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Magix. There is a saying that a family won't get anywhere without a Magix graduate. The Magix School is a base built by the top 1% of Magix society for the top 1% of society. Beginning with Magix Kindergarten, which most upper class kids are unable to enroll even if they were registered immediately after they were born, students can be educated at Magix from elementary, middle and and high school all the way to university. For all the other students and parents frustrated by college entrance exams, Magix is both the object of their jealousy and desire. In this school for the chosen sons and daughters, something beyond anyone's imagination is happening...

Being slammed into a locker first thing in the morning was not how Timmy wanted to start off his final year at Magix High. Or, as Timmy liked to call it, Hell. Well, at least that's what it was like for people like Timmy; nerdy, scrawny and, by default, unpopular.

Now, it wasn't like Magix was a bad school in and of itself. Magix had everything – from the best sports teams in the country (all having received 1st place at Nationals for 4 years running, thanks to jock extraordinaire, Riven Stattlin) to a new state of the art science lab that had become a second home to Timmy.

Even without all of the praise the athletics and academics brought to the school, the school itself was awe-inspiring. Magix High, built more like a college than a high school, was made up of three separate buildings, each standing at an impressive four stories high.

At Magix High, people like Timmy - people who where nerdy, scrawny, or unpopular - were either invisible to the world or a target for everyone at school. Unfortunately for Timmy, he was a target.

Sighing, Timmy re-adjusted his glasses before walking off to his first period class. Even though classes didn't start for another fifteen minutes, Timmy made it a point to get to class extra early this year, not because he was that enthusiastic to learn (he already knew everything any teacher could teach), but because he wanted to see as much of her as possible.

Tecna Oliver, the only other student he knew of to ever get a scholarship into Magix, had been his crush for almost the whole time he had been in Magix. Not only was she the smartest girl in school (and it wouldn't surprise Timmy if her I.Q. surpassed his, though he would never admit that out loud), but she was beautiful as well. With short pink hair and green eyes that stood out against her creamy skin, any normal person would know that she was a person to avoid at all times. If her looks didn't throw you off though, her intelligence surly would.

One time, Kaylie, the daughter of an ambassador, had been paired up with Tecna on her first day at Magix. Kaylie, a relatively nice girl, had tried (and failed) to befriend Tecna. After that day (in which Tecna had listed off and explained multiple college level scientific theories that most of the teachers didn't even understand), Kaylie had requested a schedule change and had yet to utter a mere 'Hi' to Tecna since then.

Ah, Tecna. Timmy had first met Tecna in the science lab, when she had been in the middle of designing a new computer program. And that was that – the start of a beautiful friendship. Yeah... a beautiful friendship. Though he had liked her since the moment they met, Timmy had yet to ask Tecna out on a date. She's pretty and smart. She's all I've ever wanted. Why can't I just go up to her and ask her out? Why the hell can't I just ask her out!?

Just like he did with every other question, Timmy knew the answer to this one too. He just didn't have enough courage to ask her out. No matter how many times he had dreamt about it, no matter how many times he practiced in front of his mirror, Timmy always found himself chickening out at the last minute. Never in his life had Timmy been interested in another girl, so never in his life had he ever actually asked a girl out. And this wasn't just any girl he was trying to ask out. This was Tecna Oliver. The most amazing girl in the world!

What if he wasn't good enough for her? What if she wasn't into geeky computer nerds? What if she liked guys like Brandon Mercer – cute and bold? He didn't think he was as "cute" as Brandon, seeing as no girl had ever shown any special interest in him. What if she liked guys like Nabu Taylor – guys that were just too funny and optimistic to be disliked by anyone? Timmy was sure he wasn't funny. It was just a fact; some guys, like himself, were gifted with intelligence beyond compare, while others, like Nabu Taylor, were gifted with... what was it again? Oh yeah... Personality. What if Tecna didn't want a pretty boy or a guy that could make her laugh? What if she wanted a brooding bad boy like Riven Stattlin? What if...

Stop it! Stop it right now! Don't keep putting yourself down like that! You are going to ask her out today, no matter what! The worst thing that could happen is that she says no. You can do this! There is no excuse for you this ti-


The shrill screech had not only interrupted Timmy's pep talk to himself, but had also caused the sudden stampede of students rushing to greet the Superior Six at the front door of Magix.

"Ohmigosh! I waited like, all summer to see them again!"

Holding on tight to the staircase railing as hard as he could, Timmy watched as freshmen and seniors, males and females alike rushed to the front door, hoping for a chance to get recognized by one of the Six.

"HURRY UP! They might not see us if we're stuck behind this crowd!"

"How do I look? Do you think they'll notice me?"

It was common knowledge that the Six were the most popular students that ever attended Magix, ever since they were freshman. It was weird; they were all so different, but somehow, they made it work. There was just something about them, together or apart (though they were hardly ever separated), that made everyone stop and stare.

The first one to come in through the doors of Magix was none other than Bloom Peters. Little Miss. Perfect. And it was true, for the most part. With long red hair that stood out against her milky skin, but didn't wash out her striking blue eyes, it was no doubt that the girl had the looks to be in the Superior Six.

