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I woke early in the morning. Like always dressed and made breakfast. But for the last, what was it, fourteen, fifteen days? I checked on the boy in my care.

Finn is progressing quite well. Violet Fever is not going to claim another victim, I am sure of it.

"No. Mom wait." Finn mumbled in his sleep, reaching out.

The poor boy had been have these dreams for a days now. I sigh and shake him gently. "Finn." I say, trying to wake him. "Finn you're having another nightmare. Wake up." I shook him a little harder and his blue eyes opened with a faint infant like mewl.

He sat up holding his head.

"Are you hungry? It may help with your headache." I said rubbing his back in a soothing manner.

He turned to face me and smiled angelically. "Ya, I'd like that."

'Oh Glob. How I hat how much he looks like Tobby.' I silently curse.

Finn twists to dangle his skinny legs off the bed. Sliding, he slowly plants his feet on solid ground.

I wonder back into the kitchen to get him his food.

He came a few minutes later and sat in his self-proclaimed seat. He grumbled a thank you as I placed a glass or orange juice in front of him.

Gosh he looks miserable. Dark circles under his eyes, his yellow hair dull and greasy looking. I could tell that he had chubby cheeks. Key word had. It took him forever just to stand up.

"Does your rash still bother you? I'm out of ointment, but I can make more." I ask breaking the ice.

"A little. You don't have to bother though." he whispered.

I couldn't take it. Someone his age shouldn't be so depressed. It made me feel so... inadequate, seeing one of my patients like this.

"A shower nay help you relax, maybe even a bath? I'll even dig up a TV and some movies. Your sour mood will only slow your recovery. How does that sound?" I said.

He smiled. There it is, now let's see if we can keep it there.

"Ya. Ya." he repeated louder, "That sounds... nice." He said in a happy normal tone.

After digging around I found a working TV and some old movies from before the Great War. He seemed so happy with just a movie and a bath. It doesn't take much to keep him in a positive mood I guess.

My garden was all tended to, so there wasn't anything to be done outside, but I didn't feel like going back inside. So I sat the bench beside the cucumbers and carrots and just thought about life.

I have been so... happy, with Finn and Jake here. They always seem to be able to lighten the dark moods. Finn especially, he seemed to unconsciously avoid emotional conflicts, not to mention Jake who always knew what to say, even though half the time it's gibberish.

Marceline, she's always trying to get in my head. But I've always enjoyed her company and musical intrusions. I've never had any musical talent what-so-ever. Unlike Tobby.


*Flash Back*

I'm home, knitting a new animal hat for Tobby. He'd 'lost' his last one. I was making it brown this time, and since I was only a beginner, I was doing a simple design: a bear.

My first attempt was horribly horrible. Tobby had laughed his bubble butt off. Its ears were all types of wrong, I missed nearly every stitch. It was so bad I burned it.

"Making a new one huh. Should be better than the last one. Tobby said from the door with a goofy smile and a childish laughter than rang through the small two bedroom hut.

I gave him one of my best glares. My face flushed in shame and embarrassment. He dropped his bag on the floor and took of his scarf that covered his yellow head. His voice dropped to a near whisper and sounded angry. "I don't understand why we still have to hide. No one is looking for humans anymore."

"I don't know Tobby. What if a Rainicorn sees us? What about the slave traders, the aliens? Ogres and Cyclops love the taste of human children. We just can't risk extinction." I said tiredly. We've had this conversation a billion times before. It had become a sort of greeting between us of sorts.

He sighs and toes off his shoes as he hangs hit coat and scarf. "I know."

"Come here. I want to see if my measurements are correct." I command using 'come here' gestures.

He smiles and I nearly melt. He sits on his knees in front of me, I lean over awkwardly and place the unfinished product on his golden head.

It fits perfectly. I squeal with glee and he laughs and places a hand on my bulging stomach. I'll be due sometime in the spring. (A/N: Not sure when Finn was really born, so bear with me.)

"You'll have to make another." he says warmly, caressing my stomach with both hands. I feel a hard kick.

"Where have you been?" I ask/demand shoving his head into my chest. "I've been worried sick! I know how much you love outside, but... Tobby you didn't tell me you were leaving!"

Tobby makes a muffled sound as he crashes into me. With gentle effort he pries himself away. "I went to the village just a few miles away. The one underground. It's gone." he said, not looking at me.

"Gone? What do you mean gone?"

Tobby looked away and stood, only to be brought back down by his hat. "Oops." he uttered as he took it off.

"Tobby what's going on?" I try to stand, but the weight of the baby drags me back me down. He helps me to stand and retrieves his tattered bag. He doesn't say anything, his skinny back to me. This makes me angry, "Tobby!"

