snyder is as stupid as he is mean, I was expecting something that was actually BAD as punishment and instead I just get an extra long assignment to introduce a new student, which is something I rather enjoy."

Smiling back "Oh well that´s good then. My name´s Suzuka by the way."

"Pleased to meet you, I´m Buffy."

"And what did you do to expect such horrible punishment?"

"Ah... I sort of almost burned down a classroom, which I guess might have burned down the rest of the school as well..." at the surprised look she got Buffy went on "Well we were doing some of that science stuff using burners and I was thinking about how something like that could perhaps be used for... ehm well, used for something else, so I got a bit distracted and next thing you know things got a bit out of control and all."


An hour later they were approaching the library "Oh right, you´re new in town and all so I should probably warn you that you need to be careful in Sunnydale at night."

Suzuka smiled a bit "I´m always careful."

"Ah... I think you might want to go beyond the norm here, Sunnydale nightlife is something you really don´t want to get bitten by. Oh and don´t invite anyone into your house after dark."

That made the girl look up at her, but not in surprise or disbelief as Buffy had expected but rather a searching, studying look followed by something she couldn´t identify.

"So, the plague has grown that bad." she said sadly "You don´t have to worry about me Buffy, I´m -very- good at taking care of myself."

Buffy was shaken by the odd response and reply as it seemed to imply that Suzuka actually knew where she had come... And calling it a plague? Well it wasn´t like she hadn´t heard references to the -undead plague- and similar before, but this had sounded very different from that somehow.

Shaking off the implications for the moment "So you´re a big bad fighter are you?" Buffy said while measuring up the short girl with her eyes accompanied by a crooked smile.

The reply was not what Buffy had expected "Yes I am, just like you." Suzuka said while equally measuring up Buffy, who was at most maybe a cm or two taller, with her eyes and a similar smile.

A moment later both of them laughed.

"In that case, want to spar a bit then, we´ve already covered most of the school tour and the back room in the library is actually quite a good place for a bit of exercise."

"The back room of the -library-?" Suzuka asked incredulously.

"Yup, the librarian is a stuffy brit but he´s got some neat sides as well."

Suzuka shook her head "Oh why not, I still feel like shit after the flight here and Farin isn´t really good enough to give me a challenge even if she can handle at least part of my strength."


"My maid." at Buffy´s starstruck look Suzuka had to laugh.

"Ok... So, what´s your big bad fighting schtick then?"

"Well, I´ve learned from my sister but it´s not really a formal style as such, so I guess my... schtick... is the Fuwa ryu then, it´s the family style of a friend of mine. What she showed me is probably the most I know of a particular style."

"Cool, what kind of style?"

"Eh... Well I guess you can say it´s ninjas turned samurai turned bodyguards... Though I dont really use it that much I guess, I tend to just go for mayhem in general."

They were fortunate enough to find the library empty and a few minutes later they faced off against each other, the first thing Buffy noticed was Suzuka´s skirt, or rather what looked like a skirt but clearly was not, rather it was several separate pieces that were held together in the shape of a skirt but actually allowed her complete freedom of movement. 'Really have to get myself one of those.' she thought.

The second thing Buffy noticed was that Suzuka was skilled, not at all at Buffy´s level but not nearly as far away as she had expected, no matter how sure of herself the girl was.

What actually shocked Buffy however was that Suzuka was both faster and stronger then her, and seemed like she could take even Buffy´s fullstrength hits all day long with barely getting bruised.

And yet she still seemed to be holding back.

Buffy held a clear advantage for a while until Suzuka was sure the blonde wasn´t going to get injured easily, then she let herself use her strength and speed more seriously, although still not daring to go all out she still started getting the upper hand from time to time. Both definitely enjoying the challenge.

Half an hour later Buffy was an odd mix of happy and frustrated as they had sat down to rest leaning against the wall, she was supposed to be little miss superpowers girl and yet Suzuka was clearly not just one but at least a few notches above her in pure physical ability. Buffy being a good bit more skilled, balanced them out well enough for both having to work hard.

