Niyahtwins: Names niyah I decided to do a mini series with Hunny and Haruhi because I think there a really nice couple.

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Hunny could never forget the way Haruhi walked, talked and eat and don't get me wrong his not a stalker or a loner. Haruhi was really teasing him. So he did that to her also.

"Hunny-sempai" Haruhi called walking up to him.

"Haru-chan?" Hunny asked turning towards her.

"Mori-sempai said that he can't pick you up today. So~ you will have to stick with me"

"Does that mean that Haru-chan can eat cake with me" Hunny asked, turning out side of his lali mode. Making his eyes smaller and his voice low.

Haruhi only stared at him, which in turn he stared back.

The twins seemed to have made there way into the room looking at then stare at each other in silence.

Hunny notice this and turned bake in to his lali mode and taking a bite of cake.



"You should eat this piece of cake, so then i can eat a piece of cake with with you later" Hunny said with an evil grin handing Haruhi a strawberry cake.

Haruhi walked out the room with a blush on her face.

"You dame rich basted"

Niyahtwins: Did you get it? 'Cause I did. Hunny gets 'Cake' with haruhi.

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