Chapter 1: The Man Who Hid in the Shadows

15 Years Later

"Shou-chan!" called a certain brunette wearing a white frilly apron while flipping his frying pan. "Breakfast is ready!"

A raven haired teen with chocolate brown orbs got up from his bed and closed his book. He went to his closet to wear his uniform - a white, long-sleeved polo, black slacks, black shoes, a black gakuran that reached his knee, and lastly, his arm band showing that he's the chairman of the disciplinary committee of Namimori Middle School. He fixed his bed and went downstairs to greet his mother. You read right. His mother is a he. He let out a small yawn and covered his mouth as he did so.

Once he entered the kitchen, the said brunette turned, and smiled lovingly at him. "Morning Shou-chan." he greeted casually. The said teen, now known as Shou, had his eye twitched and said, "How many times do I have to tell you mom, don't call me 'Shou-chan' anymore."

"Eh? Why not?" his mom asked as he tilts his head to the side. Shou sighed and said, "Mom, I'm not a kid anymore."

His mother blinked and said, "So just because you're a kid anymore, I can't call you Shou-chan?"

Shou was a bout to say yes when he saw his mother's puppy eyes look. He can't stand that look on his mom's face no matter how mad he is. Instead of saying yes he said, "N-No. It's not that. It's just that, it makes feel like I'm sort of a baby."

The said brunette blinked once. Twice. Thrice. Then he grinned and said, "Why not? Are you embarrassed?"

Shou didn't respond, he just kept his stoic face but his mother had seen through his mask. "That's it, isn't it?" his mom asked teasingly.

He knitted his eyebrows a little and said, "Just don't call me that again."

Turns out, he had said it a little louder than he had thought. His mom was shocked and was having the same puppy dog eyes but this a time a little teary. Shou felt guilty when he noticed and said immediately, "S-Sorry."

His mom just shook his head and smiled. "That's alright. I know you didn't mean it."

Shou nodded and said, "Alright, you can call me Shou-chan but only when we're alone."

His mother brightened at this and immediately smiled beautifully. Then Shou looked at his mother before smiling softly. Oh Kami-sama, why do I have such a manipulative mother? he thought and chuckled. "Eat your breakfast now Shou-chan. It's already 6 am and I know you always get to school before 6:30 am." his mom said, releasing him from his trance.

Shou cocked an eyebrow and said, "How did you know? Mother instincts?"

"You could say that." his mom said and thought, More on Hyper Intuition. Shou merely nodded and went to his usual chair on the table. He said a low 'itadakimasu' before eating.

Once done, he thanked his mother for the meal and kissed him on the cheek before heading to school. As he got out of their house, he used the quickest route to Namimori Middle. Through the roofs. He climbed to their roof gracefully and jumped from one roof to another. Half-way there, he suddenly halts as he felt a presence of someone watching and following him. He turned and looked down on the road. He saw nothing but he was sure he felt that presence before. It was a long time ago but he knew he felt that before. He looked at his silver wrist watch and it read, 6:20 am. He decided to ignore the ominous presence went to his school. Unbeknownst to him, a man wearing a black coat and black fedora is hiding behind the shadow of a Sakura tree, staring right at his running back.

Sawada Tsunayoshi, Hibari Shou's mother, sighed as he watched his son leave the warmth of their home. He sat on their sofa and as he reminisce the happenings in his life. True that this past 10 years, the former lively house of the Sawadas had grown quiet. When Shou was born, he went to Italy after a year and started working as Vongole Decimo. Even though he lived with his son in the Vonogole Mansion, he kept his the mafia part of his life hidden from his son. Reborn though, kept pestering him to tell him the truth but he said that he would wait until it's the right time to tell him about everything. Nana and Iemitsu, together with the kids had moved to Italy. All of his guardians followed suit after their graduation, and continued their studies in Italy. Mukuro courted him but he turned him down. Mukuro was sad of course, but then he smiled at Tsuna and said, "Ne Tsunayoshi-kun, thank you for loving me as a friend."

Tsuna couldn't help but smile at him at that time. Turns out, after a month, Mukuro and Basil had started going out, much to Chrome's delight that her Mukuro-sama had finally found his true love. Mukuro though teases him from time to time but then Basil would caught him and he would run away with teary eyes. Of course they're always making up, but Mukuro said to him one day, "I just loved to see his jealous face."

