Small pebbles were hitting the outside Mimi's window. It was James way of telling her he was outside. Mimi went to her window and chuckled at the sight of a very cute boy waiting for her. This was her everyday school morning. Mimi finally spoke to Taichi just before school started. They met up for tea. She was a bit late.

"Hey Mimi you made it. " Taichi said as he got up to hug her. Mimi didn't hug back. She sat across from him. She wasn't planning on staying long so she did'nt bother ordering tea.

"Are you ok Mimi? You seem jittery."

"I'm fine." She said with a blank expression.

"How have you been I haven't talked to you. I miss you."

"Taichi..." Taichi heart dropped to his stomach at the way she said his name.

"I'm happy for you and Sora." Taichi was thrown off at her response.

"But Mimi." He said sadly.

"I think its awesome." She smiled. "I just think we should be friends. Besides it wasn't serious anyway right?" She said. Knowing that it was a lie.

"It feels like your breaking up with me."

She laughed. "How can I break up with you? Remember you were only playing me back for the soccer ball accident." she said sweetly.

"What the hell? She doesn't care about the summer we spent together? No she's lying I know it wasn't nothing. I can tell by the way she's looking at me." He thought. " I gotta fix this." He reached over to hold her hands. It broke his heart. He was sorry about that night they were together and how he should have stayed with her. The tea shop door bell rung. Taichi was about to tell her his feelings when a young boy came up and kissed Mimi on the cheek. His heart stopped.

"Hey Memes. Sorry I was running late." James looked at Taichi's upset expression.

"Well it was nice seeing you Taichi." Mimi said as she got up. Taichi watched as they walked out. He said sitting down staring at his tea-cup."I don't even like tea." He thought.

Mimi still hasn't talked to Taichi since the tea shop. Things have changed. Her relationship with James was ideal but she wasn't looking for anything serious. They were friends and James knew that. They started the school year together. James and Mimi were the crushes of many of her school mates. They were a bit famous at school. She was happy but she still walked by the soccer field from time to time.

"Hey Taichi!" Sora yelled out as she ran to him. Taichi turned around and for a second he thought he heard Mimi.

"Hey. Sora."

"Taichi I made you lunch. I hope you like it." She said as she gave him a boxed lunch. He smiled.

"Thanks. Where should we eat today?" he asked as she put his arm around her.

"Lets go to the court yard. Its not too cold today." She replied . "She made me lunch today. She's acting like a girlfriend. I should be happy. Right?" He thought.

Summer came and left. It was mid November and they had both moved on. It was Friday evening. Mimi was coming home from her ballet class. It had rained for a few days and Mimi was caught with no umbrella. Taichi was walking home as well. He noticed Mimi and ran up to her. Mimi was looking down as she was walking. The rain had put her in a gloomy mood. Taichi put his umbrella over her. Mimi looked up and saw him smiling over her.

"Hey." He said.

"Uh...hi." She replied.

"Come on I'll walk you home." He smiled. It was a slow and quiet walk. They were coming up to Taichi's home.

"Hey why don't you come in?" He asked.

"No I don't think its a good idea." She said taking a few steps forward. Taichi quickly grabbed her hand. She stopped. They rain started pouring harder.

"Mimi you'll catch a cold. You can dry off and have your dad pick you up." He said in a desperate attempt to have her stay. Mimi saw this in his eyes. She agreed and stayed. Taichi started to load up wood into his fire-place. He lit it and brought some blankets out. Taichi's parents were out of town and Kari was spending they night at her friend's house. It was just the two of them. Just like the last time they were together but Taichi isn't willing to leave her this time.

"You should take a bath so you won't get sick. I'll give you some of Kari's clothes." He smiled.

"A hot bath does sound really nice." She added. " Don't try to steal a peek Taichi." She joked. He blushed.

"If you need any help don't be shy to ask. I would be more than happy to wash behind your ears." He laughed.

Mimi was in the bath. She was nervous and wasn't sure what was going to happen. "What am I doing here?...But being here with him." She smiled. Mimi got out and was wearing Kari's sweat pants and a slim t-shirt. "Well at least these aren't too tight on me." Mimi thought. Taichi was making some hot chocolate for them. Mimi saw they fire going and Taichi burning his hand at the stove. She felt happy like this was what she was missing this whole time. She went and sat by the fire-place and wrapped herself in the blankets.

"Oh hey I didn't even hear you." Taichi said as he poured they hot chocolate into mugs. He walked over to the fire-place and sat down. "Here you go." he said as he handed her the mug. As soon as she grabbed it the power went out. They both looked up and could only see the light from the fire shinning through.

"Oh great. Hold on I'll get some candles." He got back up again and went into his kitchen. Mimi took a sip from her hot coco and enjoyed listening to the burning fire crackle. "This is great Taichi."

"Thanks. I try." He smirked. He came back with lit candles."You should spend the night Mimi. It seems like the rain isn't gonna let up." He said. " It'll be fun."

Mimi didn't know what to do. All she could remember was the things James had told her. "Mimi don't get mixed with him. You gave him a shot. He's the idiot. He hurt you remember."

Taichi waited for her response. He's heart was beating fast as he looked at her. He felt the heat from the fire ten times more. She looked at him. She smiled.