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Never Ending Fairytail

Chapter 1

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"Hurry up Lucy"

Lucy? Who... who was calling me?

"No Lucy this way!"

Which way? I can't see anything. Wait a minute, my eyes were closed that's why. The flashing sun rays blinded my sight when I first opened them. It was sunny outside, really sunny. Where was I? This area... it was familiar to me. This grass plain, the trees, why was there a table there? Wasn't this a forest?

"Lucy? What are you doing?"

Who was calling me? It... it was a boy. A little blue boy.

"-" I said.

The boy smiled at me, "come on Lucy before they come looking for us" he said holding out his hand.

I took it without question. I knew this boy, I just couldn't remember. How'd I know his name? How did he know me?

"-, who are you?" I asked.

The blue boy turned to me with a questionable look on his face.

"Don't tell me you forgot already? I'm your -"

I was suddenly woken up from my dream. I took deep breaths trying to grasp it but I couldn't remember. What was my dream about? Did I even have a dream right now? What time was it anyway? I looked around our room, Natsu was laying down next to me, Happy was sleeping in one of his drawers tonight and there was a the faintest light coming from the window. The sun must have just risen up. I yawned, it was about time for me to wake up anyway.

"Natsu, Natsu I'm leaving" I said shaking my husband, well secret husband.

"No... wait... don't.." he mumbled stretching his hands in the air.

I lightly giggled. Was he trying to reach me?

"I'll see you at breakfast" I said kissing his cheek.

I stood up and stretched some more as I walked towards the door. One of the best things about waking up this early in the morning was the silence. Fairy Tail was always so loud and obnoxious sometimes. Sure I loved them no matter what but I still loved my peace and quiet every once in a while. When I arrived at the door to my room, I saw my roommate walking down the halls towards me.

"Gray's?" I asked.

"Natsu's?" she asked back.

We both nodded and giggled. I reached out for the handle and held open the door for both of us.

"I don't know why Master Gramps won't let us sleep in the same bedroom, it's not like were doing anything" I said

"Speak for yourself" Juvia said jumping onto her bed.

My eyes widened a bit. "You... do things... with Gray?" I asked.

I also jumped on my bed and hugged one of my many fluffy pillows. I loved having girl talk with Juvia, it was like I was actually a normal girl for once.

"Juvia does many things with Gray, but the one your talking about is a no. Juvia doesn't know why but she's just not quite up to it yet" she said.

I sighed in relief. "I know how you feel. Natsu and I are married and I still get shy when we discuss it" I said.

Juvia's the only one I've told about our secret marriage. I mean she was my roommate and my best friend, other than Levy and Erza. I figured we tell each other everything, including boys... especially boys.

"Let's get some rest, who knows whose going to wake us up this morning" Juvia said.

I laid back on my bed and giggled.

"I think Natsu's going to be the one bursting in today. You should have seen him before I left, he was adorable" I said.

"Still Gray might come too, Juvia left without waking him this morning"

"What's wrong with Master Gramps? I know he knows we go over there to sleep, how else would he explain the reason our door is always broken?"

It was true. Juvia and I always left our boys in the middle of the night since Master Gramps said we couldn't sleep in the same room anymore. If we didn't wake them up then they would always break our door down thinking we were kidnapped or something. We were surprised at first but we got used to it after a while.

"Less talking, more resting" Juvia yawned.

"I agree" I yawned with her.

I blinked a few times before fully closing my eyes. My thumb rubbing the ring Natsu proposed to me with. Natsu.

"Come with me... come with me..." the blue boy said.

"Who are you? Who are you?-

"Who are you?" I mumbled.

"Um... Natsu? You feeling okay there Luce?"

My eyes shot opened. I had the dream again, and I remembered it this time. It was a boy, the blue boy, and his name was... was... what was his name?

"Lucy? Your kind of scaring me, are you alright?" Natsu asked.

I couldn't remember.

"Yeah Natsu... where's Juvia?" I asked.

She wasn't laying on her bed.

"The question should be where were you when I woke up this morning?" he asked.

"Natsu it's been a month since Master Gramps made us sleep in separate rooms. You know I have to get back here before morning" I told him pushing him out of my face.

I walked into the closet I shared with Juvia and picked out my clothes for today.

"So? I still expect you to be there when I'm awake" Natsu pouted sitting on my bed.

I smiled softly at him.

"I'm going to go wash up, I'll meet you at breakfast" I said grabbing my towel.

"Fine, hurry though" he said.

