Chapter 3: The Start of The15 Year Gap

"Ne Hibari-san," a cetain brunette called. Said man raised his eyebrow in response and leaned at the lying brunette beside him.

"Yes, Tsunayoshi?" he asked. Tsuna blushed and hid his face in his bangs. "Are you uncomfortable?" he asked. Hibari looked at him questioningly, as if asking him to continue. The brunette as if understanding his lover's look, sighed and said, "We're lying under a Sakura tree. Aren't you uneasy?"

Hibari put a hand on his chin and thought for a moment. Hm, he does has a point, he said to himself. Then he looked at Tsuna, smiled warmly, and said, "No."

Tsuna looked at him confusedly. He's not? he thought. You see, Tsuna and Hibari are currently lying down beneath a Sakura tree near the Namimori Park. Of course Hibari made sure that nobody would ruin his moment with his precious herbivore. "You're not?" Tsuna said, voicing out his question. Hibari merely smiled and shook his head. "Eh? But how-? why-? since when did-?" before Tsuna could finish his confused questions, Hibari pecked his lips softly.

Tsuna, shocked by the sudden action, blushed madly and stuttered, "W-Why d-d-did y-you s-suddenly-"

"Because you're making such a cute face."

Tsuna pouted, hiding his blush behind his bangs and said, "Mou, Hibari-san's so mean."

He sighed as he heard Hibari chuckle. He looked at him in the eye and said, "You still didn't answer my question. Why aren't you uneasy?"

Hibari smiled at him again, a breathtaking smile that only his lover could see, as he said, and ruffled the boys hair. Then finally he said, "Because I'm with you."

Tsuna blushed yet again, completely surprised by his lover's answer. He looked at Hibari one more time before giggling to himself. I'm blushing too much lately, he thought. Then he glanced at Hibari and said, "At least you're smiling more often now."

"Did you say something?" said lover asked. Tsuna shook his head and leaned closer. Hibari knew he heard something but decided not to pry any longer. Instead, he leaned closer and closer until they shared a sweet and passionate kiss.

Tsuna woke up with a start, blushing madly, as the scene from his dreams kept on appearing on his mind. Why did I have a dream about our past? he thought. He rubbed his eyes sleepily as his flushed face started going back to its original colour. He shut his alarm off and looked at the time, 5 o'clock am. He went over to the bathroom connected to his room, and started washing himself.

After he was done, he went over his closet change his night clothes to his daily clothes. He wore a simple short orange shorts with a number 27 on the bottom left, just above his knee and a simple white shirt. He glanced at his window and opened it a little. He breathe the sweet morning air and let the cool breeze wash his face. Though the sky is still dark, he could see the clouds very well. Roaming around its sky like it was gone for a long while. Tsuna snorted and said to himself, "You got that right."

He shut his window closed and head out his room, not noticing the unlocked window. He went over his son's room and and leaned his hear on the door. He could hear his son and Yuki breathing evenly. He smiled inwardly and went downstairs, decided that it's time to start preparing their breakfast. He grabbed his white, frilly apron and started grabbing utensils before heading towards the fridge.

One of the good things about being Vonogle Decimo, is preparing breakfast can be done in a nick of time. His problem though, is what to cook? He thought for a moment, grabbing his chin and frowning cutely. Hm, I can't cook Italian foods today. We just had those last night and I know I'm supposed to cook Japanese cuisine today but what? There's a thousand menu in my head that I can't decide! he wailed inwardly.

He was so into his thinking that he hadn't heard the soft thud from his bedroom's window nor the soft whispering after that. Normally, even the slightest sounds from a booming party is like a normal sound to Tsuna. He was about to exclaim his chosen food when he felt someone behind his back. He became serious and turned abruptly to punch his intruder when his wrist was caught by a very familiar warmth.

"When will you ever learn to lock your window?" Hibari asked, amused by his lover's appearance. Tsuna's serious face became confuse and said, "Hibari-san? What are you doing here?"

"What a way to greet your long lost lover."

"Well gee, if you would knock instead of coming inside someone's house without permission, I might greet you properly." Tsuna retorted before saying, "How did you get in anyway?"

"Weren't you listening?" Hibari asked. Tsuna shook his head no. Hibari sighed and said, "Your window."

