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It would be awkward if the whole situation wasn't at the point of weird. Okay, so maybe weird is not the right word. Sticking with awkward with a pinch of funny. This is turning out to be a really strange morning. I would think of it as something to do with karma, if my inner grandmother was anything to go by. Maybe getting my credit cards stolen again by that kid should have been a sign. But if what's going on two feet from me is even remotely true, my life is anything but boring.

Standing in front of the large bay windows was Tony and Agent Sterling, just assigned to the legal department. There seems to be some flirting involved, a coy smile and a touch of the hand here and there. It would be a normal day in the life of Anthony DiNozzo Jr., if it weren't for his get me out of this right now expression.

Across his (now empty) desk, Ziva went about her business, typing as nothing was going on. My normally oblivious self would consider that to be case, but today seems to be a day for signs. So I happen to get the ability to actually notice the subtle way she keeps looking to her right. And that's when I see the eye twitch, as she grabs a pencil and breaks it. I almost feel a Tony like comment on the tip of my tongue.

This is when our illusive boss comes around, coffee in hand and what seems to be his I'm gonna smack you look that gets translated to "Don't you have work to do, DiNozzo?".

Either he was oblivious or he just saved Tony. Even Ziva is blatantly smirking. Usually I would say due to Gibbs jesting, but she seems to be eying Agent Sterling's sorrowful look as she walks towards the elevators.

And as I try to force myself to go back to work or worry on what my money is being spent on, I could swear I heard Gibbs mutter "Rule number 12" under his breath.

A/N: Thought I gave a shot at writing McGee POV. Don't think I was totally faithful to his character, but the muse wanted it this way. Any constructive criticisms are welcome