I shook my head and walked into my bathroom. The only good thing that has come out of Master Gramps giving me my own room was the bathroom. No longer did I have to fear of Natsu coming in and seeing me naked. Sure Juvia has walked in a few times, but we were both girls so I didn't freak out as much. As I lathered the conditioner in my hair, my mind went back to the dream. It was all so vivid, like it actually happened. A suppressed memory maybe? Then again why remember now?

If I didn't hurry Natsu was going to come and get me. I rinsed the conditioner out and scrubbed my body fast before I got out of the shower. Let's see... I think I'll wear my hair up in two ponytails this morning. 10 minutes later I was all dressed and ready for breakfast.

"Morning Wendy" I said passing her down the halls.

"Lucy, morning" she said.

Wendy Marvell. The newest addition to Fairy Tail. To make this worse, she was also a Dragon Slayer. Now we had three to deal with, like one wasn't enough. Wendy's different though, she didn't cause chaos and mayhem everywhere she went.

"Heading down for breakfast?" I asked.

She nodded.

"Where's Charle?"

"She went to get Happy" Wendy said.

I smiled. Happy had a girlfriend now. Sure they were a cute cat couple but the thing I enjoyed the most was teasing him about it. Payback for all the days he teased me.

"Lucy, your late" Natsu said.

"Sorry, ran into Wendy along the way" I said sitting down next to him.

"Morning everyone" I said placing a napkin on my lap.

"Morning Lucy" they said back.

"So Natsu, what are we doing today?" I asked.

"Well I narrowed it down to two missions. This one gives us more money but this one... I just know there's going to be strong people here" Natsu said holding up the two mission papers.

I studied both papers. "Natsu, you do know these are in the same town right? Let's just do both"

"No way" he said looking the papers over again.

The table laughed at his stupidity.

"Really Natsu? Leave the mission picking to me and Erza from now on. Your an idiot when it comes to them" Gray laughed.

I smiled. Natsu may be an idiot but he was my idiot and I won't forgive Gray for making fun of him.

"So boys you won't believe the dirt I heard on Gray" I said.

All eyes turned on me. Gray stared wide eyed and started shaking his head left and right.

"You can thank your girlfriend for this info Gray" I said winking at him.

What an interesting morning today was.

"Lucy! Lucy wait! I'm sorry Lucy wait up" Natsu said calling after me.

"Buzz off Natsu" I yelled at him.

"I told you I was sorry" he said.

I stopped and turned back around, looking at him.

"Sorry? Sorry doesn't cut it Natsu! Because of you I have to wait 24 hours before I can get my key back!" I yelled.

"How was I suppose to know Happy would eat it?" he muttered.


"Calm down Lucy, your attracting a crowd" Gray said.

"I don't care! I knew I should have gone with Juvia on her mission" I yelled.

Even though I said that I still looked around us. He was right people were stopping and staring. I sighed getting a hold of myself and continued walking.

"Lucy, please stop" Natsu said grabbing my hand.

"I'm sorry, please forgive me?" he asking pouting.

It took all I had to resist kissing him.

"No" I said standing my ground.

I wasn't going to give into temptation.

"Think on the bright side, you got a new Zodiac key today" Natsu cheered.

I glared. "But then it got eaten by Happy" I said.

Natsu pouted even more then let go of my hand. He ran it through his bangs and looked back at me. Damn him for figuring out that I grew weak in the knees when he gave himself bangs.

"Sorry, will you ever forgive me?" he asked nuzzling my neck.

I sighed out blissfully. "Fine, but your cleaning it when it comes out" I said.

Natsu chuckled against my neck. "Deal" he muttered.

"Now even more people are staring, get a room" Gray said.

Natsu kissed my neck before turning to Gray.

"Your just jealous because Juvia didn't want you to go on that mission with her" Natsu said.

Gray turned red and got into his fighting stance. I rolled my eyes, I still hoped that a day would come where they wouldn't fight during our mission. I wasn't asking for forever, I knew that was impossible, I just wanted one mission where they didn't destroy the whole town.

Oh well, Erza would stop them if things got out of hand. I turned around and started walking again. Might as well get a head start home.

"Ah" I said staggering a little.

I raised my hand to hold the shoulder I just bumped into someone with. It hurt, a lot. This guy must have been buff.

"Sorry" the person said before walking off.

Oh wait! I didn't get to see your face. I looked back but there was too many people walking in that direction. Now I would never know how buff the guy who ran into me was, or if he even was a guy a matter of fact. Oh well back to walking.

Now let's see, how can I make that key contract me now if I let a cat eat and poop it out?