"Huh?" Tsuna asked. "Your bedroom window is unlocked." Hibari explained Oh. Maybe I forgot to lock it a while ago, Tsuna thought. He shook his head and asked, "What are you doing here anyway"

"Can't I visit my lover?" Hibari asked. Tsuna pouted and decided to prepare breakfast. He already decided to cook fried rice and Tamagoyaki (rolled omelette) for breakfast when his so-called lover appeared. He grabbed a clean metal bowl and started washing the rice, completely ignoring an annoying skylark. He hummed silently as he continued his preparation. Hibari noticed his actions and said, "Never thought I'd live the day to see my lover wearing such short clothes and frilly apron cooking breakfast like a newly wed wife. Are you trying to seduce me?"

Tsuna flinched by the sudden comment and accidentally pierced the the bowl his holding, blushing madly. He glared at Hibari and said, "Look what you made me do."

"Me?" he asked, feigning innocence. Tsuna fumed and said, "Yes you."

Hibari chuckled and ruffled Tsuna's hair, Tsuna's face an inch close to his. "So it's my fault that you pierced the bowl when all I did was state that truth." he stated. Tsuna, still glaring, said, "Exactly."

Hibari arched an eyebrow and smirked. Tsuna shuddered, he did not like that smirk. Hibari cupped his left cheek while his other hand is holding his chin. "Then I guess I have to make up for that now, don't I?"

Tsuna's eyes widened, he looked away and said, "Eh? N-No, y-you don't have to."

He did not like the sound where this is going. Hibari's smirk grew as he leaned towards the brunette's ear before saying, "I don't want you getting lonely after 15 years of separation."

He blew softly at the brunette's ear, causing him to moan slightly. Tsuna pushed him slightly so he could see his smirking face. Before he could say anything else, his lips was sealed by the other's. Tsuna gasped at the quick movement and Hibari used this opportunity to shove his tongue inside. He roam around the the brunette's cavern, feeling its familiar warmth that he missed so much. They had a dance of dominance in which Hibari won easily before the need of oxygen made itself known, separating the two with a silver string of saliva sitll connecting them.

Tsuna blushed madly as he look down on his feet. Hibari merely smiled and went down to his seat before asking, "So what's for breakfast?"

Tsuna looked up, slightly still in a daze and said, "Tamagoyaki and fried rice."

Hibari nodded in approval and kept his gaze on the blushing brunette, who decided to return to his duties. Don't turn around Tsuna. Don't turn around or you'll just see his face, he said to himself over and over again. Hibari noticed his lover's chanting in his head and smirked. He kept staring, amused by the brunette's reactions. He wanted to tease him more but Hibari knows when Tsuna is getting annoyed. So he just let the quiet morning pass, staring at his adorable herbivore.

After preparing and cooking there breakfast, Tsuna turned around and faced Hibari, looking straight in his eyes. "Your reason last night," he started. "It wasn't a lie but it's also not the whole truth."

Hibari sighed a little and said, "You and your hyper intuition."

Tsuna didn't budge and continued to gaze at him. Hibari smile and said, "I'll tell you the whole story in time."

"You keep saying that. I don't know where the fucking time is!" Tsuna wailed. Hibari glared at him and said, " Language Tsunayoshi. I won't deny the fact that you're still mad at me but I will not tolerate such languages while my son is around."

Tsuna gulped and nodded. No matter how much time pass, Hibari-san can still manage to intimidate me. With the exception of Reborn of course , he thought inwardly and sighed. Hibari nodded still glaring, not at him but nothing in particular. "The first thing I'll do when I get back to Vongole Mansion, I'll bite that damn bomber to death." he hissed.

Tsuna's eyes widened and asked in a slight panic, "Woah there! Who said you could do that and have you ever been to Vongole Mansion before?"

"I don't need permission to do what I want, especially when he's the reason for your words and yes I've been there when I came with your father." Hibari answered without thinking. He regretted it as soon as he said it because he remembered that that's the reason they were separated.

Tsuna looked at him with soft hurt eyes and said, "I-I see."

Hibari tried to comfort Tsuna, but he didn't know what to say. He was after all, not a man of words but a man of actions. So he did the most reasonable thing he had thought off. He hugged Tsuna tightly and said, "I won't disappear like that again. I promise."

Tsuna hugged back, tears streaming down his face and said, "You better or I really won't forgive you."

"You haven't forgiven me yet." Hibari said.

