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Chapter 1: 0100010101110010011100100110111101110010


Its pitch black here…

Where am I…?

Kirito's avatar had begun breaking down, Heathcliff is clearly relishing from the victory.

It's over… Isn't it?

Asuna moved in to kill Heathcliff.

Wasn't the game cleared? Panic surged through my brain, looking for something… anything…

I tried to cautiously shuffle my left foot forward.

The Liberator penetrating Asuna's stomach.

Far as I could tell, I was in a pitch black room, no walls, nothing.

I moved my hand to grab onto the multicolored crystal Klein had passed to me earlier.

Is this how the real world looks? No… I tried to pull some memories of the city.

Grim clouds appear over head the city, threatening to fall on all the people who were purchasing the upcoming MMORPG

MMORPG? Massive… Multi… Online…Role… Playing… Game…

No… Death Game…

A giant red cloak descended onto the terrified players.

I tried looking around for a way to escape.

Healthcliff's horrified face as my head closed onto him.

Fatigue washed over me suddenly. The floor suddenly looked so inviting to sleep…

No! That's what they want…

Who… are they…?

I need to remain strong…

I tried replaying more memories of the city.

A dark figure appeared from my left, dagger held rather tightly…

"Give me that!"

Why are all my memories so fuzzy…?

I ran away from the man, clutching the wound on my hip. Just a flesh wound, like a mosquito bite that doesn't go away.

I assembled the…


I can't seem to remember…

If a single death… could save ten others… would you?

My eyelids feel heavy…


"You've changed…"

Changed… what… sleepy… Can't hold on…

"Of course I would rather save my friend…"

That was my last thoughts before I blacked out.

8th November 2024, Alfheim Online, Yggdrasil Research Facility

"How are the players?" Sugou, or rather, King Oberon asked.

"Many of them are relatively scared, so we could easily register that emotion rather quickly."

"What about the CEO's daughter?"

"She's here as well."

"Begin synchronizing her avatar with her mind; I wish to see her broken face when she finds out about this."

"At once, Sugou-sama."

"I'd told you to call me Oberon here!"

"I'm sorry, Oberon-sama."

"And what of those hundred players for memory manipulation?"

"They've been successfully transferred… Although there were a few minds who could actually help us in emotion manipulation. Within the first few minutes of waking up in the box, they calmed down rather quickly and tried finding a way out."

"When the research is done, begin working on the brunette as soon as possible."

"Ah… that brunette? Why her?"

"She would be one of our prizes, to showcase the capabilities of our work."

"I'd thought you were going to use Asuna-sama?" The Sludge raised one of his eyebrows. They were in a white room filled with many black objects, each revealing a holographic brain. Occasionally, a notification would pop up, stating what emotion the person was feeling.

"That's not possible; she will be my future wife, as much as she hates it. I wish to break her first."

"But wouldn't changing her mind be much better?"

"Why should I be denied the satisfaction of her loss?" Sugou nearly roared in anger.

"N—No reason, Oberon-sama!" Squeaked the little slime.

"As for our little subject, she will become the ultimate soldier."

"I-I see…"

"What's the estimation of the research being completed?"

"A-about three months, sir."

"Then do your best to speed it up! Three months is three months too long!" The blonde king screeched at the Purple Slime.

"As you wish!" The Slime replied with a bow, before turning around and leaving the room.

Oberon turned to a purple box, showing the emotions Asuna was feeling at that moment.

"Don't worry… we will be together soon…" He whispered lovingly into the box, knowing full well that she cannot hear him.

16th November 2024, Real World, Kawagoe Hospital facility. Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito) POV.

Come on, Kazuto… You can do it!

I grit my teeth in determination as I stared at the mug.

Reach out… grab the handles… pull it up… slowly… slowly…


"Kuso!" I managed out when the plastic mug slipped out of my hands and landed on the tray again. The Kuro no Kenshi was defeated by the mug again… Oh the irony

"Ah! Onii-chan! How's you rehab?" My sister called out.

"Ah… Suguha… Not working very well" I feebly laughed out. The door swung open to reveal a smaller girl, younger than me, dressed in the high school uniform of a school in Setagaya. Her hair was short, styled in a simple princess haircut. Her dark grey eyes seem to shine with happiness every time I saw her. I tried to bring the mug to my lips again.

"Mou… Kazuto… Hurry up and get stronger…" Suguha complained when the mug clacker uselessly on the tray again.

"These things take time…" I tried to explain to her. "I haven't been in my body for a long time, of course it has weakened." Giving up on the mug, I tried to bring down the menu to set the alarm to wake up tomorrow.

Eh… it isn't coming out… why…?

Oh, right… we are back in the Real World.

