Mrs Smyth jogged down the hall in her 6inch heels 'Chelsea !? Chelsea?' Se was following a girl with dark brown hair and 6 earrings in one ear . 'What mrs Smyth? I'm late for my art class , this is the last one I will ever have here to please will you just spit out what you are going to say !' That's when Chelsea noticed the girl behind mrs Smyth ,she was a little shorter than Chelsea but that was Chelsea but that was probably because Chelsea was wearing her 6inch black heels with diamonds on the side , she long blond hair in two very neat plaits with ribbons round the end. She was wearing the st trinians uniform but differently , Chelsea could see what was different , but it was more neat and longer than the other girls . 'Chelsea , this is Emily , she is taking your place at st trinians when you leave , I would like you to show her around and help her out for the next few days before you go.' Chelsea was about to complain then mrs Smyth gave her a cross look and left quickly and left the two girls standing there in an awkward silence. 'So , what school did you come from ?' Asked Chelsea in a bored expression , she didn't really care but wanted to know if it would be one of 'her lot ' . 'St Margaret's school for young ladies ' said Emily confidently . Chelsea snorted with laughter 'great , well you should fit right in here ' as she walked away into the long graffitied corridor , 'well come on then ! ' she shouted back to emily 'we wouldn't want to be late now would we ?' When they got to the class mr Johnson was drunk again so we did what we usually did , caused trouble . Chelsea was like the queen bee in some ways , she did what she wanted , when he wanted and couldn't get told other wise. The other girls adored her and were devastated that she was moving away to some other place. The only thing Chelsea hadn't told the girls about her new school was that it was a school for witches and wizards , Hogwarts it was called . I bet it will be just as fun as here -as if! Apparently you actually have to work and they have so,etching called quidditch which is like a sport , I don't do sports . The only good thing I can think of about Hogwarts is that it is a mixed school , sound be fun only if all the boys aren't ugly !