His angel

Kyle/Belladonna Potter

Kyle's PoV

It all was started in hot day over Miami's sun… U was small nine years old like me. But I still remember your messy black hair and most beautiful emerald green eyes… But ur look was full of anger and fear. I take all my braveness to ask your name. Belladonna Elise Billings the most amazing person in my life only girl how I have been kissed, had sex and only girl I'm actable love. Well this is our second year in Miami Beach high school in that freaking hellhole. I know you been beat up like me well except you been more often. Donna don't hate me because what I going to do tell my father that you been beat up. I love you and I need protect U.

Donna's pov

My name is Belladonna Elise Billings nee Potter well I was Potter before adoption for Billings "family" how adopt me only for maid how don't need get paid. Well don't get me wrong they keep tightly frames like playing good family and buy me cloths but they lov beat me up.

My life chance when I meat Kyle Fu****ng Harmon or Caine in these days. His father adopts him or something like that. Don't understand wrong I love Kyle his blond hair, blue eyes, smile, his dirty humour and rebel attitude. He is first guy how in been kiss, how been get under my ¨hood¨ like he says, he knows everything about me, only person how I been told that I love you (well except life before I turn 5) and his mine dear mate and drinking friend.

My story starts all way back to England…

After Voldemort's downfall my sweet dear brother was chosen part of world saviour and sooner that you could say bitch they abounded me like dirty rag.

James Jr or should I call him in his full name… James Eric Nicklaus Potter the Hero freaking demi god.

When my parents understand that I was in their way they decided that best thing was put me in adoption and claim the world that I was dead.

But if they ever come cross in my path I will kill them or probably hurt them But back to KYLE 3. When I first meet Kyle we both were nine years old and summer holidays were just begun. It was hot day in the park. I was in the swing when Kyle came introducing himself. I wish you could hear how he stutter he was adorable and soon we just start hanging together. I don't have any other friends in school. I'm such loner and Kyle is too what is hard to believe. His cooler than me or I think so. Well our first kiss was in New Years Eve two years ago. It happened under rockets flying and Kyle holds my hand all night. Best night off my life was years ago when Kyle and I had sleepover in all kinkiness that u can think. Well I didn't except loose my virginity in my so called birthday present 67 Chevrolet Impala backseat. A car with I and Kyle ``accidentally´´ took from somebody's garage I mean how is so big idiot that leaves garage door is open in Miami? Well I and Kyle had good luck that we didn't get catch. But now is the first day of school and I'm ready kick some asses.