"I know." Tsuna answered and continued, "But that doesn't mean I won't. I just need a little more time."

Hibari smiled softly and patted the crying brunette's mop of hair, trying to comfort him. He hushed him and said, "I won't leave you again, I promise. I love you."

Tsuna was about to answer, he was about to say that he loves him too, but Shou and Yuki just had to open the door in that exact moment. What a perfect timing, he thought sarcastically.

Shou woke up a few minutes after Tsuna woke up. He felt his mom near his door as he opened his eyes and can't help smiled warmly every time he does that. Not that he's complaining, it always made him feel loved. He got up to sitting position when he felt another familiar warmth shifted beside him. He looked down on the sleeping face of Yuki. He seems so peaceful. Unlike his usual self who's always cheerful and afraid, he thought while softly stroking the other boy's soft, brown locks.

He glanced at his watch and it read, 5: 15 am. He got slowly, avoiding the to wake the sleeping beauty beside him. He grabbed his uniform and towel before heading towards the door. What greeted him though, when he opened the door was a surprised. The instant he opened his door, his mother's room door also opened. He didn't know who it was but it definitely wasn't his mom. So he got into a fighting stance, dropping his things in the process, and stared at his father's calm image.

He blinked once, twice, before hiding his daggers away and bowing at his father. Hibari nodded as acknowledgement before softly saying, "Morning."

Shou looked at him in the eye before whispering, "Morning, father."

Hibari looked at him and, still in a hushed tone, said, "You don't need to act so formal."

Shou had a small tint of blush, though Hibari didn't missed it, and nodded. He picked up his fallen clothes and towel, and looked at the sleeping brunette one more time before closing the door silently. Hibari watched his son closely as he turn around to close the door. Shou looked at him and asked, "Why are you here so early, d-dad?"

Hibari noticed that his son is having a hard time calling him dad and he couldn't blame him. He was gone for 15 long years. He smirked and answered, "Your mother, said that I have to make up for the 15 year gap."

"So we heard." Shou said and suddenly covering his mouth, after he realized what he just said. Hibari chuckled and said, "Ah. So we felt."

Shou looked at him confusedly and said, "We?" he paused before continuing, "Felt?"

Hibari nodded before saying, "Your mother and I, knew that you and your friend are eavesdropping."

Shou raised his eyebrow before asking, "Then why didn't you stopped us?"

"Probably because he's too distracted and I'm not interested." Hibari answered nonchalantly.

Shou just stared at his father before excusing himself and headed to the bathroom. He had a warm shower for short while before brushing his teeth and wearing his uniform. He picked up his dirty clothes and wet towel before heading to his room.

When Shou got to his room, Yuki is already waking up. Yuki smiled sleepily at him and said, "Good morning Shou-chan."

Shou nodded and went beside the brunette but still standing. "Morning sleeping beauty. You do know that you drool while you sleep." he said a matter-of-factly. Yuki blushed and quickly wiped away the liquid on the side of his mouth. He glared slightly at Shou and said, "You could've told me sooner."

"Like when? When you're sleeping peacefully?"

Yuki blushed even more and mumbled, "How come you always have to tease so early in the morning?"

"What was that?" Shou asked.

"Nothing, nothing. Nothing at all." Yuki answered quickly as he paled. Shou just 'hn'ed and sat beside him, pulling a book out of nowhere. Yuki let out a sigh of relief before gazing at the clock. It read 5: 30 am. He sighed again. Why must I be awake at this... this... hour? he thought. He can't seem to use the name of the God in vain. He's not that religious, but he always gives respect to God.

He looked at Shou, still reading the book but wearing his glasses, and can't help but be awed. How can a normal person be so damn beautiful? he wailed in his mind. Apparently, Shou could hear his thoughts loud and clear and smirked when he saw the brunette staring at him with an in coming saliva. He seems to distracted that he didn't even notice me staring back at him, Shou thought and said, "You're drooling again."

Yuki snapped out of his trance and wiped away the drool that he didn't notice before blushing madly at the thought of being caught. Shou chuckled and said, "Am I that beautiful?"

Yuki blushed even more before looking anywhere but him. They may me be friends since childhood but he can't seem to get used to Shou's antics. He's like a sadistic bastard at times, but he also acts so unbelievably kind. He's like a wolf in a sheep's wool, he thought. Shou heard him and said, "Oh am I now?"