"Damn I haven´t had such a good spar for... forever or something, how the heck can you be so damned strong! You´ve gotta be superhuman or something." she said it as a joke.

"Of course I´m not superhuman, it´s a bit difficult to be -super- something that you´re not from the start anyway."

Buffy blinked... Several times. Then she slowly turned her head to look over at the other girl who was very clearly not aware of the look as she was tiredly leaning back with her eyes closed, although Buffy had to admit that she was probably much more tired herself, and after sparring with her she was almost sure the girl could have killed her if she had really wanted, it would have taken a while as Buffy´s skill would keep Suzuka from using her physical advantages to overpower her or get in serious hits until they tired as Buffy tired faster, but it was Suzuka that had suggested they break off for rest.

"Not... human?"

Suzuka looked up, saw Buffy´s face "What? You´re definitely a guardian of this place and you didn´t notice? I´m sorry I thought you knew the moment you first saw me, I certainly recognised what you are right away... Well broadly speaking at least, it wasn´t until I took the time to look properly that things clicked together so to speak..."

'Guardian of this place? Wait, she knew WHAT Buffy was?' "So what am I then?"

"A magically enhanced human of course, I dont really like that kind of spirit magic, it´s... too, too much nasty stuff with it, but it´s understandable that your people use it, a bit hard to fight the plague without it..."

After a few minutes talking, probing further, Buffy said "That´s the third time you called it a plague, you do mean vampires dont you?"

Suzuka looked away with a frown and growled a bit "Yes you call them vampires, damn fakes, I wish we had got rid of them all from the start, but just a slight bit of hesitation and they had suddenly spread all over the world like a plague."

"Ah... Fakes?"

Suzuka looked back up, this time with an almost stunned expression "Don´t you know even the basics of their history?"

"Not really much use for that, useful knowledge is more like -mr pointy stake goes here, vampire goes *poof*-."

Buffy was a bit surprised when that caused Suzuka to start swearing in at least 3 languages, really not what she had expected from the otherwise so far mostly rather quiet girl. Although she had noticed that Suzuka had become more and more talkative over time.

After she calmed a bit "You really mean that you dont know anything of it? I can´t believe they go through the trouble of creating guardians and then dont make sure to tell you about it. Or maybe you´re not representative?" she asked with cautious hopefulness, hoping but not wanting to be rude or anger the other girl.

"How would I know? There´s just two of us and there´s only supposed to be one, I´m the first slayer to ever even meet my successor!"

"Just one in a place like this? That´s... not ideal..."

"A place like... No, one on the whole earth."

"... Please say you´re joking?" Suzuka´s face had a pained expression "No wonder things were looking like they were going to pieces... We really should have kept an eye on things..."


Suzuka´s mind was somewhat jumbled, and she was uncertain what to say, where to begin... The -if- part she had already skipped past, she liked Buffy.

"Uhm well, you know why there are none of your -vampires- in Japan?"

"There isn´t?"

"No there isn´t, because that´s where we live, real, original vampires, well with a rare few exceptions, and we really didn´t like it when those idiots tried to copy us, hah they got a lot more than they wanted when they lost control over them."

"You... You´re a VAMPIRE? B-but... but you walk in daylight and... and you have a pulse, I mean you´re alive!"

"Of course I´m alive! Real vampires are born just like humans, and live pretty much like them and we most certainly don´t have all those silly restrictions and weaknesses that the fakes have, well mostly at least, although some of us react a bit too much with water... That´s nothing that cant be supressed though."

"...born... You... have souls?"

"Obviously. Not that that alone makes much of a difference."

"Drink blood?"

"Sometimes. Not from humans unless they allow it... Well that rule depends on what clan I guess, but it´s not like it´s bad for them."


"You want to keep in perfect health, make sure to ask a real vampire to bite you every few days or weeks." Suzuka replied with a chuckle.