He didn't know how to reply to that so he just smiled and nodded awkwardly. Gokudera and Yamamoto had started going out after they arrived at Italy. It seems that they had loved each other for a long time and was too shy to ask each other out. Tsuna was really happy for his guardians because even Lambo is getting intimate with his ever so cruel tutor. He sighed and only missed his lover more. Nevertheless he continued to work and study at the same time.

When Shou was 4 years old, he got kidnapped by the Tomaso Family. They used to be a part of their famiglia's allegiance, but they protested to have Tsuna as their boss. They said that they wouldn't follow some kid who knows nothing but to change there ways. Tsuna was so mad and worried that he couldn't think straight. A day passed and he couldn't find Shou but miraculously, Shou was brought home by a mysterious man in a black coat and black fedora. He carried the boy in his arms with care and handed him to his mother. Tsuna was thank him when he just ran away. The next day, Tsuna confronted the Tomaso Family only to find them in serious injuries. Some are in a coma state even and some had concussions and broken bones. If Tsuna wasn't so stunned he would've doubled their pain but of course he's not that cruel. Instead he asked what happened and they said, "We were attacked by a man in a coat and fedora hat hiding his face. He didn't kill anyone, but he made enough serious injuries to our comrades that they wished for their own deaths. He was so angry especially when one of our ill-tempered hit your son."

Wrong thing to say. Just then, Tsuna emitted such murderous aura enough to scare the hell out of you. "O-Of course w-weren't planning on hurting him. W-We just wanted to give him a scare. After he's assault, he left carrying your son with the utmost care I had seen in my life. For someone who's really brutal in battle, he seems gentle with the kid. " the subordinate said immediately. Tsuna calmed down by a millimeter because there's only one person he knew of such attitude and that person is dead. He sighed. He forgave them after four months and told Reborn that he's going back to Japan. He didn't want anymore accidents. Of course his tutor understood him, no matter how cruel he is. After a whole day of crying and good-byes, Tsuna finally set back in Japan. His guardians, were left there no matter how much they insist on coming, especially his rain and storm guardian. But soon enough, he had convince them and promised to visit them often if he could.

When they arrived in Japan, they used Tsuna's old home, even though his family said that he could always stay in Hibari's. But he couldn't just live to a place where every corner of it will remind him of Hibari. His Hibari that he loved and cherished. Then he remembered when he had first received the letter proclaiming that Hibari Kyouya is dead, he couldn't help but cry and let all his emotions flow. He remembered everything that happened like it was only yesterday...

- - - Flash Back - - -

"What do you mean Hibari-san's dead?" Tsuna wailed after reading the letter that Reborn had left on the table. "It means his gone and never coming back." said his father on the other line of the phone. Tsuna couldn't believed his senses. Hibari-san's dead? It couldn't be. H-He promised he'd come back to me. He said he would never leave me. He promised to never give up on me. So why? Tsuna thought miserably. He continued to sob until his father said. "Tsuna you're got to accept it. Kyouya is gone whether you like it or not."

Tsuna tried to suppress his sobs but to no avail. When he finally calmed down a little he asked, "H-How did he d-die?"

Iemitsu was silent for a moment before saying, "He died protecting me."

Tsuna went silent after that. His loneliness suddenly morphing into anger. "What?" he hissed. Iemitsu could feel the venom of that single word and gulped. He said, "I was careless so I didn't notice a hitman shooting me. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be ali-"

"You said you'd never let him out of your sight!" Tsuna bellowed. Iemitsu flinched and said, "I know what I said and I did my job watching him. That's the reason why I didn't notice the bullet coming my way!"

"Still. You said that you wouldn't-"

"Darn it Tsuna! Accept it already. Hibari is gone and there's nothing we could do about it. You know I'd give him my life if it means getting him back!"

"Shut up!" Tsuna is now crying again. He began trembling as he is holding the phone. He didn't care if his mom could hear him. He didn't care if he's disrespecting his father for the second time. He just didn't care. Losing Hibari is like losing a huge part of his heart and his life. Then he heard some shuffling sounds from the other line, as papers were being arranged. "Tsuna, I know you're hurt. I know exactly how you fe-"

"No you don't. You don't what it feels like to lose someone you love. How would you know? You're always away and whenever you're home, all you did is get yourself drunk. You have no idea what I'm feeling right now." Tsuna stated as he held back his sobs. Iemitsu was dead silent for a few minutes. What could he say? All the things his son had said was true, but he has to be away or else he'd be endangering his family. Then he suddenly got mad at his son for blaming him as the reason for his lover's death.