"Natsu" the boy said.

He looked over the edge of the cliff and stared at the Fire Dragon Slayer. He didn't know how or why he knew the boy's name, he only knew that he was the one.

"We'll meet soon Natsu, I just hope your ready" he said.

The boy looked down at the Fire Dragon Slayer and noticed the blond girl standing next to him. He glared at her before turning around and walking off.

"Natsu? You okay?" I asked.

One minute he was talking to me the next he was hovering over me, pushing me behind him. Where was he staring at? I turned my eyes to follow his and saw a cliff.

"Did you feel that?" he asked.

"Feel what?" I asked looking back at him.

Natsu shook his head.

"Nothing, come on" he said grabbing my hand.

"Natsu it's not nothing"

"I just felt like someone was staring at me"


"It was nothing though, I didn't see anyone so I must have been imagining it" he said.

"If you say so" I said concentrating back on where we were heading.

"Now where's Happy? Hope he didn't have to use it or else I'm in trouble" Natsu said.

I laughed.

"Lucy... where are you Lucy?... Lucy! What are you doing?" the blue boy asked.

What am I doing and where? How do I know you? How do you know me?

"Who are you?" I asked.

The blue boy pouted. "I'm getting tired of hearing that question Lucy" he said.

The blue boy spun and the scenery around us changed. We were no longer outside in the fields, but inside a house... my house.

"How do you know where I live?" I asked.

The blue boy smiled. "Finally a new question! Simple, I know everything about you Lucy, and you know everything about me" he said.

Everything?... About me?...

"Who are you?!" I yelled.

The blue boy frowned. "Back to that question, I don't like it very much Lucy" he said.

I blinked and the scenery changed again, the house, my house... it was on fire. Flames surrounded the two of us.

"If you can't even remember me Lucy, what's the point of us being friends?" he asked.


"So I do know you! We're friends?" I asked.

He shook his head and started walking backwards into the flames.

"Why can't you remember me Lucy? Can you even remember yourself?" he asked.

A mirror appeared before me, cutting us off. It was me... expect it wasn't. I know I was an adult now but in my reflection... I was a child. I looked down at my hands, there were small. This didn't make any sense! I was trapped in my younger body! I don't want to be here anymore. Where's the exit? Where's Natsu?!

"Whose Natsu?" the blue boy asked.

Natsu!... who was Natsu?... who was anybody?

"That's right Lucy, if you can't remember me why should you be able to remember anyone else?" he laughed.

"He was! He is!... Why can't I remember! Who are you -!" I yelled.

"Your know my name, and yet you don't know me?" he asked.

The blue boy appeared on the mirror. His sad expression stirred something in me. I tried to reach out for him, but touched nothing but glass.

"I... I know you" I told him.

He looked up at me, his expression didn't change though.


I said his name and the mirror shattered. I raised my hands up to shield me from the glass.

"You swore to never forget, I'm going to have to punish you now" the blue boy said grabbing a glass shard.

"No! No don't! Who are you?! -! -!"

"LUCY! WAKE UP!" he yelled.

My eyes shot open. Where was I? Who was I? What's happening? I started moving, scrambling and ended up falling off the bed.

"Lucy!" he yelled again.

Lucy... Lucy that's right. I'm Lucy Heartfilia... and I'm in Fairy Tail. Natsu fell down next to me and grabbed my hands.

"Lucy what's wrong?" he asked.

Natsu... Natsu Dragneel, my husband. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close to me. I'd forgotten him, I almost forgot him.

"Lucy?" he asked confused.

His arms wrapped around me, his hand moving up and down my back as if he was trying to calm me.

"I forgot you" I whimpered.

"Huh?" he asked.

I shook my head. Natsu wouldn't understand the dream... if it even was a dream.

"Nothing Natsu, I just had a nightmare" I told him.

"It's not nothing Lucy, this is the second time you've been talking in your sleep" he said.

Talking? I wasn't a sleep talker.

"What did I say?" I asked.

"You kept saying no then screamed bloody murder. I tried shaking you awake, then you tumbled off the bed" he said.

"It's... a really bad nightmare. Look I'm tired and I don't want to talk about it. Can we go back to bed?" I asked.

"Aren't you going to go back to your room before Jii-chan wakes?" Natsu asked.

And not see you? I shook my head.

"I don't care, let's go back to sleep" I mumbled climbing back onto the bed.

Natsu climbed after me and pulled me close. He kissed my forehead and I felt warmth flood through me.

"Sweet dreams Lucy" he said.

I'm sure if your here, I will.

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