"You´re kidding me..."

"Nope. Well the Marker clan is a bit different, they feed mostly on negative emotions instead, for them the blood is more like just a medium of transfer and their bites just make you more positive so it´s not really a problem that they bite around either."

"You´re not kidding me... Wait, back to the -we should have-?"

"It was us they tried to copy so of course we wanted to get rid of the nasty critters, but oh no, the humans were the ones responsible so they would -take care of it- and we should just stay out of the way. Ever since then, and that was thousands of years ago, us real ones have pretty much been doing a hardline non-interference policy. Eventually we ended up just staying completely out of the way, only dealing with the fakes if they attacked us, except where our biggest concentration of people were living, the islands that later became Japan, we cleared those out and have kept them that way. It´s just lately that some of us have finally started realising that the humans didn´t seem to be doing so well with their side of the deal, I didn´t want to wait for them to make a decision so I talked big sister into letting me go here and check things out in person. Seems I hit the jackpot right away."

"Humans created the vampires? Who?"

"Probably the same people that got you magicked up, they made them to fight what you call demons after all. Really bright move considering how few of those -demons- are actually actively hostile to humans. Even smarter considering how the fakes usually dont like to feed on demons, and prefers humans for dinner."

Buffy made a good impression of a fish out of water followed by a visual *eew*.

Suzuka went on, not having seen the shock "Of course, most of what you humans seem to call demons are really not, they´re just not humans, real demons, you can´t really mistake them for anything else."

"You know much about all this?"

"Ehm, not exactly, I know all the basic stuff... If you want to know more I guess I could ask my sister to send over some books. Mmm, maybe not, I guess you can´t read Japanese hiragana script?"

"Lots of squiggly little figures that dance around in front of my eyes, mocking my every attempt at comprehension, not so much no. Your books are written in that? Isn´t one of the others what they usually write in?"

"The phonetically based hiragana evolved from our script, it´s not completely the same but the changes are few and mostly small and the modern script lacks some letters but those who can read hiragana can often learn our script without too much trouble."

Buffy realised what had bothered her about the suggestion "Uh, does it matter if I can read the script when I sort of don´t know even a single word of your language, as I would guess that it´s neither English nor Japanese, not that I know the latter, or according to some teachers not the former either?"

"Doh!" Suzuka smacked her forehead in a by now classic gesture.

Buffy almost keeled over with laughter for a moment "Doh?... I mean... Doh? Maybe I should write a thesis about the tv-habits of vampires..." causing Suzuka to smother a laugh.

"I´m sure it would be absolutely fascinating and gain you much renown in academic circles." Suzuka replied primly with a completely serious and very solemn face, Buffy held out for a whole two seconds then almost fell over with laughter causing a pleased smirk on Suzuka.

"How can you keep your face so perfect like that?" not waiting or really expecting a reply "Never mind for the moment, if we clean up now we should be out just in time to meet up with my other friends. And I really need it, this was the best workout I´ve had ever, seriously. Definitely want some repeat matches!"

Suzuka startled slightly at being called friend, while she had had a few great friends for years now, it still made her happy, she really wasnt used to making -new- friends.

-*Shortly later*-

"Oh, resident defender of all things good and cute puppies approaching from the north, and she´s bringing ultracute company!" Xander quipped causing Willow and Oz to look up from the table where they were having something that technically was supposed to be lunch.

"Hi guys! Remember that punishment I was going to get? Well, meet the troll´s latest failed plan in his scheming against the wonderful me, Suzuka Tsukimura, she started school here today and it´s my holy duty to show her around and be all nice and goodie in general for an absolute minimum of one month, of course I´ll stretch that time a looot just to annoy Snyder."

"Ah, so that´s where you disappeared to." looking at the slightly off look at both of the girls in front of him, both seeming to have come just out of a competition of some physical kind, although Buffy looked more affected "Or maybe you two have been busy with some more fun exercise?" he added with a grin.