"I was against it in the first place. I told him not come. So stop blaming everything on me!" he said, suppressing his anger. Tsuna knitted his eyebrows further and said, "You don't understand do you?"

Iemitsu was puzzled by his son's answer then asked, "What do you mean?"

"He came with you to prove that he's a man worth loving for. He came with you to ensure you're safety and ease my worries. He came with you to prove to you, that you had made the right decision of approving of our relationship!" Tsuna sighed as let all his feelings out. Then he said, "I wished that you were that died instead of him."

With that, he cut the line. He ran upstairs to his room and cried his hearts out hugging his pillow. "Hibari-san you idiot!" he said softly. "You said you'd never leave me."


Iemitsu was shocked by his son's last statement before putting the phone down. He sighed and thought, What happened to my family this past 14 years?

Iemitsu rubbed the bridge of his nose and said to himself, "I'm sorry Tsuna. But this is for the best."

Then a knock on the door pulled him away from his trance. He said a silent 'come in' and Timoteo entered the room. "Nono!" Iemitsu got up from his seat and tried to bow but the wounds on his body prevents him to do so. Nono waved his hand as if to dismiss the bow. "No need for formalities Iemitsu."

The said man nodded his head flunked down on his seat, his gaze somewhere faraway. "I'm sorry if my decision of you coming here had affected your relationship with your family." Timoteo began. Iemitsu chuckled and looked at the old man before saying, "There's nothing to be sorry for. I've been away for a much longer time than I had realized."

"Indeed. Your son had grown while you still see him as a child."

"What do you expect for a father to do? I was just catching up and wanting the best for him."

Timoteo could only smile sadly at him before asking, "Would you mind to share a drink with an old man like me? It could relieved your stress."

Iemitsu chuckled once again before grinning and saying, "As long as it is Pinot Grigio."

Timoteo smiled and nodded and with that the two men headed to Vongole's mansion.


Nana could hear his son's sobs as inside his room. She had heard her husband's and son's conversation although some of them didn't made any sense to her. She heard his son ran to his room and slammed the door shut as he continued to cry. She wanted to tell comfort him, tell him that everything will be alright, but she knew better than that. Instead she went inside his son's room without permission. She saw her son curled on his bed facing the wall opposite her. Then she lied beside him. She hugged him comfortingly, the same way she hugged him when he was a kid. "I won't say it's okay because I know it isn't" she began. "But you have to accept it sooner or later. As much as I don't want to admit, but your father is right. You have to move on, one way or another."

Tsuna shifted and face her mother. "It's just t-that it f-feels s-so painful. To know t-that the one y-you love i-is de- g-gone." he said in between sobs. Nana could only rub his son's back and hum a melody. Her son leaned forward and cried his heart out. Once he's done, Nana said, "Ne Tsu-kun. Kyou-kun might be gone but it's not the end of the world even if you think it is for you. You still have someone inside you remember? Live for him and tell him great stories about his or her dad. Tell him awesome Kyou-kun is and how he loved you with all his heart."

Tsuna thought for a moment before nodding. With that, Nana smiled and left her son so she could make dinner and Tsuna could be alone. As she was gone, Reborn came through his window and said in his squeaky voice, "Mama's right you know. You still have son in you. You can't give up now."

"I know. It's hard but I'll go." Tsuna answered firmly. Reborn smirked and said, "It's good that you know. You're not alone Dame-Tsuna. Remember that."

"I don't think I can with you threatening me everyday."

Reborn smirked one more time before leaving the brunette alone.


After that incident, Tsuna spent 9 months of misery and a day of pain but he kept his body and mind strong, thinking about his son and their future. He was excused from class since they wouldn't understand his situation, but he's not excuse from Reborn's tutoring. During his due month, which is March, he was asked by Reborn to go to Italy, but he refused. He said, "I want him to be born here in Namimori, where me and his father had been born."

Reborn didn't argue with him with that matter but he insisted on having Vonogle specialist as his doctor since a male being pregnant is now entirely common. Tsuna agreed and they picked Shamal, though he refused at first. If it wasn't for Reborn's threat he would've escape them. Shamal had surveyed his patient and told them that Tsuna nearly had the organs of a woman. When Reborn confronted Verde about this matter he said, "The pill was created to make artificial womb and to morph the male's organs into a female's so he won't have to die when he gave birth."

