Sora tightly clanged on to Taichi's arm. Taichi walked along side her, empty. They were headed back to their school court yard where the Christmas Tree lighting was being held.

"I'm so excited Taichi! There is going to be fun game stands and yummy food ones too!" Sora said so happily. "And the best part is we get to see the tree light up with all the lights and beautiful decorations!" She continued on. She looked over to see themselves surrounded by couples on their way to the school too. She giggled as she held on to him even tighter. Taichi just nodded his head as her words went one ear and then out the other. His thoughts weren't with her.

"Gahh...I wish I would have stayed home. This is so stupid!..." He looked down towards Sora. She was so happy. He felt a pit in his stomach.

"TAICHI?!" Sora yelled out. Taichi jumped and focused on Sora. She was pouting.

"What's wrong dude?" He asked.

"Dude?!" She snapped. "Are you even listening to me?! Where is your head at right now?!" She asked.

"What do you mean? I'm right here." He responded. He felt uneasy. Sora was still upset and continued to scold him. Before she could continue Taichi grabbed her hand and started walking faster towards the school." Come on! We are almost there!" He said trying to distract her attention.


"Red lips?" He shouted once more.

"Check!" She finished applying her lipstick.

James nodded as he pretended to check items off a clipboard. Mimi looked at herself in front of her mirror.

"James are you sure this matters? I mean can't i just dress this down a bit?" she asked. James bit his lip at her words.

"MIMI!" He shouted as he walked towards her with a black pea coat. She jumped and grew a sweat drop at the back of her head. James appeared to be like a war general getting ready to send his troops out to war.

"This is the most important moment for you! Too long have you been in this battle of love!" He said as he jumped on to Mimi's dresser. "HEY be careful!" Mimi shouted in a panic.

"This is the time where you take back what's yours!" He added. He stared at with fire and passion into Mimi's eyes. She stood straight up and firmly placed her arms by her sides as a solider.

"Tonight you will confess your pure true love! There's no second chances after this! It's ALL OR NOTHING MIMI!" He continued as he did wild arm movements. "Now I want you to go out there and find him! I want you to tell him every word in your heart! Don't hold back! And if the sniffling red head gets in your way, you must be ready for battle!" He continued as he wrapped a gold scarf around Mimi. He smiled and fixed her golden brown hair.

"Sir yes sir!" She shouted out. He stood behind her and helped her put on her coat. "Now go! And give them hell kid!" He said as he patted her on the head. She smiled softly. "Thank you." She said as she took off and left her room. She ran out her door and headed for the school.

"I hope I cam find him quickly!" She thought as she ran towards the school.


"Wow I didn't think the entire school would show up." Taichi said as he stared at the near by booths. Sora did as well.

"Wow everything is so cool!" Sora exclaimed. "Look over there!" She pointed at the huge decorated Christmas tree. Taichi looked over and stared in awe. "I can't wait for it light up!" She added as she smiled at Taichi. He smiled back. He looked at all the bright lights that were gleaming all around them. The whole school ground was lit up top to bottom. "It's like we are in a toy store Taichi!" She shouted as she jumped up and down. They continued to wander around exploring all the food stands and game booths.

Taichi could hear his fellow classmates whisper about them as the walked on by. He let out a huge sigh as he waited outside of the lady's room for Sora. He looked down and kicked the few pebbles in front of him. He looked up to see a passing girl who he thought he knew. His eyes widen as he stepped forward to catch her by the hand.

"Mimi?!" He held on tight. The girl looked at him with confused eyes.

"Excuse me?" She replied. The sound of her voice forced Taichi to realize that he was clearly mistaken. "Can you let go?" She asked as she looked at his hand.

"Oh gosh! I'm so sorry! I thought you were somebody that I knew." He said softy. The girl smiled and took off.

"I can't believe I did that! I see her everywhere I turn. Even if it was her. I don't know what I would have I done." He thought.


Mimi ran out of her house and head towards the school. Her heart beating fast, she raced on. " I have to make it in time! I have too!" She thought as she felt the tense pressure building in her chest.


