Here's a little Finnick/Annie angst that I came up with. I have no idea where it came from, but it wouldn't go away, and I had to write it. I don't know what I think of it...

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The rising sun glistened across the clear water, illuminating the waves that rolled towards the horizon, awakening the life under the sea and giving a whole new beauty to the already perfect view. Sadly, the only person awake to see it was not in the mood for pretty and perfect.

Yes, the pretty picture certainly did not go with the heart of the young man sitting on the shore, skipping rocks in the water.

Didn't the world know she was gone? That the only good thing in the world was gone?

Finnick Odair sighed and threw another stone in the sea, not even trying to skip it. Annie wasn't gone yet, he had to keep reminding himself, their were only five more tributes in the game and maybe by some shred of luck, she would win, win the games and come back to him.

But, even if she did win, which wasn't likely, her mind was already gone, filled with the nightmares. Finnick had seen the footage, the instant the knife had cut Park's neck, Annie had lost hope she had fled into the darkness to cry. Soon the terror would get to her and she'd be nothing but a shell with memories and nightmares, always living in fear of the next tribute to come slit her throat and leave her to-

No Finnick, don't think like that, think positive, or else Annie will never come back to you. Remember, the capitol only put her in there to get to you. Finnick sighed again and threw another stone.

That was the problem. It was all his fault. His fault she was gone, that she would never be the same. His fault that the sweet, innocent Annie would never come back, his fault she had to experience the games.

Finnick felt the tears prickle his eyes, the tears that always came when he thought of Annie. He quickly wiped them away and threw another rock. He would not let himself fall apart, would not let the capitol get what they wanted.

Annie's voice filled his head; promise me Finnick, promise me that no matter what happens, you'll stay strong. Please, for me, one finale promise for the girl you may never see again.

Finnick stood up quickly and jumped into the sea.

It was cruel. Cruel for her to remind him that she might never come back. Cruel, but effective. Everyday, since the games had started, He'd been coming here and coming to this spot and swimming, making fish nets, catching fish, anything to keep him from falling apart.

But the thing Finnick did most was skipping stones. He wasn't really skipping them, mostly just throwing them into the water and hearing the splash.

With every stone he threw, he imagined he could smell the stench of roses and blood, hear the humorless laugh, and see the overly fake face. With every stone, he'd picture it was President Snow's face smashing against the ocean floor, not some non-living matter. And for some reason, it helped. Maybe it was the fact that it was something defiant, something the capitol would not approve of. That was the reason Finnick liked the best.

But maybe, it wasn't the act of defiance that made it help, maybe it was the fact that Finnick was so desperate that he'd do anything to ignore the pain. And throwing stones was a wimpy, angry something.

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