6 years later Donna P.O.V

After all dramatic events our life is come pretty normal, Kyle works at military and I pathologist, and with dad help I graduate much faster than normal students. I work with Horatio's team so it's like big family reunion everyday.

Speaking of dad, he and Calleigh got married and they have two children Oliver and Sophie, they are cute kids Oliver Kenneth Potter is 4 and Sophie Eleanor Potter is 1 year old. Dad and Calleigh are even going to adopt kids called Austin and Patty. Calleigh is manage do something nobody else wasn't calm dad down.

Sirius and Regulus are now actually really close and they are getting alone very well and so is Ryan and Remus. Remus actually got permanent place as teacher in Salem's witchcraft academy and he is most popular teacher in there.

Well Marisol and Horatio are married in these days and they have a daughter named Camilla Rosalie Caine, Eric and I are her godparents and poor Kyle is spoiling her two year old sister in rotten.

Well even thought I'm not close with Delko I know he got married with Natalie, and they just had son named Christian.

And then there is us Kyle and I… well we got married two years ago and we had a son named Daryl James Potter-Caine. Ainslie had come to her father except she has my eye colour and well Daryl is opposite in that manner he is all way Potter even he is that young, except he has his father's eyes.

I sit in our balcony when, I hear steps behind, it's Kyle.

"Hi Kylekins." I say and he smacks me light fully in shoulder.

"Well hello to you my dear Donkins." He says and we start laugh.

"Daryl learned his first word today." I say and Kyle smiles.

"Oh, what it was?" He asks curiously.

"It was that classic called momma." I say, I do the mature thing and show my tongue to him.

"Well that doesn't surprise me after all he is all way momma's boy." Kyle says and now I smack him to shoulder.

"Hey, he can be momma's boy if he wants, if I remember correct I wasn't one who was all drama queen and despaired when Ainslie first word was ball and not the dad." I say innocently and Kyle shows me this time his tongue.

"Well Ainslie second word was dada and she used that word all the time, so I can be pretty proud." He say prideful manner.

"Daddy's girl." I cough and we burst into laughter.

"Tie?" I ask and he answers "The tie."

"By the way what are you hiding I can tell it by now, you aren't telling me something." Kyle says and I nod.

"I'm pregnant." I say and Kyle eyes go wild, he takes couple deep breaths, before he answer "Here we go again."

I smack him shoulder before asking "Together?" He looks me like I was crazy but he answer as I hoped "Together, like we always been."

It is enough to me, and I can say after all this teen age parent hood and homicide maniac dark lord, our life is turn pretty normal and happy, which was better that I ever hope for.