Taichi and Mimi sat under a tree in the park. She laid her head on his lap and looked up into his eyes. The summer sun cascaded across his face. The shade from the tree gave them a cool breeze. He watched the sun's rays hit Mimi's face. He couldn't believe how strong his feelings for her had gotten. He felt butterflies in his stomach being near her. She had pink and white flowers in her hair that he had picked for her. She had a sweet scent. He wrapped his fingers around hers as he played with her hand. She smile.

"What are you looking at monkey face?!" Taichi teased her. Appalled Mimi pouted her cheeks.

"Monkey face?! You're one to talk!" She exclaimed as she jumped up and started to forcefully run her hands through Taichi's hair. "Theres no point! Your hair is always messy!" She pouted. He laughed and fell forward. She blushed as he towered over her. She felt her heart trying to break through her rib cage. She could hear her loud beat as she gulped.

"Ta-" She muttered as she was stopped by Taichi's firm but gentle soft lips. He laid on top of her and rested his elbows along side her head. She wrapped her arms around his back. He played with her hair as he spoke.

"Besides having this monkey face of yours Mimi...Ou!" She interrupted him by pinching his lower back. She smirked. "Let's not forget your great sense of humor." He chuckled. He softly stroked the side of her cheek. He leaned in and kissed her forehead. He smiled. He kissed both her right and left cheek. He kissed her nose last. Her face burned with every touch of his lips.

"What's all this for Taichi?" She asked. Her heart was fluttering with happiness. He chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her to sit her up. He brushed her bangs to the side. She was so nervous she felt her body melt.

"I never got to thank Kei for this."


"For kicking the soccer ball."

Mimi grunted. "You want to thank him for hitting me in the face?!" She shouted as she pushed away from Taichi. He quickly threw himself and his arms around her squeezing her tight. He couldn't control himself from squeezing her. He was so happy. Mimi tried to muttered words as she blew his hair away from her mouth. He leaned back just a but to place his forehead on to hers. Her heart skipped a heart. He laughed again.

"I'm sorry, I'm just so happy! I can't take my hands off you." He said. She felt him teasing her and drifted her eyes away from his.

"Taichi...I don't like when you tease me." She replied. He frown at her expression.

"Look at me." replied in a serious tone. Mimi turned quickly to see Taichi's expression had changed.

"I want you to listen." She focused on his lips as he spoke. She felt her throat dry along side tension threw out her body.

"I'm scared." He paused.

"Scared of what?" She asked.

"I'm scared that this moment we have right now, right at this second will be forgotten." He looked deep into her eyes. " I don't ever want to forget this moment, or the feelings I have for you." He said strongly.

" All I have to give you is all my love!" He exclaimed. Suddenly a gust of windy came and blew past them. She watched the wind blow past his hair. He's eyes remained focus on her. His words rang loud in her mind. It had left Mimi's with a chill down her body and a passionate kiss from Taichi.


Her breathing became harder to control as she was over filled by wonderful memories of the past summer. "I don't want to forget either! Please hold on just a bit longer." She thought as she panicked down the side walk. She continued onmore motivated than ever when a car speed passed her and stopped a few feet away from her. Mimi stopped to catch her breath and was nervous about the car in front on her. The cars flung open. "Oh gawd please dont tell me I'm going to get kidnapped!" She thought. She turned around and started running away before she could see who came out.

"REVERSE YOU IDIOT!" A Female voice shouted.

" OH SHIT I AM GETTING KIDNAPPED!" Mimi cried out. "WHY ME?! NOT NOW?!" The car reversed back and stopped in front of Mimi. She stopped dead in her tracks and gave a sigh of relief. To her complete enjoyment she saw the driving Kei winking at her. While Melody and Yuko hangout out the side car doors.

"GET YOUR ASS IN THIS CAR! WE GOT FIFTHTEEN MINUTES TO GET YOU TO SCHOOL!" Melody shouted through a microphone. Mimi jumped at the loud sound of her voice. Her ears rang as she made her way to the car. Melody forcefully grabbed her and shoved her in.

"Don't be scared Kei! Put the petal to the medal!" Melody shouted with stars gleaming from her eyes, Yuko grew a sweat drop from the back on his head.

"Mel clam down! This isn't a climatic anime scene!" Yuko said. Melody was too pumped up to listen as she shook the back of Kei's car seat.

