My last day at St. Trinains was…interesting. We gave old Emily a makeover and told her what and what not to do; by the time I left Kelly, Victoria and some first years had said goodbye and good luck but none of the other girls did, they must have forgotten.

School started in three days and I still had to go shopping! I thought that one of the girls would take me out for our last shopping spree together but no, they stayed at home 'sick.' Yea right! I knew liars when I saw them.

"Chelsea, breakfast!" shouted my mother from four floors down. Since we moved here I swear her voice has gotten louder.

"I'm not hungry, I'll get something later!" This was probably true, when I go shopping on my own I need to get a Starbucks and salad, it's a girly thing!

I got dressed into plum coloured skinny jeans, a blue knitted jumper with flower patterned holes in it and under that a black vest top. I grabbed my keys, handbag (Louis Vitton) and Jack Wills gillet, opened the door and walked right into...

"Kelly! What are you doing here? I thought you were sick?" I said in surprise.

The girl on my doorstep grinned."Yea, well I'm better now and ready to take you shopping!"

I couldn't stop a grin from covering my face."Cool! Let's go then! "

Kelly and I went shopping for ages. By the time I got back it was about nine at night. Ten hours of shopping! Well at least I got everything I needed. Mum had already got me school books, school robes, a wand and a little fluffy black kitten that I named Snow. I got all my clothes old and new, and folded them into piles of what I would bring to Hogwarts. I decided all the clothes I bought today and then some extra stuff like jeans, jumpers etc. Next was make up, I didn't know how strict the school was going to be about make up so I just brought all of mine, and of course who could forget my hairbrush and hair straighteners! They were essential.

It was about eleven when I finally got to bed. Tomorrow mum and me would be going out to the cinema and dinner because it was my last night. The morning after that I would be on the train to Hogwarts!