It's Almost Over...
by 80sarcades

Hello, all!

In the midst of trying to figure out how to rework the lyrics to 'Stand By Your Man' (and have the boys from Barracks 2 sing it) I realized that I was missing out on a golden opportunity in fanfiction. One that comes once only every four years, in fact: an American presidential election! And then, I began to wonder…what would happen if you threw Hochstetter and Hogan (among others) into the election mix…

My apologies to anyone living in Ohio, Indiana, or any of the other battleground states; you've had enough ads from both sides!

I already have the next part of Darkness written out; just needs some more editing. A big THANK YOU goes out to all those who have read and reviewed it so far. Still, with the election only a day away I had to satisfy this plot bunny first. ::grins, goes back to reading stories::


(click of television turning on. A gorgeous blonde news anchor smiles into the camera.)

"…and with the election only one day away, all of the campaigns are in high gear to capture undecided voters. As you might expect, the campaign ads have taken a decidedly negative turn." She flashed another grin while her co-anchor resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

"So true, Wendy," the co-anchor smoothly picked up. "A slew of recent ads have prompted numerous complaints not only to the Obama and Romney camps but also to the independent campaigns of Hogan, Hochstetter and Klink. Although the complaints have merit, it seems that only the election will end the onslaught…"

(announcer continues to ramble on; the viewer ignores the TV and plays Angry Birds instead. Finally, the news program ends; a campaign ad comes on. The narrator speaks in a sinister voice)

"What would you like your future to be, America?" the arrogant voice sneers. "Rampant joblessness…"

::screen shots of unemployment lines::

"Proud Americans, competing to work in sweatshops…"

::shot of beaten-down workers stitching garments in a darkened room::

"Our country, bankrupt and taken over by the Chinese…"

::another view of smartly dressed Asians – presumably Chinese – buying the Declaration of Independence for $5::

"This could be your future under a Hogan Presidency," the announcer finished dramatically. "Act now, for your children's future!"

::Another voice, this one nasal, then pops in along with a screen shot of a smiling man in a nice business suit::

"I'm Wolfgang Hochstetter, and I approve this message…"

::The scene suddenly changes; a warm, if not cozy, fireplace fills the TV screen for a moment before the camera pulls back to reveal a man sitting in a leather recliner. His form, comfortably clad in a tailored suit, relaxed into the plush chair even as he threw a warm grin to the waiting audience::

"My fellow Americans, I'm Wolfgang Hochstetter and I'm running for President," he began, the tone of his voice both pleasant and welcoming. "As you probably know, America has a number of challenging issues that will go far beyond whoever is elected for the next four years. My opponents may have ideas," he said, almost sneering the last word, "for the future of this country, and that's good for them."

Hochstetter's eyes twinkled in sincerity even as he leaned forward toward the camera. A flag pin, positioned on his left lapel, glittered momentarily underneath the studio lights.

"However, it's going to take a strong hand to guide America to a better future," his reasonable voice continued." For our children, I'm asking for your support when you cast your vote on November 6th. Let's give America's children a better tomorrow."

::screen pauses. Candidate Hochstetter smiles, cheshire-like, into the lens as graphics, accompanied by an announcer's voice, suddenly appear onscreen::

"Vote Hochstetter for President on November 6th…or else."

::smaller print at bottom: Paid for by the the Americans for Hochstetter PAC. This ad approved by Wolfgang Hochstetter::

To be continued…

A/N: And now, on to Hogan. Or shall it be Klink?