Canto the First

The soldier Leo lead his misfit band
Through shadows ninjas thought they would prevail.
Their deeds were known but not the four by name;
They fought evil but not for any fame.
The acrobat Raph breathed a slow exhale
Some punks had a woman beat to her last stand.

With whispery movement Red descended down.
Snick-snack! Two strikes and the punks were disarmed.
The woman screamed and dropped her camera: ran.
These monsters bore no resemblance to man.
"Stop her before the police are alarmed!"
So Mikey dropped behind her like a clown.

And Donatello stepped into her flank:
She was surrounded on all compass-points.
"Friends," the purple turtle said carefully.
Journalist, surrounded, dropped gracelessly.
She knew that defeat might score her a few points.
"Pee-yew, Mikey! You smell totally rank!"

Red said: "I'm Raph"; blue said: "and I'm Leo."
Purple said: "Donnie"; orange said: "Mikey."
Before she fainted, April said: "April."
"What should we do? She knows way too much; still,
Maybe it's time to let someone else see
The Master Rat and his entire dojo."

Miss April awoke to a giant rat.
It stared at her from across the room.
April shrieked and backed up against the wall,
Then turtles fell down and into the hall.
"Aw, she's scared of us," Raph yelled with a boom.
And April just wished she had a large cat.

This can't be real, April's thoughts decided:
"Turtles and rats can't talk," she provided.