"I left to East Village, because I heard rumors of people disappearing. Like what's happening to us."

"And?" I press.

"Nothing. That's what I found." he turned back to me, shoving something into my palm. Tobby's eyes started to mist, "There were bodies everywhere, E. No one was left alive."

"The children?" I exclaim my hand going to my bloated belly. I forget about the object in my sweating palm. Tobby looks up.

"Not a single child. They must've been taken."

"Taken? Why would someone take Human children?" I sit back down.

He shrugs, "Perhaps it was a rival village?" Tobby sits next to me. "I'll leave for South Village now. Mayhap they know what happened?" he kisses my cheek and stood.

"Wait, now?" I grab his arm.

"Yes, I can't waste any time. I'll be back before the babe is born. I promise." he turns to leave.

"Wait!" he stops and I run to our bedroom. "Tobby take my hat. South Village is days away and windy. Your scarf will be blown away." I shove it on his head before he could get a word in edge wise.


"Wait Tobbias!" I command running off to the small kitchen and grab some food, not seeing his scowl for using his full name. "Take this."

"E, I'll be fine; I've made this journey before, many times." he says with a warm smile.

I fuss over him for a bit. "Just come back safe. I will not raise this child alone!" I sound desperate. Times are Desperate.

"Nor would I want you to." he hugs me tightly, I can sense his reluctance to go.

"I wish I could go with you." I whisper. I touch my belly again, knowing it'd be far too dangerous.

"Like old times?"

"Like old times." and before I start to cry I shove my love out the door and pray for his safe return. "He never was one to sit still." I say to myself, resuming my knitting nervously.

I shift and something pokes my bottom. "What in Ooo?" I search the seat under me and find what Tobby had so urgently pressed into my hand. A small palm-sized stone that had some type of symbol engraved deeply into the surface. I didn't recognize it.

A circle with eight spokes poking out, each spoke had three horizontal dashes through it and a 'U' on each point above the dashes. Inside the circle, was a horizontal crescent moon. Below that, were three tear drops. Above the crescent moon was a circle, above that, and upside down 'V' with another circle attached to its point. The last symbol seemed to be yet another circle that had stick 'arms' that seemed to surround the lower v-circle symbol.

"Ah!" I squeaked as the stone began to shine and vibrate. A searing sensation was felt on my left palm. Dropping the stone I grabbed my injured hand. After the shock had worn off, I peeked at my injury.

It was, the strange symbol, burned (and already healed) into my skin.

"Oh. Why aren't you restless." I giggle feeling a hard kick to my kidneys, temporarily forgetting about the odd gift.

Before a neighbor could check up on me, I grab something to wrap my hand in. (It was still sore).

*Memory Over*

I took a quick look around me before I peeked at my palm. Tobby had said nothing on the matter. It angered me of course, but what could I have done?

When Tobby meant to keep something to himself, then kept to himself it stayed.

"Stubborn brat." I said out loud to the air.

I came back inside, only to realize that I had been day dreaming for several hours. "I should start lunch."

"Okay." came a voice.

I jumped, temporarily forgetting that Finn lay in bed watching an ancient movie. His eyes darted back to the screen when a large crash sound and a flash of light caught his attention. "No!" he whispered/yelled.

*In the Kitchen*

I had just finished Finn's medicine, when the movie ended. I could hear him get up, most likely to use the restroom and to put in another disk.

"Lizzy." Finn's voice called from the nook. I turned to look, placing a bowl of stew (medicine) in front of him.


"..." he seemed to have forgotten what he was going to say. I waited, fixing my own stew. (Without medicine). "How long have I been sick?" he asked playing with his food.

"Don't play, eat." I commanded stopping his swirling's. "I think it may have been, oh... fourteen, fifteen days? Plus those days before you came to me."

Finn made a disapproving sound as he shoveled a large chunk of potato into his mouth. "I've never been sick so long before. Not even when me and Jake got Chicken-pox."

"Finn, only Humans can get Chicken-pox."

"Oh. That makes sense." Finn said, most likely putting the odd ends together.

"It's only been like three weeks. At the rate you're progressing, I bet you'll be going home in another week or two. Maybe three." I say trying to lift his dampened spirits.

"You think so?"

"Of course. As long as you get plenty of rest and fluids, take your medicine daily and do as the doctor tells you." I finish off with a smile that he returns.

We continued to eat. I asked him of his childhood and many adventures which he gladly and proudly boasts. He asked me of my own life and how Human society is, and other such topics that involved Humans. I'm only happy to oblige. I was just happy to have someone to talk to that has the same emotional range as me.

When lunch was over, he went back to watch some more movies, leaving me alone to gather my scattered thoughts.