"Onii-san…What are you doing?" My sister questioned as I seem to stop my hand motions.


I gave a sighed a laid back down, thinking of the first thing to find when I can walk again.


16th November 2024, Real World, Kawagoe Hospital facility, Kirigaya Suguha.

Sigh… Onii-san is being stubborn again, refusing to tell me anything that happened about the SAO Incident, I know that downward motion he makes constantly means something to him. I just do not know what it means. If SAO was similar to ALO, shouldn't the motion be on the other hand?

Regardless, I sighed as I walked back home from the hospital, why couldn't Onee-san be more trusting towards me? I'd helped him get out of kendo practice when he didn't want to practice kendo anymore, so why couldn't he just tell me what happened in SAO?

Reaching home, I immediately took a quick shower before putting on my kendo attire. The practice wasn't needed, but it helps me think.

Before I could begin, my mobile phone signaled a message coming. Picking it up, I read the message that came from Nagata Shinichi, a friend from my class.

"We're going to raid a nearby Salamander outpost at six-thirty pm, want to come?" I silently read. Well, I could practice the practical aspects of kendo in the game, so it still counts, right?

Hitting the reply button, I typed in a "yes" and sent the message to Shinichi before heading into my room to use the AmuSphere.

There sure is a certain charm about virtual reality, I silently agreed with my brother.

20th November, Setagaya Hospital, Ayako Miyamoto (Argo)'s POV

Sitting on her bed, dress in a pink hospital gown, a young, blonde-haired girl sat in front of her laptop, placed on top of the hospital tray. Her waist-long hair was messy from the years of inactivity, and she would have wanted to get a bath if she weren't contemplating about an issue she currently had.

What issue she had, you mind ask?

She was weighing the pros and cons of getting Alfheim Online.

On one hand, it will be great to be able to move around freely, not to mention being able to fly. She'd wanted to be able to move around without needing any aid for a while now, just to calm her nerves again. With Alfheim similar to SAO, most definitely there will be former SAO players there she could meet up. Also, she might be able to feel useful again with an information network to distract herself with.

On the other hand… It was a virtual reality game…

That is usually enough for anyone stop themselves from buying the game, as Virtual Reality Games are frowned upon ever since the SAO Incident. However, Argo - or rather, Ayako - was a survivor of the SAO Incident, and thus felt that was a weak argument.

Ayako Miyamoto, also known as Argo in Sword Art Online, sighed as she rested her head on the table. What do you do when your mind isn't occupied with information you have about your world.

Well… she was bored of the hospital, her "friends" do not visit her either, only her family. She really needed to kill all this spare time on her hands, recovering from muscle therapy. She made up her mind to purchase herself a copy of the game. Hopefully she still has her savings from two years ago.

Knowing Kirito, he will definitely arrive at this game, sooner or later.

The knock on her door signaled the arrival of her family, Ayako closed her laptop silently and prepared herself for a conversation about Virtual MMO games.

Hopefully, just hopefully, she will get things her way…

Chapter 2: 4d 69 73 73 69 6e 67

My name… My name… I can't remember it…

It was my occupation first… then my age… then my memories…

I can't remember them anymore…


Someone tell me…

Was it Monica? I think I remember calling myself that once… somewhere….


I don't think that's my name…

What was it…?

Jessica? Christa? Mirana?

I can't remember…

Somebody… please…

Tell me… what's my name…?

Your name is Rezia.

Kirito's POV, 1st December, Rehabilitation facility

Left foot… Right foot… Left Foot… Right—


"Ow…" I yelped when my legs suddenly gave way to the floor. I struggled to pull myself back onto my feet.

Come… on… Left foot… Right foot… Left... Right… Left…

"Kazuto-san, are you inside?" An unfamiliar voice jerks off my concentration and I landed on the floor again. I gave a grumble and slowly pulled myself up.

"Yeah… I'm here…"

"My name is Kikuoka Seijirou. I'm from the SAO Case Victim Rescue Force."

"Rescue force? Do you know where Asuna is?" I blurted out without thinking. I needed to find out where she was immediately.

"Asuna? Let's see… Asuna… Asuna… Ah… Yuuki Asuna?" He questioned after looking through a number of papers.

"Yes, which hospital is she in now?"

"She's currently in the Miyasaki's Hospital in Setagaya, but…"


"She's yet to awaken, as with three hundred players." Kikuoka's words struck a chord in me as I rested my frail body on the wheelchair.

"She's yet to awaken!? Is she still alive?"

"Affirmative, the heart monitor has not flat lined."

"Then why isn't she awake yet!?" I demanded hoarsely, my brain coming up with multiple possibilities.

