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"It's time for this episode of MMO Stream!"

I sat on the computer chair and listened to the broadcast displayed on the computer screen. Nervously checking the clock at the bottom left of the screen. I sighed in relief as it read 12:55 pm. It would be a few minutes before Sword Art Online; the first VRMMORPG (1) would start its servers, so I have time to kill.

"Earlier, we showed you a promotional video."

I shifted several of the cards displayed on the game 'Spider Solitaire' in boredom. That game was stuck in a loop anyway. The excitement kept growing and growing and I did nothing to calm myself down. Why would I? It is the first VRMMORPG and I was one of the ten thousand players who could get a head start of the game.

The clock showed 12:58pm and I moved onto the bed after shutting down the computer. Putting on the Nerve Gear, a black helmet shaped like those helmets in the F1 Grand Prix. I stared intently at the time displayed now on the top left hand corner of the screen.

I remembered applying for the beta, but did not get to be one of the lucky testers. The sorrow when I received the message. Now I got a copy of the famed game, my excitement would not go away.


I started the countdown to the start of Sword Art Online. A sudden chill when down my spine once I counted to fifty-nine. That usually meant that something bad is going to happen.


What would happen in that game would not affect me now, I chided myself.

"Link… Start!"

(1) VRMMORPG: Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.