"Oh yes it was absolutely wonderful exercise, we just kept going and going, I think we managed to last over half an hour before we had to give up on each other." Suzuka said with cheerful dreaminess while putting one of her arms around Buffy and hugging her towards herself, leaning her head against Buffy´s shoulder.

Willow blinked then sprayed whatever it was she had been drinking quite forcefully, Xander looked starstruck while Oz lifted an eyebrow for a moment and then gave a little smile.

"Did I mention that she can be an awfully good tease sometimes? Suzuka, meet Xander, that´s him the guy who currently seems to be visiting outer space somewhere, Oz there is the ever quiet guy and the girl busy wiping her mouth because she has far too dirty imagination, that´s Willow."

"And guys, please get yourself out of the gutter for once, we did some sparring as the end of our little mystery tour of the school."

That finally got Xander back to reality with a slightly disappointed "Oh..." and went on with a rather lame greeting to the new girl.

Xander blinked, thought for a moment, blinked several times "Uh, if the two of you sparred, how come you´re the one looking the most tired? I mean shouldn´t your... eh..."

"You can say it, shouldn´t my glorious slayerness place me above most in endurance, and the answer is yes, but Suzuka has the endurance of at least 3 slayers and managed to give me the best workout ever."

"Ah... You... told her? You just met this morning and you already told her?" Xander asked with a sad puppy face.

"Actually no, I didn´t tell her. She knew, or more correctly she knew I was, as she put it a magicked up guardian of this place almost from the moment we met, the biggest hurdle we faced was that she thought I also had recognised her from the start, which of course I did not since I didn´t know she existed."

"Wait a second, you mean she´s another slayer? Wouldn´t that mean that Faith had died?"

"What, no no no! Totally nonslayery!" Buffy was a bit flustered, Suzuka had said it was ok to tell her friends as long as they were trustworthy, since they already knew all about Buffy, but it was still not exactly easy to come up with a way to introduce a -REAL vampire- this sudden.

"Eh, well... Actually she´s more of a... sort of a... ehm vampire...?"

Xander stared for a few seconds, then looked up to check that yes they were outside and the sun was indeed shining brightly and noone had replaced it with a really good lightbulb imitation in the last few minutes and when he went back to staring at Suzuka she did a marvellous little impression of cute with a sickeningly sweet smile, lifting her hand and waving slightly.

"Sunlight?" Oz asked.

Suzuka sat down "Real vampires dont have the weaknesses the fakes have." Oz nodded in reply, apparently satisfied.

"And no you don´t have to run off screaming" Buffy added seeing Willows and Xanders still startled faces "she´s not dangerous."

"I wouldn´t say I´m not dangerous, I simply don´t mean any harm to humans more than the average human might, well probably less." Suzuka said, adding the last with a thoughtful, tiny frown.

"Oh right, sorry. Anyway she came here because her people are getting a bit worried that us dastardly humans isn´t very good at upholding our part of an old contract saying they´re to stay out of things, dealing with fake vampires is the task of the humans..."

Oz leaned his head to the side for a moment while thinking "Why wouldn´t they stay out of it?"

"Because we were rather pissed off about humans trying to copy us for use as cannon fodder."


" We as in including you specifically, you dont look old enough to have been around then I mean, not that that isnt a good thing..." Willow stuttered to a somewhat confused ending of syllables not quite connecting into actual words.

"Heh, no we don´t live that long even if we live longer than humans, but my family had representatives involved." Suzuka said with a friendly smile at Willow, which she then turned slightly wider, just enough to show her fangs, what little she had of such, making Willow *eep*, to which Suzuka replied with sticking her tounge out at her, and getting Willow to giggle instead.

"As I said..." Buffy drawled out "she also likes to tease people and is far too good at it. Oh by the way, it´s probably better if we dont tell the part about what she is to Giles ok?"