"Finn, if you need to use the bathroom, do it now, I'm about to take a bath." I call, a faint 'No' reaches my ears.

*In the Tub*

I lay back, more relaxed than I have been in a long time.

I thought I had heard voices, but it could've been the movie, or maybe Jake made it back?

I let myself become emerged in memories of my life before extinction.

*Flash Back*

"Tobby give it back!" I yell.

My stupid foster-brother is standing on the table, holding my stuffed bunny above his head-out of my reach.

"Hahaha!" he shouts back, jumping down when I climbed up.

"Tobbias Mertins!" I scream.

"Stupid!" he yells back, running outside without his hat.

"Tobby wait!" I run after him, I had not taken mine off.

I don't go two steps out the door before Mordecai, Tobby's elder brother, throws him inside by his scruff.

"Tobbias! How many times have you've been told! NEVER go out without a head cover!" he screams, face turning a comical red.

"Mordecai! Give me back my bunny!" I yell at him, reaching for the grey toy in his hands. He must've taken it from Tobby. His black eyes turn toward me.

"You're much too old for such silly things. You should be wed and barring babes. My babes!" he says coldly.

"But I'm twelve." I say, the same time Tobby shouts "She won't marry an old ugly badger like you!" (The badger comment because of his badger hat).

"Father gave her to me!" Mordecai states smugly.

"Father is wrong!" Tobby says, chest out, back straight.

"Don't I have a say?" I ask timidly, snatching my bunny away from the 'Dark one'.

"NO!" they claim together, then scowl at each other.

Mordecai rips Bunny out of my hands and I scream bloody murder. "You son-of-a-skunk! Give it back to her!" Tobby jumps to my rescue.

"No!" I watch in horror as Bunny is thrown into the fire. I stare at the wood pile, frozen as my only reminder of my parents turns to ashes. I got pissed. "I wish you'd die Mordecai! I'll never marry an evil monster like you! You're ugly! Go die already!" I run away before he could retaliate.

"Why you little bi-" Mordecai is cut off by the fist in his eye.

"What she said!" Tobby screams at his disowned older brother as he runs after me. "E! Elizabeth!" Tobby calls, "I'm sorry, I should have never taken your toy."

I don't know how or when I landed in his arms, but when I did, I cried and cried.

I could feel Tobby's awkwardness.

After my tears had dried, I kissed him on the lips. I don't know what possessed me to do such a crazy, stupid thing. But I did. When we split apart his face was a cherry red tomato.

"Elizabeth- I... don't know what to say."

"I love you!" I say, and immediately clamp my mouth shut with my hands. My face glowed with so much shame and embarrassment, my hands covered my red face. 'Stupid! Stupid! STUPID!' I scream to myself.

"Wow." He's dumb struck. "O-okay." he scratches the back of his head, "Umm..."

"I'm sorry." I apologize.

"No it-it's okay. I guess I sorta-kinda lo-like-like you." he says awkwardly.

*End of Flash Back*

I sigh, sinking further into the bath.

It was weird between us for a couple of days, before we just silently pretended like it never happened.

That was until he proposed to me. It came out of the blue. Just like that. The topic was never brought up, we were talking about my birthday plans, not the joys and wonders of matrimony.

Glob that boy was odd.

*Flash Back*

I had awaken with his bubbly face in mine.

"Morning birthday girl!"

"Cheese crust Tobby! What the Glob!" I nearly punched him in the face. He laughed merrily.

"Go get dressed and stuff!" he said excitedly, pulling me out of bed.

"Why?" I whined, not moving.

"Because we are going to have fun! You're seventeen now. A woman! We are going to do grown-up stuff." he sounded like a child.

"I thought I became a woman when I bled out of my-"

"Gross! I don't wanna hear that!" he successfully dragged me out of the warm comfy bed, "Come on."

"What about your duties?"

"Did them yesterday. I have a free day." he threw his hands up in the air like he just didn't care. (A/N: lol, I couldn't resist).

I blew him a raspberry.

We had some much fun that day.

We went swimming, helped some people, played tag with some younger kids, and did everything but 'grown-up' stuff.

Tobby and I was sitting on a cliff under a tree. We were laughing, and talking about the day's events. I didn't notice, but he had grabbed my hand and entwined our fingers.

"Marry me." he said gazing out on the water.

"Wha-what?" I said astonished, just noticing out fused hands.

He seemed suddenly nervous. Unsure. "M-marry me?" he squeaked. He tried pulling his hand away, but I squeezed.

"I will." I said, smiling, my heart beating at the speed of light.

Tobby jumped me, wrapping himself around me and full out kissed me.

*End of Flash Back*

I gaze down at my now pruney body. 'Might as well get out now.' I think to myself standing. I dress and head for the living room feeling spiffy.

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