"Good thing we found you in time! James called us letting us know you were on the move." Kei said he sped up. "We are rooting for you Mimi! He said as he turned to face Mimi. Mimi took a big breath. She pictured James grinning giving her the thumbs up. She remember his words as she ran out her house. " Go get 'em tiger! I'll be there to help you soon enough."

"Yeah I don't think I would have made it in time before the lighting." She replied.

"Kei hurry up!" Melody exclaimed.

"HEY I'm the one driving so shut your face Mel!" He shouted as he looked into the review mirror only to stick his tongue out to her. Melody grew so angry you could see her veins popping out on her forehead.

"Guys clam down! Mel he's going as fast as he can!" Mimi shouted as she tried to tighten Meody's seat belt. Yuko grunted in displeasure at his girlfriends actions.

Kei suddenly hit the brakes which shout their bodies straight forward. Mimi looked up to see that the there was no where for Kei to park his car.

"I won't make it in time if i wait. Theres so many people at the entrance. I'll have to go through the back." Mimi thought as she jumped out of the car. "Thanks guys! I'll see you inside!"

"GO MIMI! TAKE NO PRISONERS!" Melody shouted as she hung out the car window. Yuko in a panic held her down.

"What the hell Mel!?" He shouted.

The sound of their voices gave Mimi extra motivation knowing she had their support. She made her way towards the end of the school yard. She looked up and saw the huge Christmas tree on the other side of the fence. She took a deep breath and started climbing. "I picked a bad time to wear a skirt." She said out loud as she made it half way up the fence.

"Uhh Mimi?"

Mimi jumped at the voice and slowly turned her head. She looked to see it was Matt with a dazed look on his face.

"You know theres a door over there right?" He said while pointing to his left. Mimi followed his finger to see there was a door just a few feet away from her. She dropped her head down in embarrassment. She made her way back down.

"Hey Matt what are you doing here?" She asked as they both walked towards the door.

"Well my band is playing after we light up the tree. I was just getting some extra cords we needed." He said as she waved the cords around. "If you're looking for Taichi then I wish you luck. The lighting is about to happen in two minutes and everyone is coward here in front of the stage." He added. Mimi stopped to grasp what he just said.

Matt smirked. "You shouldn't give up. You still have two minutes before we light it up. There is a stage in front of you. There are speakers and a microphone. Seeing how I am the one who will greet the students and then perform. I could have forgotten a few things behind. Leaving the stage completely empty for someone to use. " He finished while smiling at Mimi.

She felt her stomach turn at the thought of doing what Matt was hinting too. He stood there waiting for her answer. She broke out in a cold sweat. Her plams sweaty and felt her throat closing up.

"Confessing in front of the whole school? I don't think I can do this." She thought

He turned and walked up the stage stairs. Mimi's mind and heart raced out with every step he took. The sound of his foot steps rang louder and louder in her ears.


"Come on Taichi! We have to get a good spot!" Sora said as she tugged Taichi's arm. The students had all finish gathering towards the stage. Taichi and Sora were towards the back. He kept his hands in his pockets and wished for the night to be over.

"Aww great now we are so far away." Sora cried out.

"We are fine. We can see the stage so it fine." He pouted.

"Come on lets get closer." She added. She held him tight while making their way closer and closer into the coward.

Matt walked up to center stage. The lights all focused on him.

"Hello there my fellow students! I'm happy you guys made it to the Christmas tree lighting!" He said. The cowards let out applause and shouts of "Yeah!" and "Whoa!"

"Great to see you guys are excited for this! After the lighting my band and I will be performing for you." He added with a smile.

"I hope she doesn't chicken out, this is her only chance." Matt thought as he continued to interact with the coward.

Mimi remained still not knowing what to do. She was panicking. She felt feverish and took off her coat and scarf. She felt as if she was running out of air. She felt a hand placed on her right shoulder. She turned to see it was James. He smiled.

"It's ok Mimi. Clam down. Everything is going to be alright." He said . Mimi saw his smile so calming and warm .

"How did you know I was here?" She asked.

"Matt texted me." He said holding up his phone. Mimi was about to speak when James interrupted her.

