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Chapter 3: Never Trust a Label

When Ichigo awoke, it seemed that at first he was surrounded bya warm yellow light. But, after he had fully opened his eyes, he saw that it was not in-fact warm yellow light, but Souten Kisshun. "What the-" Ichigo shouted, but he didn't have any time to finish saying the sentence as he was abruptly embracedby warm arms.

"Inoue?! What are you doing here?!" Ichigo exclaimed, surprised to find an actual person here, much less a person he knew.

"K-kurosaki-kun, I should be asking you that question. Yousuddenly fell out of the sky." Inoue said, trying to urge him to explain without actually having to ask the question.

"Well, I was chasing after Rukia-" Ichigo began, but then Inoue interrupted him. "Do you mean Kuchiki-san? The bunny?"


"She went that way." Inoue said as she pointed to their left.

And only then did Ichigo realize that they were in the middle of Hueco Mundo. "Inoue?! Why are we in Hueco Mundo?!" Ichigo exclaimed.

"Eh? I don't know." Inoue said sheepishly.

Ichigo looked at her flabbergasted. Then he picked himself off the ground and dusted himself off. "Well thanks Inoue for healing me! Now, let's go find Rukia!"

When Ichigo didn't hear a reply from Inoue, he turned around, but Inoue was nowhere to be found. "Inoue?!" Ichigo looked around, worried, because anything could have happened to her.

What he didn't know was that when he had turned to look around, Inoue had seen a box of doughnuts on the ground. The box had a very peculiar label though, as it read 'Eat me.' Inoue shrugged, and ignored her instincts that told her not to eat it. She had decided that since she was hungry, she'd eat some. But, as soon as she took a bite out of the doughnut, she had shrunken down to the size of a key. She soon realized that she had shrunken down and looked up when her entire body shook. Ichigo was shouting her name, and it made her heart ache... As well as it made her ears ring.

She then shouted, "Kurosaki-kun" with all her might. But, that only seemed to make Ichigo even more confused, as his facial expression was to be depicted as confusion. She then saw a bottle of milk that read, 'Drink me'. Inoue figured that this might help her grow to be normal sized. And she was only thirsty. She took a sip of the liquid, and suddenly she found herself growing.

Ichigo heard a faint 'pop' from the ground and then he saw Inoue. "Inoue? Where'd you go?" Ichigo asked, trying his best to figure it out.

But, Inoue didn't answer him. Instead, she grew bigger and bigger, unable to stop her sudden growth spurt.

When she stopped growing, her head had cracked the ceiling of Los Noches."Kursoaki-kun!" Her voice shouted. "What do I do?" She asked, partially to herself. Then, she began to cry, and as she did, huge drops of tears fell down. Ichigo had to use shunpo to get away from the falling rain drops.

"It's okay, Inoue!" Ichigo shouted at her, trying to get her to calm down. He didn't know how to handle crying teenage girls. But, Inoue didn't stop, instead she only cried harder, causing the tears to fall more rapidly now.

Soon, Hueco Mundo was filled with tears. Ichigo knew how to swim, but he clung onto a substitute soul reaper badge, which had somehow grown bigger than him. And he was soon swept away by the current.

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