Could she be dead? Not possible since the heart monitor still records her pulse. Maybe something happened to her and her consciousness was connected to another game? Maybe she's still in Aincrad, clearing the other twenty-five levels with the other three hundred trapped members?

"We don't know yet, something had happened with her connection, and caused her consciousness to be stuck somewhere. We observed the same incident with three hundred players."

Damn it… Asuna is still out there… somewhere…

"Damn it…"

"With that said, I need to ask you about the things that happened inside the death game." Kikuoka started talking.

"I'll give you the information if you tell me everything you know about Yuuki Asuna and her connections." I demanded, not really believing he would comply.

"Condition accepted, but we need to know about the time in the SAO case first. You have my word as SAO Case Victim Rescue Force."

For a moment, I was stunned. Why would he accept such a condition so easily?

I'll think about it another time, I gave a sigh and began talking about the two years inside Sword Art Online.

6th December, Cait Sith Territory, Freelia, Ayako Miyamoto (Argo)'s POV

It has been fifteen days since she set her foot back in to the virtual world, and Ayako still felt extremely fearful of being unable to log out.

The first day she entered Alfheim Online, she immediately had a panic attack that led to her force logging out of the game and causing massive worry from her nurse attendant as well as her sister. She did not log back onto the game for an entire week.

The second attempt was much better as the first thing she confirmed she was able to log in and out by doing it multiple times. She wandered about aimlessly around the city, not ready to start anything in the world of Alfheim Online yet.

About three hours into the game, her conscious was forced out of the game and back into her real body as her mother had arrived. Upon seeing her daughter immersing herself into another virtual game, her mother had panicked and removed her AmuSphere, causing her to return back to the world of the living. After what seems to be hours of lecturing from her mother, she had promised not to go into virtual worlds for the day, after another hour of negotiation.

The third day was spent in the "Noob" field, gathering information about combat in the world. Immediately, she found that sword skills in this world do not exist, resulting in a really stupid scene of basically unimpressive smacking of mobs. Her basic set of claws, bought from a weapon merchant when she discovered her col from Sword Art Online had been transferred over to Alfheim Online for unknown reason, was able to produce massive damage when she had attempted an imitation of Maul, a basic attack of her Claw weapons when she was in Sword Art Online.

Next was her investigation of her items; at first, she had thought she started out with the basic item set given to all new players of ALO (ALFheim Online). When she bought herself the basic claw weapon from the weapon merchant, it had cost a mere five hundred col, which was dirt cheap when she saw how much money she had in her inventory.

A bit of calculation resulted in realization that her character data from SAO (Sword Art Online) had overwritten any data she had from ALO, which was confirmed when she saw her status window. She did not touch the game for four days after that.

Now back into Alfheim, she was searching. Checking the internet constantly for any information about Alfheim Online while not in the game, she had discovered about the Player Leaders. Currently, she was searching for the Cait Sith's Leader, Alicia Rue. Information about their Leader was sparse, and most of it was false leads to prevent assassinations. With her last lead turning up false, Ayako was frustrated.

"It's just a Virtual MMO, why are some people so paranoid about an assassination?" she cried as she sat down, exhausted from her extensive search. After several minutes of resting, she was about to log out for the day when she heard a scream.




It was shortly followed by a body that fell from the sky, hitting the former information dealer right on the head.

"Ah! Are you okay?"


Ayako was completely disoriented from the blow, so the young Cait Sith that collided with her could only try to get her to focus.

Soon, her vision refocused, and see could see the blonde's facial features. The Cait Sith that fell on her was a young girl with long blonde hair coupled with a pair of matching eyes. She was short, only slightly taller than Ayako herself, and was dressed in a pale brown, sleeveless dress that parted at the centre.

Underneath the dress was a white leotard, which had a yellow cloak attached to it. She wore white, thigh high socks and dark brown boots as well as gloves that reached all the way to her mid arms. Compared to other Cait Sith, this particular girl did not have a pair of ears on her head, which left her tail as the only feature that shows her race.

I have this feeling that I've seen this girl somewhere before, was Ayako's initial thoughts as the Cait Sith tried to explain why she fell from the sky.

"… and that's where my flight time expired. Really, I apologize for landing on you."

"No harm, no foul. It's not like I can take damage while in the capital."

"Ah, you're right! I completely forgot that!"

"So, may I know the name of the one who fell on me?"

The Cait Sith stiffened slightly, with a small amount of fear on her face. Ayako sighed inwardly, she was hoping for a more experienced Cait Sith who might know where the current lord is residing in, not this stumbling mess of a girl.

"Eh… I'm not sure if I shou—" Looks like it was time to use that trick.

"You did fall onto me." That one line made the girl sigh with resigned frustration.

"M—my name is Alicia Rue…"

A short silence followed, as Ayako's brain had stopped working.