"You're not thinking about backing out right?...This is what you've been waiting for! " He exclaimed as he grasped on to her shoulders. Mimi's body shook at the touch.

"You came all this way." He said softly. He let go of her.

"Do you honestly want to forget it all?" He asked.

" I don't ever want to forget this moment, or the feelings I have for you." Taichi's words replayed in her head. She stood still. She took a deep breath and turned around and ran she fast as she could towards the stairs. James smiled and ran right behind her.

"There's no way I'd miss this." He thought.

Mimi reached the top of the stage and caught Matt's attention.

"First and for most I have a friend who I would like to share the stage with." He smiled as he left center stage.

Mimi walked towards the center of the stage. She stood in front of the microphone. The lights were bright. She held her hands tight in front of her. The students were all a bit confused and were quiet. They whispered among themselves as they waited for Mimi to speak. Sora stopped moving forward and turned to push Taichi back before he could see.

"Sora what are you doing the stage of you." He said while focusing his eyes on Mimi. Sora continued to push Taichi back. "STOP Sora." He said as he broke away from Sora.

Mimi stood center stage with the unlit tree behind her. Her hair was in beautiful big curls and had smooth red lips. She wore black heels, along with black nylons. She had a red flowing skirt that was just above her knees, and a mid sleeve green u-neck shirt that was tightly form-fitting and tucked in. Taichi couldn't take his eyes off her. He could tell she was under stress by the red in her cheeks, the deep breaths she was taking and the pink puffiness under her eyes from crying.

She had never been more beautiful to him than the way she looked now.

"H-hi there everyone. I'm sorry for keeping you from the lighting, so I promise not to take long." She took a deep breath and tried to hold back the tears in her eyes. The heat from the lights were starting to get to her.

"I have something I need to say. I should of said this a long time ago. I want to say that I'm sorry for being a coward." She said while letting some of her tears fall. Taichi stopped mid crowd at her statement.

"I don't want to forget either!" She shouted. "I don't want to forget how I feel about you either!" She continued with tears in her eyes.

"The time I spent with you has been the best. I don't ever want to forget the moment we had under that tree this summer. I want to share more moments with you like that one. I want to be happy with you again!"

Taichi's heart raced with each word she said.

" I love you Taichi." She said. After she finished her sentence the huge tree behind her suddenly lit up. She looked over to left stage and saw James and Matt smiling. The crowd awed in the sight of the tree. They cheered on for her confession.

"You get him gurl!"

"Go find your love."

"Dont give up." Were shouts of encouragement. She looked all over to see everyone happy and cheering her on.

"Hey if he won't take you I wi-" Taichi punched the guy next to time before he could finish.

"Back off Minato!" Taichi exclaimed.

Mimi looked all over wishing Taichi had heard her.

"Mimi!" Taichi shouted as he jump up and down.

She finally found him and ran off stage and made her way through the crowd to him. Taichi did the same but as he took a step forward he felt someone pull his his arm back.

"Taichi." Sora whimpered. Tears started to run down her cheeks. She desperately held no to him tightly. "P-please stay." She cried out. He sighed and turn to hug her. He whipped the tears from her face. He smiled.

"I'm sorry Sora." He let her go and took off to find Mimi. Matt's band started playing and the crowd started dancing, making it harder for them move.

"Mimi!" Taichi shout. He waved his arms above the crowd.

"Taichi!" She shouted back. The crowd was over barring with their classmates jumping and dancing. Mimi tried her hardest to get him.

With each shout Taichi yelled at the top of his lungs. Mimi did the same. They finally made it and fell into each other's arms. He held her so tight, never wanting to let her go. He let her go and looked straight at her. Mimi was trying to catch her breath, She felt faint and dizzy. He took her hand and they made their way out of the coward.

She began to shiver. He took off his coat and wrapped it around her. She smiled.

"Thank you Taichi." She said.

"That took a lot of guts." He teased.

She blushed uncontrollably. Before she could say anything they stopped to notice it was snowing.

"It's snowing." She softly said.

"It's beautiful." He replied.

They looked up into the night sky. He took her hand and she held it tight.

"I love you Mimi."

"I love you too Taichi."