March 9, 20XX. Tsuna had given birth to healthy baby boy. When he saw his son, he couldn't help but cry. Not because he was sad, but because he was happy. The baby had the same features as Hibari but he has his eyes. "What would you like to call him?" asked his doctor. Tsuna thought for a while and said with smile, "Shou, Hibari Shou. So one day he could soar into the sky and reach the clouds."

The Dr. Shamal and nurses smiled at him and nodded their heads and left them alone. Tsuna caress his son's pale and smooth skin. He can't help but smile. As if reading his mom's mood, Shou giggled and reached out for his mom. His small, soft hands touched his mom's cheeks and suddenly drifted into a sleep. Tsuna held his hands and lay Shou beside him. Just then he was asleep right beside his precious child.

- - - Flash Back Ends - - -

He couldn't help but smile as he remembered the first giggle of his son. He reminds him so much of Kyouya and him. Not only Shou is almost the splitting image of Hibari, but he's also the chairman of the Disciplinary Committee. Their uniforms are different though. While Hibari hang his jacket loosely on his back, Shou wears it all day no matter how cold or warm the weather is. It's like seeing Hibari in his Vongole Gear, only his eyes are brown.

Tsuna got up from his seat and wiped away his tears that he hadn't notice falling. From time to time he would return to Italy to do his job that cannot be done in Japan. He asked Kyoko or Haru to take care of Shou for a week in maximum. Shou would just sleep beside him the night before his flight and cuddle him, like the baby he was before.

He remembered the day when Shou first walk and talk and when they came to Namimori, his son came home early and saying excitedly,

"Mom, I'm now the new chairman of the disciplinary committee of our school."

"That's geat Shou-chan! Mommy's so proud." he said full of pride and hugged his blushing son.

You see, unlike Hibari, Shou shows more of his emotion even though his face is always stoic. Tsuna got his broom and started sweeping the floor. "Gao!" he heard Natsu called. "Oh Natsu. Want to help me?" he asked. "Gao!" Natsu answered cheerfully. Tsuna smiled and let his partner out. Natsu had also grown this past 15 years. He is now a full-fledged lion, although his voice barely change because he's trying to maintain his cuteness. Tsuna giggled and lend his partner a wet rug. "Here, mop the floor with that while I sweep upstairs."

"Gao!" Natsu answered again. With that, the two of them had cleaned the house in no time.

Shou arrived in Namimori Middle at exactly 6:30 am. His subordinates bowed as he entered the school gates and said, "Good morning, Hibari-sama."

He gave them an approving nod and went to the reception room. He flunked down on his chair and started his paper work. At exactly 7 am, students started swarming in the school. Some of them are having baseball or soccer practices, others are having classroom duties, and some just got to school early to chat with their friends. He continued his work despite being annoyed of their herbivorous noises and acts. At exactly 7:50 am, he put his pen down, and went to the school gates to take his shift. His subordinate bowed and excused himself. Shou nodded at him as scurried away. He looked at his watch as the less and less students comes. Then his watch read 7:59 am. Any minute now, he thought to himself. 5, 4, 3, 2, and -

"I'm sorry *pant* I'm *pant* late *pant* Hibari-san!" a certain petite brunette said in between pants. He has a gravity defying hair just like his mother's but his is more tamed, and his eyes are big, blue orbs. "You weren't late herbivore." he stated bluntly. "Eh?" the brunette asked confused. Then when he saw the clock he still had a few more seconds left to step inside the school but then school bell already rang. "Now you're late." Shou said while smirking.

"E-Eh? B-But-"

"No excuses. Shizuka Kuniyuki prepare to be bitten to death." Shou said as he took out his silver daggers with shining black hilts from who-knows-where and proceed to a fighting stance.

"Eh?! W-Wait!" he said while waving his arms in front of him. Shou stared at him and said, "I-I can e-explain."

"No excuses."

"Hibari-san please!"

