Meeting grandparents

When James and Calleigh arrived in to the hospital they meet Horatio, Ryan and Marisol.

""Hey is everything okay with baby and Donna?" James asked worriedly.

"Well we haven't seen them, so we don't know." Ryan said calmly.

"WHAT YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING?! MY BABY GIRL IS HAVING OR HAD BABY AND YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!" James screamed and everybody in waiting room stared him, but nobody, didn't say anything.

Before James could say anything he felt Calleigh calming arm in his shoulder.

"Well James if they just game I can be sure they haven't time to meet doctor or nurse or get information." Calleigh reasoned to James who just nodded.

And then like middle of nowhere came Remus, Sirius and Regulus.

"So how are they?" Sirius asked and gasped same time.

"Well we don't have NO IDEA, BECAUSE NOBODY DON'T bother HELP US." James said loudly as just making clear that everybody did know what he was thinking about staff and this specific hospital.

Before James could start new lamentation session, Kyle show up.

He was paler than normally, but he gave big genuine smile other.

"Is everything okay with there? Is Donna doing well?" Horatio asked and looked Kyle mix of happiness and worry.

"Yes, they both are, birth go well and she and baby…" Kyle started but James started shout over him "What you mean she already gave a birth?!"

"Well yeah, didn't nobody tell you guy?" Kyle asked surprised but he could not able hide his smile.

"Well guys, I think you should see newest family remember?" He asked very untypical smiling face.

Soon they all were fallowing Kyle to room where Donna and baby should be. When they came into room they soon very happy, but tried looking Donna and baby who had little chubby and really red face, baby was normal size and she had small nose and she had little blond hair.

While adults stared baby mesmerized, Kyle spoke "May I introduce Ainslie Rayna Maricruz Potter-Caine."

"I though you guys was going to name her all way Jewish?" Regulus asked but he didn't move his stare from baby.

"Yes we were, but we decide to honor Ryan and Marisol." Donna said and smiled Marisol and Ryan.

"That's a great honor. Can I hold her first?" Marisol said happily voice full of enthusiasm.

"Of course." Donna said and gave and baby to Marisol.

Soon Ainslie was visiting everybody's arms and they were fighting who could hold next Ainslie.

Then Julia arrived and things started go to hell.

"Is this the bastard that this little hoe, been gave a birth?" Julia asked icily and her voice full of hate and disgust.

Everybody was about start to shout when Kyle glared her mother.

"Mom this is Ainslie my daughter and I was happy if you won't ruin this moment with you stupid hatred toward Donna." Kyle said coldly.

"Well I won't care less about this bitch or her worthless brat. I only came here for making to you see this girl and baby aren't right choice to you." Julia said even more disgusted, while other stared her full disgust and hate.

"How you dare speak them like that?! They are family!" Marisol said angrily and looked Julia contempt.

"So you are Horatio's new hussy." Julia snared and that make Kyle explode.

"MOTHER if you hate my family and everybody this room so much you don't have to be here. Just GO!" Kyle scream angrily and everybody looked Kyle shocked but proudly.

"If this white trash life is your choice then fine, but if you want have good life you know where I am." Julia said and leaved.

After it this, did go more normally and soon when visiting time was over everybody was about leave, James and Horatio stayed.

"We both wanted just tell you how proud we are about you guys and we know you going to be great parents." Horatio said and hugged both of them.

After it Horatio leaved and James told he loves Donna and he believe they gonna be best parents baby could have.

Kyle was about leave when Donna stopped him.

"Don't go, please stay." She whispered and without saying anything Kyle did come into hospital bed and take Donna gently his the embrace.

Soon they both fall into the sleep.