Yuki covered his mouth as he remembered that Shou could read him like an open book. Oh Kami-sama, why do I have to be so slow? he wailed inwardly. Shou's smirk grew and said, "Took you long enough."

With that he grabbed both of Yuki's wrist and pinned him on the bed. Yuki gasped and blushed at the sudden movement and a rather compromising position while Shou on the other hand, is smirking at the brunette's actions. He leaned forward, his lips an inch apart from Yuki's, and said, "Nervous?"

Yuki nodded vigorously and said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!"

Shou chuckled and got up from their position. He ruffled the pouting brunette's hair and said, "I'm not mad."

Yuki too stunned to get up, blinked and pouted. Shou chuckled again and said, "You better get ready."

"But's it's too early!" he whined. Shou glared at him before smirking playfully. Yuki gulped as Shou asked, "So you prefer to be late and be bitten to death then?"

Yuki's eyes widened and hurried got up from bed to get his clothes. He almost ran into the door if Shou didn't grabbed his arm. Yuki nodded nervously, blushing madly, before heading to the bathroom. Shou sat back down to his bed and read his book while waiting for the burnette herbivore. Shou glanced at his clock, it read 5: 45 am. Hm, that's unusual. Mom usually calls for me at this time of the day. Are they having another fight? he thought worried. He shook his and continued reading his book, trusting that his father won't harm his mother.

5 minutes later Yuki was back, all clean and ready for school. Shou smirk before getting up and heading towards the brunette. Yuki is panting slightly, he's hair is still a lot more mess than usual and red all over his face. "

"If only you're like this everyday."

"I am!"

"During this time?"

Yuki blushed more and shook his head. Shou laughed a little and said, "Thought so."

"So mean." Yuki said while trying to glare but to Shou, it looks like more of a pout than of a glare. Shou grabbed his hand and said, "Shall we go downstairs?"

You don't have to ask me permissions since this is your house! he thought before adding, Why do you have to hold my hand?

His face is so red that it could compete with the World Guinness Record's most reddest tomato, while Shou has to hold back a laugh. Instead he smirked and said, "Because I wanted to."

"Stop reading peaceful minds!" Yuki wailed.

"You're sounding like my mother when uncle Mukuro is here." Shou said.

"Eh?" Yuki asked, tilting his head to the side before adding, "Uncle Mukuro?"

"You don't see him much because he lives in Italy and you don't need to know him." Shou said in a matter-of-fact tone. Yuki was confused so he asked, "Why?"

"Because he's a perverted pineapple herbivore." Shou deadpanned. Yuki just nodded though he didn't understand how could a pineapple be herbivore and a pervert at the same time. He was pulled away from his trance when Shou urged him to walk with him towards the kitchen. Yuki smiled cutely at him and nodded.

When they reached the kitchen's entrance door, Shou let go but he smirked as he saw the disappointment look on Yuki's face. They stared at each other for while until Shou broke it to open the door. What he saw there, was surprise to both of them. His father is hugging his mother tightly, while his mom is looking at his dad with a teary-eyed face. When Tsuna noticed them, he turned bright red and said, "Sh-Shou-chan!"

They pulled away from each other, Tsuna still red and Hibari looking like he doesn't care. Tsuna smiled nervously and asked, "S-So, breakfast?"

The two teens nodded and sat on their seats. There was an awkward silence as Tsuna prepared the table, keeping his gaze away from anyone and Hibari drinking his coffee. Shou cleared the silence by asking, "Why are you here so early again dad?"

Hibari looked at him said, "I already told you."

"Specifically not."

Hibari thought for a moment before nodding his head. Shou waited patiently for an answer but Hibari faced Tsuna and called, "Tsunayoshi"

Tsuna flinched before looking up and said, "Yes Hibari-san?"

"Let's go on a date." he said bluntly. Tsuna blushed madly while Shou and Yuki choke their food and drinks. They all stared at Hibari as if he's some kind of an alien. Hibari just stared back boredly. They were silent for a moment until Tsuna exclaimed, "S-Say what?"

"I won't repeat myself." Hibari stated. Tsuna pouted and said, "Then it's a no."

"And why's that?" Hibari asked annoyed.

"Because I said so." Tsuna said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"You know very well I wouldn't take no for an answer."

"Then I guess you just have to take it now, and besides I still have a lot work to do."


