Abc's of Shugo chara couples Agility: Raichi Drabble


1. Characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement; Nimble

2. An agile mind

Saeko: ok I don't own Shugo chara now on with the story!

The two, Ran and Daichi, were equals in both agility and wit. (which at times almost appeared to be very little to those around them!) While other "normal couples" would go out to a fancy restaurant or movie for a date, the sporty couple Ran and Daichi would go to the park for a soccer match than buy food from a vendor, that was as good as a date at a fancy restaurant to them, some scoffed at their ideas of a "romantic date" but they soon were sent to the hospital with a concussion from two 'accidental' twin flying soccer balls.