"Why not, wouldn´t he be thrilled with more knowledge?"

Suzuka replied before Buffy had a chance "Any organisation that has a setup like Buffy told me, I´m not trusting anyone from it yet, I thought it was insufficient with just Buffy as guardian in THIS place and then she tells me there´s just one for the whole world, or currently two if I got it right..."

Buffy picked up "Yeah that too, first of all though Giles can be a bit overly... categorical about things wouldn´t you say?"

"Right, telling Giles might be bad yes. Fine, wont do it, scouts honor!" at the glare from Buffy "Ok, ok I was never a scout, but I promise!"

"And I thought it might make for some nice practise for him to figure it out himself." Buffy added with a big smile.


Slowly heading off for next class, Suzuka quietly asked "Does Xander know about Willow and Oz?"

Buffy startled a bit "Know what?"

"She´s a mage and he´s a lycanthrope? I didn´t want to ask them about it just in case Xander didn´t know."

"Eh, yes he knows she´s a, well making with the witchy things and he´s a werewolf, and ask them about what?"

"A werewolf?" Suzuka said with surprise "Certainly not, they´re much stronger and have complete control over their powers. Lycanthropy can spread from getting bitten by one, a werewolf is born."


"Yes, they´re careful about not spreading it nowadays, but there always have to be someone that doesnt care, causing problems..." Suzuka sighed "Anyway, I wanted to ask them because Oz power is completely untamed and Willow´s magic is utterly chaotic, she really needs to get control over it or she could get into serious trouble." she frowned as she thought about what happened with Nanoha a few years ago "She could hurt herself or others."

Buffy looked at her with worry "That sounds very much with the not goody things. You know anything that could help?"

"I can probably help her at least a bit if I can have some time for practise with her, and if I can´t I have someone I can ask for help, although that might take a while to arrange."

"Oh goodie... How about... no that wont work, how about we show you to Giles tomorrow and then we get together in the library the day after, after school?"


Buffy suddenly had a thought "Hey, that means you know a bit about magic right?"

Suzuka nodded "I´m a very weak mage but I´m also actually rather good."

"Know anything about shapeshifting problems?"

Suzuka stopped and looked at Buffy with surprise "Shapeshifting?"

Buffy grimaced a little "Well, there´s this not quite friend of Willow that is a witch and to avoid being burned for being a witch she transformed into a rat..."

"Burned?" Suzuka started wondering where the heck she had truly ended up.

"Ah yes, some icky monsters affecting people´s minds, pretty much a weekly occurence here. Hellmouthy thing."

Suzuka was at least a bit relieved to hear that it had not been something that happened by people´s conscious choice "I might be able to do something. If not, I´ll just have to go ahead and see if Yuuno can get here sometime soon."

"Juno? Who´s she?"

"Yuuno Scrya, he´s a natural shapeshifter, I can almost guarantee that he can fix it."


Take notice though that while the Buffyverse as used here is probably canon or mostly so with a few small additions (it´s easy to stray accidentally and if something needs to fit in by some minor change, then the story takes precedence over canon ), the crossover makes use of a mashup from multiple continuities of the Nanohaverse and the preceeding "Triangle Hearts" series and games, in at least one of which, Suzuka´s family are vampires, combined with my own little twist.

There will be some material from "Rosario to Vampire" and "Karin" involved but mostly from the sidelines or in the background. Obviously, those will also have to bend a bit to fit in.

Buffyverse the story starts out in the middle of season 3, Nanohaverse timeline isn´t very relevant since Suzuka wasn´t much directly involved, but it´s closer to Strikers than anything else since Suzuka is same age as Buffy here.

This story will at least continue until the end of Buffy season 3, after that, we will see.

Since the Naruto-story is still my primary one, this one will get updates unpredictably and probably very slowly.

The story is what you might call half-serious so things will mostly not go strange or silly at a moments notice and I am taking the story seriously. At the same time, don´t expect me to do it 100 percent seriously.