"House chores."

"You could do that in less than 2 hours."

Tsuna flinched again and thought, How did you know that?

Hibari smirked and said, "I have my ways."

"If you're going to be like that the whole day then it's definitely a no. Just accept it."

The two teens watched in amusement and horror as the two adults argued like they weren't there. They both looked at each other for split second before turning their gaze on the bickering adults.

"I would if you would give me reasonable answer." Hibari said. Tsuna thought for moment and can't think of anything. He can't tell Hibari that he has some paperwork to do, at least not in front of Shou and Yuki. Damn it! He knew this was coming, Tsuna inwardly cursed. Hibari frowned a little and said, "Language."

"They didn't hear it!" he wailed. Hibari cocked a delicate brow and said, "You wish for them to hear it?"

Tsuna thought for a moment and shook his head. While Yuki is confused, Shou is impressed that his father could read his mother's mind. He tried to do that a thousand times but he just couldn't, and now his dad is actually doing it like it was nothing.

Hibari smiled and said, "Then it's decided then."

Tsuna looked up and said, "Wait, what? What's decided?"

"We're going on a date after your chores, end of discussion."

"B-But-" Tsuna was cut off by a murderous aura. He wasn't scared but he was nervous. "How would you like me to make it up to you if you will keep on denying me?"

Tsuna smiled sadistically and said, "Not my problem."

Shou and Yuki shuddered. They did not like that smile of Tsuna. Whenever he smiles like that, means he won't back down. Hibari merely smirked, which surprised the two teens that he wasn't intimidated, and said, "Ho? Could it be that you want me to make it up to you in a more appropriate manner?"

Tsuna gasped as Hibari suddenly appeared behind him, pulling him up by his left wrist. He blushed a deep shade of red and looked down before he asked in a squeaky voice that he hadn't use for a very long time, "W-What a-are you d-doing?"

Hibari smirked and said, "Demonstrating."

With that he snaked his arm on Tsuna's waists as his other hand let go of his wrist and grabbed the other man's chin, forcing him to face him. When Tsuna realized what he meant by that, he stopped his panic and became serious. As Hibari leaned forward, Tsuna noticed that his arm on his waist loosened. He took that opportunity to make his escape. Hibari knew this was coming so when Tsuna tried to escape, he let go of his chin to appear behind the brunette's back, pinning his arms. Of course Tsuna knew how to escape this, he wasn't Vonogle Decimo for nothing. He put less force on his arms as he tried o wiggle is way out. Hibari was caught off guard at his lover's attempts and accidentally loosened his grip, once again. Tsuna smirked and jumped a good 2 feet away from him, both momentarily forgetting the teens' existence.

Shou's eyes widened while Yuki gasped at the quick movements. They never knew that Tsuna could be so quick because in their eyes, he's so vulnerable. They also watched in awe since Hibari wasn't the least bit affected by his mother's scary grin. They watched him relaxed and sigh before glaring at Hibari.

"What were you thinking?" Tsuna exclaimed.

Hibari raised his eyebrows and said, "And what did you think I was thinking?"

"Yo-You, um, ah,-urhg. Let's just say it's not for teens to see." Tsuna answered, blushing again. Shou and Yuki just looked at them, amused that Hibari could tick his mother off. If I blush anymore than this I wonder if I'll have enough blood on the rest of my body, he thought. Hibari smirked and said, "And why's that?"

Tsuna stared at him, giving him the are-you-kidding-me look. He sighed before saying, "You of all people should know that."

"Teens' are not to see that you can put up a fight?" Hibari asked in a monotone.

"Exactly." then he realized that Hibari said something he didn't expect. "Wait what? Fight?"

Hibari nodded before smirking and said, "Or perhaps, you were thinking something else?"

Tsuna vigorously shook his head as his blush deepened. Shou and Yuki blushed a little, well little for Shou and more for Yuki. After all, they weren't that innocent. Shou snapped out of his embarrassment as he asked, "Mom you can fight?"

Tsuna paled at the question while Hibari answered for him, "Of course he can. He's-"

Tsuna covered his mouth and glared at him intently, before softly saying, "Not yet."

Hibari sighed as he removed the brunette's soft hands. He looked at him intently and said, "You have tell him sooner or later."

