Abc's of Shugo Chara couples baby: Amuto

Baby: a very young child; an infant.

Saeko: I. Do. Not. Own. Shugo. Chara. goddarnit!

Ikuto? Amu, Tsukiyomi looked worriedly at her husband. "..." was Ikuto's only response as he stared at her. "A-are you mad?" she stammered looking down at the carpet of their 3 story house her strawberry hair shielding her golden eyes from the blue haired mans view. At the moment they were in the living room sitting on the purple love seat. "Mad? Are you kidding me?" asked Ikuto and Amu visibly flinched. "I'm... I'm... Happy! I mean come on Amu! I've always told you I wanted to be a father and I know you wanted a kid to! This is great!" he exclaimed. The woman looked up happiness and relief in her expression "really?" she asked. "Really really" said Ikuto his blue eyes practically glowing with amusement. Than he picked her up bridal style. "W-what are you doing?!" she shrieked at his actions. "We're going to tell everyone the news!" he said flashing his wife a genuine smile. Than he placed a tender kiss on her lips. It was only an hour later that they finally actually even got into the car!