Guardian Biker

By: El Chacal

Disclaimer: Don't own anything except the idea for this story. Please do not sue. Thank you.

Summary: In a dire moment of life and death, Abel receives a visit from his grandfather.

He and his little brother Thomas did not see it coming.

Then it happened. A loud crash and the whole word turned dark.

Then he heard crying. Thomas was crying. Why was he crying?

As quickly as he started crying, Thomas stopped.

The crying and screaming was replaced by a calm voice talking to him and his brother. "Abel, Thomas, do not worry. Help is on the way."

Though it seemed like his eyes were closed, Abel looked up and saw a man with long dark hair, mustache and beard pull the tree branch out of the SUV's side passenger door, freeing Abel from what was pinning him down. The stranger reached into the car, placed his hand upon Abel's abdomen and said, "Grandpa needs to stick around and look out for your baby brother, Abel. Can you do that?"

Abel nodded. "Good boy." John Teller said as he ruffled his grandson's hair playfully before picking up the stuffed frog from the floor and placing it into Abel's lap. "Grandpa is going to check on Grandma now."

Turning to Gemma's unconscious form, John looked at the woman who stole his heart, gave him a family and took his life alongside Clay. "Even after all this, I can not hate you." He said sincerely. "You decided to have me wipe out. I decide to keep you alive."

When the ambulance arrived, Abel only had a slight bump on the head, Thomas was unscathed, John Teller vanished from the scene and Gemma would wake up screaming.

A/n: I watched Season 5 of SOA and thought that this scenario was not outside the realm of possibility and I'm sure that a story like this has not been done before...that I know of. If you enjoyed this story, leave a kind review if you can. Thanks.