AN: I apologize for the lengthy AN. It won't be repeated. Promise!

This will be the Doctor and Rose's relationship through series 1. I will focus on the parts that could have (and this time will) lead to a more romantic relationship between them. I will also add in between the Episodes. I will not be doing the entire episode for all episodes for the series. But as their relationship develops it will affect how certain parts of some episodes played out. As we get to those parts I will play out those parts that are altered.

The changes to the show may seem a bit slow at first, but they will happen. There is lots of stuff happening and things you won't find anywhere else. I dare you to find one more accurate than me in quoting the show! But I will be altering it as we move along, the characters will tell me what to do.

Thanks to two authors who are letting me borrow ideas I got from their stories. I am a big fan of their stories and suggest you check them out if you haven't already. Juile20007: I plan to put the Doctor and Rose together earlier; though not original I will likely be using many ideas I got from her works. And from KittyKatZorse I will try using the "bits in Between" idea, and see how that works for me, thanks for letting borrow your ideas!

I have read many other stories and my story may leak ideas I got from them. No offense is intended, if I borrow on of your ideas and I'm sure of it, I'll try and mention it somewhere.

Much thanks goes to my Best friend and main Beta/editor Jordan K. West. I suggest if you like Twilight you check out her story, "Two Strangers".
My mom is also a big help to my stories and I frequently bounce ideas off of her.

I now have a second adviser Hope'sFace who will serve as my historical source.

I also have acquired a couple of British readers who are willing to serve as my go-to British-checkers. DarkRomanceAddict is my Brit Adviser.

The new advisers start at Chapter 10. I am now looking for a Classic Who Fan, if there is anyone still reading this, please PM me!

And we ALL owe big thanks to Russell T. Davies to bringing Doctor Who back to us! (Despite what he did to the Doctor and Rose)

The following notes will NOT be repeated in any other chapter and are merely a WARNING to readers:

I don't do Classic Who. All I know about Doctors 1 - 8 comes from fan fiction or Wikipedia. Much of it I just make up. If that offends you, sorry. If you know better, review, I am always happy to correct myself when I can.

I am American. I have never been outside the US, never mind making it to London. I will do my best to keep the dialogue as British as possible; please don't expect it outside of the dialogue. And forgive me if I name the landmarks wrong, I know them by sight from the show, that is it!

Doctor/TARDIS communication: Given recent episodes I think it is fairly limited. But I prefer stories where it is more involved than that. You may see evidence of that in this story.

On a final note If there is anyone still reading this- I strive for perfection in my stories. At least where grammar is concerned. If you ever note a grammar error, that somehow both me and my Beta missed, please send me a review, and let me know!