Shou thought for a moment and nodded, hiding his daggers away. "M-My d-dad came home last night and h-he-"


Shou knew why he's late today. Though this brunette is always late, he knew him and his father well enough to know what happened last night. Shizuka Kuniyuki's father is a drunkard and a bastard. He left his family one day and returns to beat his wife and son whenever he's pissed because of work. When Kuniyuki's mother had had enough, she left. She tried to take her son away but she is powerless to do so. Instead she went to Italy and promised to come back one day and tale his son back.

Ever since then, Kuniyuki learned to take care of himself. He learned how to cook, clean, and all kinds of chores. His mother from time to time, will send him money and letters. He kept living even if his father only comes home to eat, sleep, or beat his son if he thinks he's too much of a nuisance. One day Kuniyuki tried to runaway, but his father caught him and ran after him. Coincidentally, Shou was walking in their neighborhood to look for trouble makers. That's where they first met. Kuniyuki just hid behind him and clutched tot his shirt for dear life. Shou didn't know how or why the boy is covered in bruises but he did know one thing, he is going to bite the damn herbivore to death.

After that incident, the two became childhood friends. Shou even asked Kuniyuki to live with them, since his mother already approved of it. But he said, "I need to stay there. So when mom comes home, she doesn't have to waste time looking for me. We could pack up our stuff, choose a different house and maybe even get my one hell of a father in jail."

But still, from time to time they would sleepovers and outings. Shou is grateful of Kuniyuki for not asking why his mother is a he and not a she. They seem to understand each other without talking and they both love books. During school hours, Hibari Shou is called Hibari-san by Kuniyuki and Shizuka Kuniyuki is called Kuniyuki by Shou. But during their times together, Kuniyuki is called Yuki and Shou is called Shou-chan. Kuniyuki is the only exception besides his mother to call him 'Shou-chan'.

"Shou-chan?" Kuniyuki called out him while waving his hands in front of his eyes. Shou looked at him as he snapped away from his trance and his eyes narrowed. "What did I tell you about calling me that?"

"Anou, don't ever call you that in school?"

"Exactly. Now pray tell why are you calling me that in school?"

"U-Um, caught up in the moment?"

"Not a reasonable excuse."

"Uhuh. Okay. I'm gonna run now. See you Shou-chan."

With that Kuniyuki ran while laughing and a hungry carnivore running after him. Just another normal day of Hibari Shou's life.

Walking their way home, Shou and Kuniyuki went to the bookstore. They looked at the newly released series of Haruka Murakami. They searched for the book they are looking for until Yuki said, "Shou-chan, I'll just be heading to the fiction section, would you mind waiting for me?"

Shou nodded and went to one of the benches and read a random book. He watched Yuki ran off together to the fiction section and stopped abruptly in front of one of the tallest shelves. He tried to reached the book on the top most end of the shelf but him being to short cannot seem to do so. Shou laughed inwardly and sighed. He made his way towards Yuki when a black haired man with a black coat came to Yuki's aid. Yuki looked stunned to see the face of the man. Not because he is handsome but because he looked exactly like Shou, only his eyes are steel blue orbs. He bowed and said quietly, "T-Thank you, mister."

The man nodded and turned around, only to see Shou looking at him. They stared at each other for a long while before Yuki looked at where the man is looking. "Eh? Shou-chan?" he asked. Shou looked at him and said, "Are you done yet?"

"H-Hai. Come on, let's go to the counter."

As they went to the counter, the said man followed them carrying a book of his own. Once they're done paying, they went out of the bookstore and head towards home. The said is following them through the trees. Shou can't help but feel suspicious of someone following them. If it was another kidnapper it's okay, he could take care of himself, but Yuki can't. When they were almost near his home, he turned around only to see no one visible, but he could feel someone's presence presence. Yuki stopped and hid beside him. He knew when Shou is feeling uneasy or suspicious (he didn't dare say nervous because Shou made it clear that he is never nervous). Shou held out his daggers and said, "Show yourself."

The said someone didn't reveal himself until Shou threw a dagger at his direction, which he caught gracefully. "You need to throw you're weapons with more force to avoid someone catching it." said man wearing a black coat and fedora lectured. Shou was surprised to see someone caught his weapon. His eyes widened a little and back to normal as soon as it appeared, but didn't go unnoticed by Yuki and the strange man. "Who are you?" he demanded. Said man held his fedora and removed it from its place, and bowed a little. "My name is Kyouya." he answered nonchalantly. Shou could tell that this is the same man in that bookstore, and the person owning that ominous presence. The one that looked a splitting image of him.

