Title: Sound the Bugle

Category: Digimon

Author: Phoenix Keeper Avalon

Language: English

Rating: Rated: T

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Friendship

Published: Friday, 9 November 2012

Words: 1,236

Summary: Sequel to my one shot:- Sound the Bugle. Davis and the rest of the DigiDestined are facing an unknown enemy with unimaginable strength. The team need to dig deep and find the true meaning of Destiny.

Main Characters: Daisuke M./Davis, Veemon and Azulongmon

He was numb.

He couldn't feel anything in his leg and he was pretty sure it was broken. Every muscle, every bone, every cell was aching.

"Let me go!" croaked Davis, his tired voice echoing the dark fog the surrounded him. Davis didn't know how long he had been yelling, but his throat felt like sand had been poured down it.

Not too long ago he had been captured by the worst kind of enemy; an unknown one, from strength to appearance. Davis and the team had gotten a distress message from Gennai, and immediately rushed to the digital world only to be attacked the second they touched in.

It happen so fast that they didn't even know who their attackers were. Davis knew though that everyone got out of the battle, everyone but him and Veemon. Now Davis had no idea where Veemon was or even where he was.

He was as good as dead, that simple. And that terrified the holder of courage.

"I can just imagine what the guys would say. If they saw me now. God I'm pathetic…"

Davis stood up to and beat MaloMyotismon, helped Ken join the DigiDestined and defeated him back when he was the Emperor.

Now… he was giving up. Davis didn't see the point, he and Veemon were caught. He didn't have his D-Terminal, his Digivice or his partner. No idea where he was or even how much time had passed. It was hopeless.

He wasn't Davis 'Daisuke' Motomiya any more, not for a long time. Over the last two years things got harder for him. His parents had been getting into fights, Jun had moved out just to get away from it all and Davis found himself missing her. The two kept in contact, that wasn't much more than five minutes but that was far longer than how long he spoke to the team.

Ken and him were still hanging out frequently, but Davis and the rest only saw each other in the hallways or at meetings or interviews (ever since the digital world became more well-known).

He couldn't call himself the Child of Courage right now, and for a long time, the Child of Friendship either. There was no Miracle he could put to get out of this. No optimistic words to think let alone say.

Silence and darkness, were his company…

Pain was his salivation, for that was all that would tell him he was alive…

The beat of his heart, his comfort…

He, no matter who was with him, was always alone…

"Giving up already child?"

Davis' head shot and his eyes met with the familiar Great Dragon. Although transparent Azulongmon was there.

"Azulongmon?!" he croaked, slumping down in relief. He was sav—

"I will not be able to help you Daisuke."


"Daisuke… Have you forgotten who you are?"

The Sovereign paused into a sigh.

"You are the child of Courage, Friendship, Miracles and Loyalty-"

"-Loyalty?" asked Davis.

"Yes, Loyalty." He smiled. "You are the child that holds four of the crucial crest. What is a team without friendship? What is a team without loyalty tying it together? A leader without courage-"

"I'm no leader." scowled Davis, his eyes glues to the foggy ground. "Not once since I became a Digidestined did they ever treat me like I was one. Only Ken, Matt, Tai and Veemon ever treat me like a friend."

"Have you ever thought why?"

Davis' eyes widened, slightly. He never did. Not once did he question why it was like that. Whose fault was it?

"Daisuke… Takeru, Hikari, Cody and Yolei are partly to blame for your misery, but you too are to blame. You expected them to give you a chance. Tell me, when was it they did?"

"Against, MaloMyotismon."

That was right. The only time they trusted Davis and let him lead was then. That was the moment Davis really felt like a leader and that only happened because…

"…I gave myself a chance…"

"In life - you and I both know this – chances are not given out to those who deserve it. One must take matters into their own hands. It was wrong for you team to judge you before getting to know you, but did you ever give them the choice?"

Davis since the death of his beloved grandfather hadn't let anyone to close, the exception Veemon, who knew of Davis' masquerade from the day they met. In the end of the day it was always Veemon that Davis turned to.

"Daisuke, when I chose you back when you were a mere six years of age, you showed the signs of a born leader – no you were a born leader. You protected your friends and trusted them too. You followed your heart and trusted your instincts, you still do but the difference is that you don't trust who you are."

A sad look entered the eyes of the Eastern Dragon.

"You don't relies it but you have a great power in you, a strength that few have seen. One very few try to see. Your grandfather saw it, Veemon sees it and I see it… Now, you must see it."

"H…how?" Davis eyes found the ground once again, "I'm not Davis anymore…"

"Of course you're still Davish!"


Davis' lifted his head once more, and searched the dark abyss. Nothing… just him and Azulongmon.

"Veemon?" he whispered.

"That's me."

Davis could almost picture that little blue dragon grinning his head off. That single thought brought a smile to Davis' face

"Where are you? Are you ok?"

"Somewhere chained to a wall, in a swirling void of nothingness. But besides that I'm just peachy." Veemon replied, sarcastically

Davis smirked.

"I have never been so glad to hear your annoying voice."

"Nice to hear ya too." Veemon paused. "What was this about not bein' Davis? Who's with you?"


"Great, we're-"

"he won't help us…"


"he said that we have to help our selves'."

"No, I believe I said Daisuke you're the only one who can get, you and Veemon out of here." interrupted Azulongmon, raising a single claw.

"How can he?"

"Because, he always could."


Azulongmon wasn't making sense. Davis was just a human. He wasn't a Digimon. He didn't have any special powers like Kari (not that he knew off anyway). He was never really the best leader even when the team listened to him. What was so special in the boy who lived in his past?

"To become a warrior one must become a man. To become a man one must learn to keep moving forward. Daisuke, promise that if I were to pass into the next life, that you'd needn't dwell on my death and keep fighting your battles."

"Ok, Sensei."

"Promise me not as you Sensei but as I am."

"Promise grandpa."

That was one of the many things Davis promised his grandfather… and he had broken every one of them.

What the heck have I done.

"Sorry grandpa… I broke my promise…"

"Not quite my boy." smiled Azulongmon. "A promise is only broken if one never fulfils it."

"Well I will then!" Davis shouted. "It's time for me to stop being someone I'm not!"

Ignoring his partner's cheers, Davis pulled and tugged at his shackles, both the ones on the wall and the ones in his heart.

"Come on Davis!"

"Just a little more."

And the chains broke, forever…

A/N: Ok! Anyone who is reading this must be wondering "wait a second, the first chapter is like the one shot." Well yeah! This is a kind of sequel to that one-shot that I really should have done this from the beginning.