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So guys, I re wrote this chapter because I wasn't satisfied with the previous one. Hope you enjoy:)

Prologue- Baring in mind I couldn't remember if this was a prologue. If it isn't I apologise!

I couldn't help the smile that broke onto my face, showing the joy and happiness I felt. It was breathtaking, tears began to fall from my eyes as I turned to the one person I couldn't have done this without. She smiled up at me, weakly but it was there and I knew her emotions were going haywire with emotions. Her eyes showed everything she felt. Her brown hair cascaded over her shoulder as she too looked down at the small bundle in her arms. Leaning over, I moved her hair which was now lightly matted from the hours of turning and writhing and placed a tender kiss against her temple before returning my eyes back to the beauty that is of a newborn child. My child, Our Child. Who had a mixed coloured mop of Mahogany Brown and Blonde hair, Her button nose and my eyes. However, all babies were born with blue eyes so that was still to be a surprise. A surprise we couldn't wait to find out. Life for the both of us was changing greatly, against all the odds, we found the love we both harboured inside our souls and gave into our desires no matter how unconventional or dissaproving people may be, we were now a family. A family that will forever be loved and cherished in any given possible way. It was only then that I realised she began to succumb to sleep, cautiously and slowly I leant over, replacing her arms with mine and cradled the small child in my arms. Radiating nothing but love.


I could see nothing but red as my eyes opened, the blood pouring from my nose invading my sight. I couldn't even see the boot that came hurtling toward my face within seconds of my eyes opening. I knew bones were broken but in pure fear my arms lifted to cover my face from any more damage than was already done. In doing so only angered him more, forcefully grabbing me by the arms and throwing me against the wall. As my back connected before my head there was a clatter as Picture frames fell to the ground smashing as they did. He was in my face, laughing menacingly as he continued to whisper threats to my family in my ears. His threats, I knew were empty because he would surely be caught. He only got violent when Mom was away and as it happened this time was a long one. A week, he'd get his fill in the first day or so then leave me to heal before she returned, giving me not so elaborate lies to tell her when she returned. This time I knew, I knew this was the end of me. It was worse than the occasional crack to the head or flight down the staircase, this time he was going for it, giving no mercy. It was only when I felt the sharp sting of ripping against my flesh that I realised this was the end. I felt no need to give him the entertainment of showing him just how much pain I was truly in, I could feel the blood dripping from the gash he was making in my stomach, I could smell the blood and thankfully that's the last I remember because in that moment everything went black.