"Whole name." he said.

"I'd rather not."

"Why not?" Yuki asked out of the blue. The man just smirked and shook his head.

"Let's just say that I'm someone your mother, Sawada Tsunayoshi, knows."

Shou was surprised and suspicious to hear that. Barely no one knows his mother in this town, rather no one knows that Sawada Tsunayoshi is mother. Unless they are in Italy of course. Ever since that incident back in Italy, his mother seems to be scared whenever he brought someone home besides Yuki. That's why he vowed to protect his mother at all times.

"You're the same man from the bookstore. Why are you following us?"

"I'm simply headed at the same direction."

"Why hide behind the trees?"

"It would be suspicious."

"It's more suspicious this way."

"Point taken. May I escort you two?" he stated more than a question. "Why?" Shou asked, getting more and more suspicious as seconds tick by. "Because I believe that we are headed at the same house."

Now that, he didn't expect to hear. Since they were both stunned by his answer, the two of them just nodded. Kyouya smirked and head over the two teens. "A-Anou, Kyouya-san?"

"Hn." was his answer. "W-Why are you headed to Shou-chan's house?"

His smirked grew wider and said, "You'll know soon enough."

And off they went to Shou's home.

Once there, Shou opened the door for the three of them and went inside last to close the door. He felt the man relaxed at the entry of their house. For some reason, this man felt familiar. He felt like he's someone he's supposed to know. He shook the thought away and said in low tone but loud enough for his mom to hear, "I'm home."

"Welcome home, Shou-chan. Sorry I can't leave the kitchen or else dinner would get burned. Who are your guest?" his mom asked from the kitchen. Again, his mom had the hunch of knowing when he's alone or not. "It's just Yuki and someone you know." he answered nevertheless. "Eh? Someone I know?" Tsuna thought for a moment and since he couldn't think of anyone he said, "Then let them in. Dinner will be ready in a sec."

Shou just nodded as if his mom could sense his movements(which he is right) and led their guest to the living room. Kyouya seems to be feeling at home while Yuki is sitting on the couch reading their newly bought book. He watched as Kyouya walked from one corner of their living room to another. Then he saw him looked at his mom's younger picture and held it with gentle care. The look in his eyes shows longing and pain as he looked on the picture. When he put it back down he went towards their glass door and opened it, inhaling the fresh air from their backyard as he had been here before. He just stood there, his back facing them, and his face bearing feeling of nostalgia. Apparently, he's not the only one noticing this. Yuki is also watching the said man with curious eyes. Yuki's and Shou's gaze met and they stared at each other, as if having a telepathic communication.

They're gaze against each other was broken when Tsuna jumped from behind him and tapped his shoulders. "Shou-chan!" he called cheerfully as ever. Since he wasn't expecting that gesture, he flinched a little that didn't go unnoticed by his mother. Tsuna smirked and said, "Scared?"

"No way. Surprised maybe. But only a little."

Tsuna giggled as his tried to deny it even more. Shou just sighed as Yuki giggled on the sofa. He has the look of envy and sadness in his eyes. Not that he can blame him. What surprised him though was the sudden flinched of Kyouya when he heard Tsuna's voice nearby. He kept staring at his back wondering who the man is until he removed his fedora. Tsuna's eyes widened and his first thought was, Hibari-san? No, it can't be. It's-

"Mom?" Shou asked worriedly. Tsuna looked at his son, then he smiled softly and shook his head. He faced the stranger once again and said, "E-Excuse me, but my son said that you know me."

He didn't respond at first, then he slowly turn around. Tsuna's eyes widened again as he saw the face of his lover. But it's impossible, he could be anyone around the globe. Hibari-san is dead. He died 15 years ago. But why does this man's aura and features, exactly like his? he thought in a panic. The stranger smiled warmly at him. Not a smirk that he shows to the teens a while ago, but a warm and loving smile. Shou and Yuki looked surprised at the sudden change of attitude and they both looked at each other, then back at the stranger again. Tsuna couldn't stop his tears from falling.

"It's been a while, Tsunayoshi." the stranger said in the most calming and most loving tone the teens had ever heard. Shou looked at his mom and saw him crying, he didn't understood why, but he knew it had something to do with this man. Then his mom stopped sobbing and tried to wipe his tears though they are still falling.

"Hi-Hibari- san."

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