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Clove POV

"Clove! Time to wake up, your mother says I have to come give you breakfast." cries my maid, Laini as she pulls open the curtains revealing a blazing sun shining over the Manhattan skyline.

"Oh my god, Laini, my eyes are going to burn, why?" I groan as she turns to hand me breakfast.

"Your mother sent me strict instructions; wake Clove up, pull open curtains, give her breakfast and get uniform ready." she beams at me.

Laini has been with me ever since I was a child because my mother has to fly all over the world to promote new collections, launch runways and manage fashion shoots. My dad left when I was younger as well so he's not much help.

"Okay, okay, thank you Laini, I think my uniform is in the closet if you wouldn't mind getting me it for me." I tell her groggily. What can I say, I'm a teenager, I'm NOT a morning person. By the time she walks out of the wardrobe I've eaten my breakfast and am slowly dragging myself out of bed.

"Clove, that closet is like a death trap, must organize it whilst your at school!" she says.

"Okay Laini thank you so much." I say as I walk into my dressing room to change.

The one thing I hate about P.A.N.E.M., uniforms. It's like our own personal punishment for being great at the arts. The uniform code is a white shirt, purple school blazer and tie for everyone then girls have to wear a black skirt, black tights and black shoes and boys have to wear black trousers and black shoes. I grumble, traipsing out of the Dressing Room to plonk myself down at my dressing table.

"What's wrong Clove, I thought first days of school are happy days, no?" She asks.

I chuckle whilst brushing my hair, "No Laini, first days of school are torutre, especially when you're not used to waking up early." I say eyeing her.

"Well, I tried to get you into routine but you refused." she says sitting down on my bright blue window seat that I adore. It looks out onto Central Park and is beautiful on days like this since the entire wall is a window.

"I was very tired, lot's of back to school parties you know." I tell her putting on my daily makeup which mainly consists of a neutral bronze lid, light pink blush and a glossy pink lip.

"Well, Clove, I'd love to stay and talk but I must go sort out that hideous closet of yours." she shudders.

I laugh and hug her, "Good luck sorting that one out, see you after school."

"Have good first day." she beams back at me and with that I sling my black leather studded bag over my shoulder and head downstairs.

First thing I do is check my phone only to see I have a million messages from Eliza. Mainly her cursing and telling me shes on her way in the elevator. Great, I think? Just then the elevator doors ping open and a flustered Eliza walks out.

"God, Clove, do you know how many times I texted you, I've been stressing out!" she rants.

"Yeah, I know, I only just woke up, sorry." I tell her.

"Oh, well, I'm glad you've apologized but if we don't hurry we'll be late for our first day!" she squeals as we walk over to the elevator. We practically sprint our way to school then because Eliza insists that if she isn't on time she's going to wrangle my neck.

When we get to school on time with fifteen minutes to spare I turn to face her. "Really, Eliza, was running the whole way here really necessary, I mean you almost gave that old lady a heart attack when you crashed into her." I say whilst taking in deep breaths.

"Yeah," she pants "well she shouldn't have been walking all those dogs then." she laughs as we head up the steps to the office where we will get out timetables. Once we have them printed out we realize we have none of the same lessons together apart from Scholar Studies.

See at our school things work a little differently, for the first half of the day we have lessons as usual but after lunch is Scholar Studies. This is where we are separated into classes of each division. So the dancers have two types of dance, the musicians have one half playing the other half composing and the performers just have drama.

"Well at least we still have lockers next to each other." she smiles as the bell rings and we part ways. The first half of the day goes by pretty quickly, that is, right up until scholar studies.

"My name is Miss Trinket and I will be your Scholar Studies teacher for the next year." she beams. First she makes us do all those drama type games such as, the names and actions and sharing facts about ourselves for the first half hour.

"Right my lovelies, now you've all met I think we'll start the year with some differing characters." she smiles in her very strange accent.

"Pair up and I will come round to give you all a hat, which you will then put on and create whichever character you'd like." she says. I scan the room for Eliza but then spot her already with Peeta.

"Hey Cloveling, wanna be my partner?" Cato asks from behind me.

"Sure, why not." I tell him as Miss Trinket comes over. She passes Cato a bright red beret and me a straw farmers hat.

Cato puts his hat on and immediately puts his hand on his hip and in the poshest, deepest British accent he can fathom cries, "Oh. My. God. I LOVE it! This hat is sooooo chic. It's inspiring, yet toned down, accentuating yet demure, this is PERFECT!"

I can't help but burst out into laughter then put my hat on and say "Oh my giddly gosh I just love your accent, where are you from honey pie." in the best Southern American accent I can muster.

"Darling I'm from Chelsea, where else and what is that hideous piece of straw doing attached to your head, I always say, if somethings not designer, it's not worth buying." he carries on in that ridiculous accent.

"This is the only rootin' tootin' barn hootin' hat I gots," I tell him, "It's great for working on the farm especially when I'm cleanin' out the manure."

He pulls a really funny disgusted face and says, "How unsanitary are you, cleaning out the manure, that is disgusting, it s horrible, take it away from me."

"Well that's not a very nice thang to say to a fine young lady like me!" I carry on and we continue like this for another fifteen minutes until Miss Trinket calls for silence.

"Now then my gorgeous darlings, I'd like you to find another pair and swap hats!" she calls as me and Cato find Eliza and Peeta. Cato takes a Crown and I take one of those propellor hat thingies.

We walk back to where we were originally stood as Cato says "Now, I am your King and you have to obey MY rules." he booms.

"Yes sir!" I reply spinning the propellor on my hat.

"Now you may not cheat, steal, lie or trade under any circumstance is this clear?" he asks.

"Sir, yes, sir!" I bark, stamping one foot and saluting one hand.

"Good, now I demand to know why you wished do partner up with me!" He booms again.

"I think you'll find, sir, that you came over to me." I say.

"Nonsense, I was walking around and you just happened walk up to me!" he scoffs. "No, Cato you came up to me." I chuckle, teasing him one again.

"LYING, I will not tolerate it! This is punishable by . . . tickling!" He barks and with that he proceeds to tickle me. I can't help it, I shriek and start running around the Drama Studio, him in tow. Somehow he manages to grab me and throw me over his shoulder.

"Aaarg, get off me!" I giggle pounding my fists against his back as he just walks back to our spot.

"I'm afraid I can't do that Cloveling, not until you apologize for breaking one of the King's highly important rules!" he states.

"Fine I'm sorry just put me down." I call and he does. We go on like this until the end of the day.

Maybe Laini was right and the first days of school are good after all.

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