It's Almost Over
by 80sarcades

The last installment. Enjoy!

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Janurary 20th, 2013

The President-Elect stood on the cusp of history.

He looked out onto the sunlit crowds and marveled at the moment; in a few short minutes, he would be the President of the United States. It had been a long, uphill struggle…first the debates, then the election…

And now, he was here.

He watched as his Vice-President was sworn in. Only seconds now separated him from his goal; with a wave of his hand the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court beckoned him forward.

And again, the true majesty of the day hit him with full force; by the end of the day, he would be leading America. A leader of the people…

…and a country that I will control…

A Bible, placed underneath his left hand, barely caught his attention; he raised his right hand upward.

"Repeat after me," the Chief Justice intoned, "I, Wolfgang Hochstetter…"

"…Mr. Hochstetter. Mr. Hochstetter!"

The candidate, jolted, woke up from his pleasant dream. He fixed bleary eyes on the source of the interruption: Mitch Jacobs, one of his senior campaign advisers, stood nearby with papers in his hand.

"Bad news, sir," he slowly began, his usually dour face etched with tiredness. "We lost."

"How bad?" Hochstetter snapped.

"Bad enough," Jacobs said, shaking his head. "We picked up a few electoral votes here and there, but not enough to really count. "Your opponent," he sneered the last word, "sailed to an easy victory."

"Let me see those…" the candidate said, pointing to the papers in Jacobs's hand. The adviser handed them over; Hochstetter's face turned sour as he riffled through the paper slips.

"You're going to have to make the call, sir," Jacobs bluntly told him. Hochstetter, his face defeated, nodded reluctantly; the senior adviser pulled out his cell phone. Several minutes later, he handed the device over to his boss.

Wolfgang Hochstetter sighed, dreading the next few words he would have to say.

"Congratulations on your victory," his harsh voice said, grinding the words out. "President –elect…Klink."

A/N: And you really though Hogan would win? That campaign slogan was rather catchy:-)