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Clove POV

We have some school trip to a residential area further upstate in The Hamptons coming up next week and of course, it ends with a glorious dance. It is all anyone talks about, what am I going to wear, how shall I do my hair, Glimmer especially she has such beautiful blonde hair, it'd be a shame to waist it, and all that rubbish.

Eliza is obviously going to the dance with Marvel, I mean I know the first break up was a little rough but honestly, they love each other and have done for like two weeks this time and last time it was like five months.

Right now, me, Eliza, Glimmer and Johanna are on Fifth Avenue trying to find our perfect dresses.

"Ooh look at this one!" Johanna gasps coaxing me over to her, she found a stunning sleeveless scoop neck chiffon dress with a gorgeous cinched waist and dye starting off white slowly fading into a deep navy.

"Stunning," I tell her as she twirls around "you have to get it!" she agrees and we find Glimmer a gorgeous pink chiffon hi low skirt that she's going to wear with a white tank top.

While we're in the changing rooms of Saks, Eliza changes the topic of conversation "Apparently Delly is wearing a strapless dress that just goes down to her thighs!" She gossips. Of course Eliza would know, she knows everything about everyone. Delly Cartwright is a notorious slut and downright nasty.

"Eurgh that girl goes way too far to get the boys, what a slore. Her and her little friends are disgusting." I say.

Glimmer and Johanna change out of their dresses and as we head to the next shop, guess who we find in the cue to the changing rooms.

Delly and her groupies all holding very very short tight dresses.

I came out of the changing rooms first and had a mix of emotions first shock, then horror and all that finally moulding into hysterical laughter as Eliza comes out and mimmicks what I just done.

After another hour of rigourous shopping and finally me and Eliza have found our perfect dresses. "WOW!" Glimmer and Johanna chorus as we step ot of the changing rooms.

I had on a simple cream lace high neck cap sleeve dress that hung loosely at the bottom with a scalloped hem, it was only knee length though.

Of course I'd never have usually chosen this but Eliza insisted. She'd chosen a cute strappy black sweetheart skater dress with blue, white and red mini flowers dotted all over.

Clove POV

The day of the trip comes as we are ushered onto coaches. We have all sorted out our rooms. Me, Eliza, Glimmer, Johanna and Katniss are all in one room whilst Annie and Madge are staying with some of our other friends.

We get on the coach and the ride there I sit next to Eliza and we talk the whole way there, about Marvel, about Cato and everything inbetween.

When we get there we traipse to our rooms which are a bunch of two story apartments.

They are in two L shapes and a rectangular square in the middle, that's where the teachers will go with their torches so that we don't stay up past 10:30. We are in room 222.

We head up to our room only to find we have an attic room so we have to bring our suitcases up the stairs in the door way to get to our appartment, hmmm fun.

We race to get the best bedrooms. Katniss gets the double room, me and Eliza are in one twin room and Glimmer and Johanna are in another.

We then go to the plush kitchen/living (these apartments look like the ones in the training centre) room to find a long glass window with a rail exactly infront of it, almost like a balcony but there's no ground part. We open the window and spot the others. Then the teachers come and tell us all to shut the windows.

We are allowed out of our rooms at 7:00 until 9:30 in which time we can go to the main complex which is where all the shops and games are, or go to other peoples apartments except girls aren't allowed in boys rooms and vice versa.

So when the teacher comes to our room to tell us we can go I stay behind and tell the others to go ahead of me and I tell them I'll be there soon because I can see Peeta sprinting to the grass below our balcony.

I open the small glass window and shout down, "What do you want?" he is wearing some chinos, typical, a checked shirt, again typical, and a red hoodie.

He replies with "I want Katniss's room number to ask her to prom!" Awww I'm really happy that Peeta has finally worked up the courage to ask her out, I mean he's liked her since pre school.

Just in time as well because then Mr Russet comes round the corner and shouts "Hey little red riding hood go back to your room and Rapunzel over there shut the window!" I close the window in hysterics and sprint to find the others.

I finally catch up to them only to see Glimmer and Cato talking and make nothing of it at first, but that look that I think I see in his eye is all too heart achingly familiar. Its the one I see when Annie looks at Finnick.

I still walk over to them however and bump right into Cato then, letting all my anger out, shove him then storm off to Eliza. I know it's childish but it's better than screeching at him right then and there.

We go to the complex and stock up on sweets.

Eliza and I walk back to our room and go to the living room to watch the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries. Elena is sat there pining over about Stefan and Damon, as usual, when I hear a knock at the door.

I sprint down the stairs, slightly annoyed to find Cato down there "Dammit Clove, What the hell was that!" he shouts as I slam the apartment door behind me and go out into the freezing night.

"You're telling me,you're the one going all gooey eyed for glimmer, not that I care anway." I snap at him.

He just looks more annoyed as he pins me up against the wall and shouts " Oh yeah, well how about you and Peeta huh, I open my window to gets some fresh air and then I hear Peeta talking about asking and prom. Then I saw you pass him some note. What was on that note huh Clove!" I should be sad or crying or something like that but instead I feel like laughing because of how wrong he is.

"Peeta wants to ask Katniss to prom okay not me so lay off, but you and Glimmer are going out now huh, because thats what it seems to me!"

Cato just looks angrier " It is not like that Clove and you know it!" his arm presses down harder on my chest and his grip on my wrist tightens.

"No, Cato I don't so get off me and leave me alone!" I screech as I force him off me, he still holds my wrist and I shout "Get the hell off me Cato I don't want anything to do with you any more!"

Then I run inside, lock the door, shrink against it and cry.

Cry as he pounds on the door yelling my name as if I'm going to let him in.

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