Bloom, he guessed, was probably the most relatable to him. She had been adopted and lived with a middle class family, much like his own, up until she was twelve. When she found out who her real parents were, she (along with the rest of the world) was shocked to say the least. Her birth parents were none other than Mariam and Oritel Peters, the founders of Sparx (the most famous movie making company in the world). Since then, she had lived a comfortable life, with a loving sister and two pairs of loving parents. Talk about lucky.

Timmy had seen the way Sky, one of his closest friends, looked at her, the way he himself looked at Tecna. With love. But the chances that Sky and Bloom would get together, one of the most unpopular boys with one of the most popular girls, was approximately 0.001%. Exactly.

Following Bloom were the Taylor Twins, Nabu and Flora, Nabu being older by three minutes and forty-seven seconds. Their father, Darren Taylor, was the best actor of their time (he had been in plenty of Sparx Movies) and their mother, Shannon Taylor, was a world-renowned chef.

Nabu Taylor was, in a nutshell,"the total package". One of Nabu's great attributes, having been conceived by two of the most good looking people on the planet, was his good looks. His hair was always tied back into a long braid down his back, leaving his face exposed for anyone to ogle him shamelessly. Dark eyes framed with long lashes and a forever smiling mouth, coupled with a strong build. The best part was, his good looks were not the only thing that Nabu had going for him.

Nabu hardly ever lost his temper and was hardly ever seen without a smile on his face. In fact, the only time Timmy had recalled seeing Nabu angry was when he overheard a guy talking about his sister in a very, demeaning way. It was no secret that the Taylor Twins would do anything to protect each other, so when Nabu had been questioned by the headmasters as to why he beaten Sam Russo into bed for a month, all he said was : "Because he insulted my sister.".

If there was one thing concerning Nabu Taylor that Timmy couldn't understand was why Layla Jackson, one of his only friends, disliked him so much. They shared some of the same interests, like swimming and dance. It must be a Layla thing. Either way, Nabu Taylor, ever so handsome and loyal, was more than worthy of his position as one of the Superior Six.

Flora Taylor. Now there was a girl you didn't see every day. She, like her brother, was very pretty. Flora had long caramel colored hair and enchanting green eyes. It was somewhat funny, Timmy thought, seeing the Taylor Twins walk next to each other. Where Nabu stood at a towering 6'3, Flora had stopped growing when she was 5'5.

Flora, Timmy thought, was probably the easiest to befriend out of the Superior Six. Like her brother, Flora always had a smile on her face, and no one outside her family and closest friends (the Superior Six) had ever seen her without one. But, unlike her brother, Flora was easily the nicest person in the Superior Six; probably even the nicest person in the school. Not to say that the others in the Six weren't nice; they all were, in their own ways, except for Riven.

One time, around the middle of sophomore year, as he and Helia were walking in the hallway, some jerk had come by and book-checked both of them, and shoved them into the lockers before he continued on. Flora, who had seen the display, had come rushing over and helped both of them pick up their books.

Timmy grinned. It was so obvious that his best friend was head-over-heels in love with Flora. He had lost track of how many times he caught Helia staring at, drawing, and/or writing poetry about the Superior Six's Flower Princess. Beautiful and naturally kind to everyone made her the perfect role model, and thus, a perfect member for the Superior Six.

Right behind the Taylor Twins came Magix's very own Barbie, Stella King, clinging to the arm of her very own Ken, Brandon Mercer. Magix's power couple. Though the two had only just begun dating over the summer, their love was evident.

Tall, slender and blond, the only thing Stella was missing was Barbie's blue eyes, which she more than made up with with sparkling hazel eyes. Stella being born to Radius and Luna King, owners and directors of Solaria (the most successful law firm with a 100% success rate), was expected to take over the company, even though it was clear to everyone that she was not interested.

Timmy, though he never understood why, had always pitied the girl. Maybe it was because even though she was probably the most beautiful girl in all of Magix, that was all people thought she was; just another pretty face. Maybe it was because, even though everyone else could see it, Stella refused to believe that her parents were on the verge of breaking up.

It was Brandon Mercer though, who confused him the most. All he knew about Brandon was that he and Sky had been the best of friends – no – they had been closer than that; they had been closer than even brothers. That is, until the first day of high school. Now that he thought about it, Timmy didn't really know anything about Brandon. He had rich parents, Timmy knew that much, but who they were and where they were, Timmy had no idea.

Timmy didn't know Brandon on a personal level, but he had that aura around him that just screamed 'I'm-hot-and-I-know-you-know-it-too'. He guessed it was true. Brandon was, as he had heard many girls describe him, 'Sex on Legs'. Brandon, standing at 5'10, had a muscular build, thanks to his participation on the football team. His brown fringe covered most, if not all, of the right side of his face, making the sharp angles of his face more visible. With his smoldering chocolate brown eyes and heart melting smile, there was no denying his attractiveness that both earned him the title of 'Sex on Legs' and a well deserved spot with the Superior Six.