Tsuna just looked down with a pained expression. Shou looked at his mother and he didn't like what he was seeing. His mother never look pained unless something serious is going on. "Tell me what?" he asked his father. Hibari shook his head and answered, "He'll tell you, when he's ready."

Shou wished to know more but he just nodded. Yuki grabbed his hand from under the table, trying to comfort him. He smiled softly at Shou before turning his gaze towards Tsuna. He looked at him worriedly and asked, "Tsuna-san where did you learn those moves?"

Tsuna smiled and gaze at their window nostalgically and said, "Reborn taught me."

Yuki tilted his head to the side and asked, "Why?"

"He said I'm too weak for my own good." he answered while chuckling lightly. Hibari smiled at him as he remembered that days that his lover is running in his boxers. He smirked inwardly as he planned on telling the kids that tonight. They have enough surprises for today. Tsuna looked at them and said, "Aren't you guys going to eat? It's almost six."

The teens nodded as the two adults returned to their own seats. Yuki let go of Shou's hand as he notice that he's still holding them. He blushed a little and Shou just smiled at him. A smile that only Yuki and his main family is allowed to see. They both started eating again. They all ate in silence until Hibari called, "Shou"

Shou flinched a little. He wasn't used to someone other that his mom and Yuki calling him by his name. He glance at his dad and said, "Yes?"

Hibari was silent for a moment before asking, "Are you two lovers?"

Yuki choked his food while Tsuna cough out his drink. Hibari and Shou patted their choking brunettes to calm them down. Shou was not the least bit surprised at his father's question. He was surprised though, that his father asked bluntly and rather sooner than he expected. When the brunettes' coughing were done, Tsuna dranked his water before staring at Hibari. "What made you ask that?" he asked. Hibari shrugged and said, "They look like it."

Tsuna raised a cute eyebrow and thought for a moment. Hm, he does has a point. Yuki-chan is always holding Shou-chan's hand whenever they comfort each other or vice versa. Hm, he said while putting a hand on his chin. He looks cute whenever his doing that. If the kids aren't here, I would've ravished you right here and now, Hibari thought while licking the inside of his lips. Tsuna looked at them both and said, "Well Shou-chan?"

Yuki blushed so hard that Shou could swear he saw steams coming out of the other boy's face. Shou smirked at this and said, "We're not."

Yuki sighed in relief but Shou could see he was a little disappointed. He smirked again before looking at his father and said, "But we're getting there."

Hibari smirked back and said, "I see."

Yuki snapped away from his thoughts and looked at Shou. He blushed a deep red before saying, "W-What?! W-What d-do you m-mean w-e're g-getting there?"

If Yuki didn't know any better, he could've sworn he saw Shou pouting. "Aren't we?" Shou asked. Yuki blushed and stuttered, "I-I ah, u-um, I-I-"

Shou chuckled as he ruffled the other boy's messed locks to calm him down. As if that was the right treatment, Yuki relaxed. Tsuna smiled sweetly at them. They remind him of him and Hibari when they were young. He glanced at their kitchen clock and saw that it was already 6:15 am. He stood up abruptly and said, "Shou-chan it's already this late. You better pack your breakfast there and so as Yuki's."

Yuki stared at him confusedly and said, "Late?"

"Oh. Shou-chan's always going to school at exactly 6 o'clock so he'll arrive there at 6: 30 am or earlier." Tsuna explained. Yuki blinked once. Twice. Thrice. Before widening his eyes and shrieking, "E-E? Then Shou-chan why didn't you say so?"

"You were eating." he answered.

"B-But still!" Yuki reasoned. He panicked as he asked Tsuna help him wrap their breakfast. Tsuna happily complied while the two ravens just sat there without a care in the world. As they finished packing, Tsuna handed them their bentos for today. Yuki grabbed Shou's hand and ran to the door. Shou just let himself be dragged until Yuki stopped and shouted, "We''' be going now Tsuna-san, Hibari-san!"

Tsuna smiled even though he knew they can't see him and said, "Be careful you two!"

With that the two teens ran out of the house, more like the other is running while the other is being dragged. They were a few feet from their house when Shou yanked Yuki to his side. "Wah!" Yuki shrieked as he landed on Shou's warm chest. He blushed as he looked at him and said, "Shou-chan? We're going to be late. Ah no, you're going to be late!"

Shou just shook his head and said, "It's already 6:15 am. If I keep on letting you drag me along, we will never reach the school in my time."

