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Clove POV
We finally reach Eliza's Penthouse and the elevator doors ping open. "We won!" I shout holding up the lanyards in my hand. The room roars with triumph and failure.

"Yeah well I didn't want to win anyway." Says Cato.

"Oh yeah you did don't lie." I smile removing his hand from my waist and intertwining it with mine. I can't help but laugh at the daggers I get from Cecelia, that is one controlling bitch.

Before I can say anything Eliza hollers out, "Okay later on I have films prepared, Home Alone and Elf! But for now I have a snack table and I thought we'd just chill for now, there are Santa cupcakes and Rudolph pretzels, we have hot chocolate and coffee too so enjoy!" She cries.

"I'm gonna get some food." Cato whispers into my ear as he slips away. So now it's just me and Eliza stood here chattering, that is until Cecelia walks over two us.

"Shorty, Agent Orange." She nods addressing us both.

"Cecelia." I groan.

"I don't think I made myself quite clear earlier, leading him on is not something you want to be doing, hobbit." She snarls at me.

"Excuse me, but Clove isn't leading anybody on." Defends Eliza.

"Oh you can can it as well Orangutang." She snaps.

"Why are you still here?" I ask, just tired of the whole situation. She opens her mouth to snark back when Cato walks over and her face transforms into the sweetest, repulsive smile.

"Hey guys, what are you all talking about?" He asks as he slides his arm around my waist pulling me toward him.

"Oh nothing." Smiles Cecelia brightly but I can see the fire in her eyes as she looks at me and Cato.

"Actually, Cecelia was just telling us about how hungry she was, weren't you." I smile at her.

"Erm, yeah, of course i love Santa cookies!" She grins again.

"Well if you want food you can always go to the table." Smiles Eliza.

"Erm, yeah well bye." Cecelia gleams as she stalks off, but not without glancing back with a very angry look on her face. We all talk for a while and then Eliza has another announcement.

"Alright everyone, come into the cinema room and we have movies!" She squeals.

We all follow her into the cinema room and Cato and I place our selfs next to each other on the back row of three rows of plush cinema seats. Then Cecelia saunters in flicking her curls behind her head as she sets herself down seductively in the chair right next to Cato, well this is going to go well.

Eliza starts the movie and sits next to Marvel that has Glimmer on his other side, man whore.

Well anyway the opening credits have just started and already Cecelia is giving me the evils. Cato keeps telling me a whisper commentary on the film and I can't help but keep laughing.

I catch Cecelia's eye and she mouths "two can play at that game".

I'm still pondering what that means when she starts stroking up and down Cato's hand. Oh hell no, I'm about to go all Jackie Chan on that bitch. Cato has even stopped talking to me but his face says he looks entirely uncomfortable. She then grasps his hand and whispers something inaudible into his ear. I grip onto the chair arm because I'm about to rip her hair out.

Cato then turns to me and whispers, "I'm going to the bathroom." He then shakily stands up and speeds of leaving me to rage at Cecelia.

"What the hell are you doing?" I shout whisper.

"I'm getting with Cato, using my powers of seduction, being beautiful whereas you little dwarf don't stand a chance against me. I'm everything he wants, he just doesn't know it yet." She grins tantalizingly.

"Don't push it blondie, because I know he can see through you, he's too smart not to." I say.

"Oh dear, well this is quite a predicament, now there's some competition you're interested again. Well, he's mine now so leave us alone.",she seethes.

"You don't know anything." I say as I face back to the film.

Cato soon walks back in and plonks down in the seat on the other side of me, the side away from Cecelia. I can't help but smile as she rages in her seat.

I can't help it, I lean over to her and whisper, "Yeah, because you know exactly what Cato wants, he wants to be with me, you said it yourself today about how he talks about me all the time. Have fun on your own CeCe." I smile as I slide back to my original stance.

Now the movies over and Eliza tells us we are all free to leave. I decide to stick around a bit and wait until less people are cramming into the elevator.

Cato seems to have that idea too as he walks over to me, "I have something to show you, follow me." He whispers into my ear and I do.

He opens the door to one of the rooms in Elizas apartment and tells me to close my eyes as I walk in. I agree and what I open them to is a real shock. He has spelled out in rose petals the word DATE? in a heart on the floor and the only light in the room is that of candles, in his hands he holds a rose.

"Well I know that a kiss isn't enough to win you over so I thought this would be a bigger and better approach, so Clove will you go on a date with me?" He asks almost nervous.

"Yeah I will, I think I'm ready now." I smile at him as he envelopes me in a hug.

"You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you say that." He says over my shoulder.

"So this is what you do when you go to the bathroom." I laugh into his neck. I think this could work.

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