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"So did I help," he whispers in my ear coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist as we make our way up the food line.

"Yup you did great," I tell him thinking about how he answered most of the questions.

"So does that mean we're going to go to the roof tonight," he asks hopefully.

I nod, loading my plate with a smile on my face.

"11 o'clock?" he questions as we sit beside Thresh's mum.

"Of course," I answer before turning to tell Laura, Thresh's mum the answer to her question.

"Cato. Me, you, Thresh and all of the other guys are going to the Lounge to hang out and get to know each other better and all of the woman folk are staying in here," Marvel tells Cato after we've finished our dinner.

"See you later," he says giving me a kiss before turning and following the other boys deeper into the house.

"So who's with who?" Gloria, Marvels older sister asks looking at me, Glimmer and Clove.

"Well I'm with Cato," I say.

"I'm with Marvel," Glimmer says blushing.

"And Thresh's mine," Clove says winking before cracking up.

"I'm still quite surprised that you all clicked so quick," Laura Cato's mum tells us looking around At the four of us girls.

"So am I," I say smiling at her.

"How about we go around and say our name, who we're related to and what we like doing," Prim suggest shyly, before hiding her head in mum's shoulder.

"That's a good idea," Marvel's sister Zowieh says smiling at my little sister warmly.

"Who wants to start?" Lyra says looking at us all.

"Glimmer can," Clove smirks as the girl in question rolls her eyes.

"My names Glimmer, My mum's Hazel, my dad's Leo and I'm an only child. I like anything to do with fashion."

"My name's Katniss. My little sisters called Prim, my mum's called Arelene. I like to hunt and write," I say before looking at the person next to me.

"Name's Lyra, I'm Clove's little sister. Our parents are called Jasmean and Will and we have two older brothers called Sky and Felix. I like to dance.

It continued around the table. The blank faces suddenly had become friends to me.

"We should have a sleep over, just us girls," Rue exclaims sometime later.

"That'd be cool. But I can't tonight," I say.

"Yeah and don't we have those people coming soon," Hazel, Glimmer's mum adds.

"We could do it next week, just not on Monday, that's when me and Thresh are going on our date," Clove tells us.

"How about on Wednesday," Tricia, Marvel's mum decides.

We all nod before deciding that we should get the boys before all hell breaks loose.