Yuki got teary and said, "I-I'm sorry. B-Because o-of me y-you-"

Shou wiped away his tears and said, "That's why, leave the rest to me."


Yuki was about to ask what he meant by that when Shou suddenly carried him in bridal style. He blushed madly as grabbed on to Shou's neck, afraid that he will fall.

"W-What a-a-are you doing?!" he asked in a panicked voice. Shou smirked and said, "We're taking my shortcut."

With that, he carried Yuki while jumping from one roof to another. Yuki tried to keep his shrieks to himself but his gasps kept on escaping his lips. The only thing that calming him down was Shou's handsome face and raven hair being blown by the wind. He can't help but stare at his beautiful face. Shou noticed him and smirked at him. Yuki blushed even more and looked away. They made their way to the school in silence.

When they arrived, no one else but them are present. It's way too early for school anyway, Yuki thought. Yuki looked at Shou with a disbelief look. Shou stared back at him and said, "What?"

"When you said your shortcut, you meant about the roofs?"

Shou raised his eyebrows, a little confused and nodded. Yuki just sighed and and said, "You really are full of surprises."

Shou smiled at him as he put him down. Yuki was a little wobbly for a moment and leaned on him. When he finally relaxed he smiled cutely at Shou and said, "Thank you Shou-chan."

Then Yuki blushed after Shou nodded, before continuing, "D-Did you really meant it when you said that we're- we're-"

"Yes." Shou said, not bothering to let the stuttering brunette's sentence. Yuki looked him with glassy eyes before asking, "You're serious?"

Shou nodded. "B-But, w-why? W-What's to l-like about s-someone like me?" he asked, completely not believing his childhood friend. Shou didn't bother explaining and kissed the stuttering brunette passionately. Yuki's eyes widened before slowly closing them, enjoying their sweet moment. Enjoying Shou's tongue claiming his warm cavern. They dance with there tongues with the breeze of the cool wind as their music. After a good one minute, Shou pulled away, a sting of silver still clinging to them. Yuki blushed at the sight and wiped his mouth. Shou grabbed his wirsts and said, "That's that answer your question?"

Yuki wanted to tell him that 'no it didn't' and 'that didn't explain anything' but he decided to just nod. Shou smiled and squeezed his hand lightly and pecked his lips once more. "Then from today onwards you are mine and mine alone. Anyone dare to touch you and I'll bite them to death." Shou declared. Yuki widened his eyes and nodded. He couldn't help smiling at the thought of Shou biting someone to death for his sake, but he felt sorry for those who will dare do that.

He wrapped his arms around Shou's neck and said, "I am yours and yours alone as long as you will be mine and mine alone."

Shou smirked and said, "I promise."

They both share another passionate kiss before hugging each other, unbeknownst to them, a hitman wearing fedora is videotaping the whole scene with a smug smirk.

Tsuna sighed as he head them closed the door. Hibari chuckled and said, "You really are your mother's son."

He just smiled back as he started cleaning the table. Hibari stood up and helped him. They worked in silence until Hibari asked while cleaning the dishes with Tsuna, "I'll pick you up at 8."

Tsuna stared at him and blink twice before blushing. "Who says I'm going?"

"I did."

"I didn't."


"You need my consent!" he wailed.

"No, I don't."

"Yes, you do."

"Tsunayoshi." Hibari said in a warning tone.

"Hibari-san." Tsuna imitated him. They a had short glaring contest before Hibari said, "Fine. To your room then."

Tsuna blushed in different shades of red and Hibari smirked. He knew he won this argument. "Fine, I'll go but 8: 30 not 8." he said at last. Hibari nodded and continued to wash the dishes. Tsuna sighed and said, "I liked you better when you weren't talking much."

Hibari just 'hn' and Tsuna smiled slightly. He saw Tsuna smiling and asked, "What?"

Tsuna suddenly chuckled and said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to laugh. I just realized, that I really missed you."

Hibari washed and dried his hands before hugging the brunette in his arms. Tsuna hugged him back as Hibari said, "I can't blame you if you're still mad."

Tsuna nodded. "I won't force you to forgive me that easily but please, don't hold back your emotions. It's not like you."

Tsuna suddenly bursts crying and wailing. Ever since he became the Vongole Decimo, he has an image to uphold. He can't let his emotions out freely like he used to. Hibari was the first person to tell him that. His friends knew what he was feeling but they didn't asked him, afraid that he might take it the wrong way. He's been waiting to hear those words for a very long time.