And always last, but definitely never least, sauntering through the doors of Magix, came Riven Stattlin.

As far as luck went, Timmy thought - no- Timmy knew, that there was no one in the world as lucky as Riven Stattlin. Riven had it all. He was the star quarterback and captain of the football team, captain of the basketball team, and captain of the lacrosse team. His parents, Helena and Aaron Stattlin were both born rich and had been successful with their own careers. Riven's father, Aaron Stattlin, owned the largest car dealership in the world and made millions of dollars every day. His mother, Helena Stattlin, on the other hand owned a chain of fancy restaurants that almost everyone wanted to dine at, but only the high class could afford to get in.

On days that his parents left him alone to attend a business meeting or party (which was quite often), Riven would throw the most amazing parties in his mansion of a house. Timmy himself had never been invited to one of the said parties, but the day after, anybody who wasn't hungover, spent all day raving about it.

Riven's status as jock extraordinaire and his reputation for throwing the best parties in Magix had gained him a flock of fan girls, to whom which he didn't pay any attention to. Despite having all of these great things that any guy would die for, Riven still didn't seem happy. Riven was the brooding bad-boy of the Superior Six; the one that had the most money, was the most popular, and had the most girls chasing after him.

He doesn't just act like a total jerk; he looks like one too. Riven was tall and buff; wide shoulders, strong jaw, just what you'd expect from a high school quarterback. Apart from his build, Riven had unique magenta hair that was styled up on his head, and equally strange magenta eyes. Although Riven was a jerk to everyone (sometimes to the other five in the Six, just... not as harsh), he was still best friends with the other five that made up the Six.

"Hey, nerdo, move out of the way! They won't even look twice at you!"

"Whatever... It's not like I even wanted them to notice me..." Timmy muttered as he started to push up through the crowd of students descending the staircase. If he wasted any more time down here, he would miss Tecna.

"So did you ask her out today?" Helia Strouse, Timmy's best friend, asked as they sat down at their usual table. Helia, like Timmy, was unpopular. Even though Helia's grandfather (who was also Helia's guardian) was one of the three headmasters at Magix, along with headmistresses Fargonda and Griffin, Helia was taunted for his interest in art, the way he dressed, and the way he wore his hair (a/n. In this story, Helia has season 2 hair, just because I liked it so much :)).

"No. The timing wasn't right." Timmy said, staring down at his food.

"So, what you're telling me is, you chickened out. Again." Helia taunted, grinning as his friend tried to hide his growing blush.

"Uuuggghhhhh... I just, I don't know what to do! I'm helpless when it comes to this kind of stuff!" Timmy exclaimed, throwing his hands up in exaggeration.

"Helpless with what kind of stuff?" asked Sky Evans as he walked up behind the two boys.

Timmy had meet Sky in the middle of seventh grade, when he had first been admitted into Magix as a scholarship student, but had only become friends with him at the start of freshman year.

Before Timmy could think about Sky's question, Helia had already begun to answer. "He can't ask Tecna out on a simple date. Whenever he gets close to asking, he chickens out at the last minute. I think he's afraid that Tecna won't like him back."

Sky shook his head; "That's crazy man! She definitely lik-"

Sky didn't even get the chance to finish his sentence before they saw three girls heading their way; Musa Wong, Layla Jackson, and, most importantly, Tecna Oliver.

"Hey Timmy, are you all right? You're face is all red. Do you have a fever?" Layla asked as the three girls sat down. The three girls had been friends since eighth grade and had become friends with the boys at the start of sophomore year.

Timmy's face, like Layla pointed out, had turned an unattractive shade of red the instant he saw Tecna. I can't help it, Timmy thought, every time. Every single damn time I see her my face gets all red and my stomach starts doing flips and I can't talk because if I do, I'll end up saying something stupid.

Luckily for Timmy, Helia and Sky had his back. "Oh, that... Yeah, don't worry about it. He just... uh..." Helia started, but couldn't find the right excuse. Helia is the worst liar in the world, but... at least he tried...

"He just drank some bad milk this morning. He'll be fine..." Sky said.

"OK?... So anyways-" Musa started but was interrupted by someone behind them.

"What's this?". Timmy, temporarily snapped out of his musings, turned around in his seat to get a better look at the owner of the voice.

Riven Stattlin. And behind him, their lunches in hand, stood the rest of the Superior Six in all their glory.

In all his years at Magix, Timmy had not once had the same lunch period as the Superior Six. In fact, he didn't even think he had seen them all so close at one time. Little Miss Perfect, Mr. Personality, The Flower Princess, The Adonis, The Diva and The Brooding Bad-Boy all staring at the table he and his friends were sitting at.

"Is there a problem?" Musa asked, glaring up at the jock. Timmy grinned inwardly; it was no secret that Musa would give anything to wipe the smirk off Riven's face. Oh Musa; out of all the time's you can pick to punch him, please not now. Not here.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, there is. This is our table; it has been since day one. So move. Now."

...Such an excellent start to a brand new year...

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