Hey guys, Dragonking564 here. This is the first thing I've ever published, and since I'm not so great with writing stories, I'm going to post a few challenges. I will eventually post a story, however, I don't expect it to be very good, and it probably won't come out at least until this summer. Anyways, I've got 2 challenges for now.

Dark Type Master Ash:

I've noticed that in all of the fanfictions on this site, no one has a story where Ash specializes with Dark Type pokemon. So I'm putting out a challenge for it.

1. Ash must start out with a Dark Type pokemon that he met when he was younger. It doesn't matter what pokemon it is, or whether it is Legendary or not, he just has to have met it when he is younger.

2. Ash must be alot smarter than what he is like in the anime. Let's face it, Ash is a moron in the anime. So once he has found the Dark type pokemon of your choice, he must learn to at least research things beforehand.

3. Ash should be at least interested in one girl he meets on his journey. It doesn't have to be right away, and if you want, you can even give him a Harem.

The next challenge is:

Different Zanpakuto Ichigo:

As much as I like Zangetsu, he is just such a plain Zanpakuto.

1. Ichigo must have a zanpakuto that isn't Zangetsu. Whether or not you have it so that he recieves a zanpakuto spirit that abadoned it's original Shinigami, or a completely new one that you made up yourselves is up to you.

2. Whether you give him an Inner Hollow is again, up to you, however, if you do have him gaining an Inner Hollow and becoming a Vizard, have it so that he at least thinks to learn how to use Hollow Abilities like Cero, and Bala. The fact that he only uses it to gain a little bit a strength, which in the end, really doesn't do a whole lot, is just sad.

3. Ichigo should realize after losing to Aizen in Soul Society, that he needs to learn more about the Shinigami Arts, and learns how to use Kido. Whether or not he learns the advanced ones is up to you to decide.

That's all for now, hopefully I'll be able to give some more challenges, and maybe come up with an idea for a story of my own. Until next time, Ja Ne.