When he was done he looked at Hibari and said, "It's amazing how you can still make act like I'm the old Tsuna."

Hibari smirked as he planted a light kiss on Tsuna's head before saying, "No matter how long time passes, you will always be my herbivore."

They both leaned into each other and shared another passionate kiss. Tsuna moaned as he let Hibari led their dance of dominance. They both pulled away after a few moments and leaned on a warm hug. Hibari leaned down on his ear and whispered, "I'll be going now."

Tsuna nodded and was about to ask him to be careful when his phone rang. What an unbelievable timing! Tsuna sighed as he let go Hibari's warmth and reached out for his phone. He could've sworn he saw Hibari's vein popped. He shrugged it off as he answered his phone, "Hello?"

"Ah Tsunayoshi-kun!" said Mukuro's cheery voice. Tsuna gulped, he could literally see Hibari's murderous aura as he heard Mukuro's voice. Tsuna pleaded him with puppy-dog eyes not to do anything. Hibari grunted but nodded anyways. Tsuna sighed and turned back to his phone.

"Hello Mukuro, why the sudden call?" he asked.

"Kufufu, can't I just call you because I missed you?" Mukuro answered teasingly. Tsuna flinched at that and said, "Stop teasing Mukuro!"

Mukuro laughed and said, "I heard Skylark-kun is back. I called to clarify that but it seems his murderous aura is enough answer to me."

"Eh? Who told you?" Tsuna asked confusedly. Mukuro chucked once more and said, "Arcobaleno."

Tsuna face-palmed and rubbed his aching temple. Why must the whole Vongole be told about Hibari-san's return by Reborn? Can't he wait for me? he wailed inwardly.

"Kufufufu. Tsunayoshi-kun, you're tormenter is just doing what he thinks is right, given the fact that he proclaims that he is never wrong." Mukuro answered his unsaid wails. Tsuna pouted and said, "Mou stop reading my mind."

Wrong thing to say. He heard a crashing sound and he saw Hibari breaking one of the chairs. Tsuna started to shiver and said, "A-Anyways Mukuro did you call just to clarify that?"

There was a moment of silence before Mukuro answered, "No. I also called to inform you that the all of your guardians are coming to Namimori to celebrate Skylark-kun's return."

"What?! B-But Hibari-san hates crowding and, and-"

"Well your guardians don't seem to care. We'll be there by tonight and I believe some of your other friends are coming."

Tsuna sweat-dropped at that. He knew very well that Hibari hated crowding, especially with herbivores. He also knew that his guardians really don't care and will go here anyways. He sighed in defeat and said, "Fine. But who will guard the mansion?"

"The fat man with a bald head installed a new security system modified by Irie and Spanner."

"Is-Is that so? Then good luck on your trip then."

"We sure will. Bye Tsunayoshi-kun and before you hang up please you put your phone in speaker mode."

Tsuna didn't know why but he did what he was told. Then Mukuro said, "Skylark-kun! It's been a while! Don't worry I won't take your precious Tsunayoshi-kun from you. I already have my precious Basil."

"I don't care." Hibari hissed. Mukuro chuckled and said, "Annoyed as usual. Anyways I'll see you guys soon."

And with that the line was cut. Hibari glared at Tsuna's phone before sitting on his chair. Tsuna fidgeted and said, "S-Sorry about that. Mukuro is just being Mukuro."

Hibari frowned but he nodded nonetheless. Tsuna sighed and said, "Aren't you supposed to be going?"

"I was." Hibari answered. Tsuna smiled, he knew his lover is sulking. He kiss him lightly on the cheek and said, "Then go already. I won't be able to finish work early if you keep on sulking there."

"I am not sulking."

Tsuna just laughed and urged him to get up. Hibari sighed and got up. He shot one last glance at the brunette and said, "8: 30. No excuses."

Tsuna nodded while smiling before seeing off to the door. When Hibari was gone, he slumped down on the floor and said, "This is going to be long."

Then he smiled and whispered, "Ever since Hibari-san came back, it's as if time slowed down to let him catch up to us. It's not that I don't want him to, but 15 years without him was really lonely. So I won't forgive him just yet."

He smirked evilly before heading to the living room to start his cleaning.

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