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Chapter 1: Introduction

Artemis POV:

Here I am again… in the same old, boring throne room and let me tell you this, the old god of nudity and lust, came back and he wouldn't stop on hitting on me and his name is Selust.

I swear to all gods out there that one day, I will pulverize this man and turn him to a butt-ugly jackalope and get my huntresses hunt him and rip him apart!

Even my brother doesn't like him; Selust keeps annoying him about me and the giant war being finish and Gaea going back to sleep and us being a little bit weak to fight in our full strength.

I looked to my left and saw my brother Apollo and Hermes discussing about a prank on ares.

I then turned my head to the front and saw ares and Hephaestus fighting over Aphrodite.

But again, she is more of a slut than a goddesses of love and beauty.

Then their was Selust in the middle of ares and Aphrodite, so she has to move closer to her husband.

Then I turned my head to the big three and saw Athena shouting at a bored Poseidon about how`s he being such a barnacle-beard and stuff. It's like she wants his attention even though she knows that he had just divorced Amphitrite for some unknown reason that he just doesn't care about anything anymore.

But he still cares for his children, especially Percy Jackson.

I spotted him looking at me mischievously and I glared at him venomously making him flinch.

Today, the nine demigods that helped save camp was coming to be reward by Zeus; our O` powerful and mighty-whore-of-a father.

I mean, he keeps on cheating on Hera every time after that careless kid: Percy Jackson made them swear off the pack of the big three and to swear in the river Styx to claim their children at the age of 13.

Even though I hate her, I couldn't help pity her and stuff, but she started this whole damn chaos and made it hard for the gods and goddesses with children down on earth.

Finally, the nine demigods that we were waiting arrived here in front of us.

There was Percy: the hero of Olympus.

Annabeth: his girlfriend and the architect of Olympus.

Nico and hazel: children of Hades or Pluto.

Frank Zhang: son of mars.

Jason: my other step-little-brother and praetor in camp Jupiter.

Leo Valdez: son of Hephaestus.

Piper McLean: daughter of Aphrodite and Jason`s girlfriend.

And last but not the least…my lieutenant, Thalia grace: daughter of Zeus and the youngest in the hunt.

Compare to their sizes, we are quite large and dangerous if we stump on them, accidently.

They bowed to our father and their parents for respect, until father spoke.

Just like a dramatic queen that needs attention. I thought and sighed.

Hopefully father wouldn't notice that and you know what? He didn't know a thing and I'm extremely happy.

"Rise, demigods." Zeus bellowed.

They rose from their feet and I saw how Selust looking at the girls.

Especially the child of Aphrodite.

I swore I saw anger in Aphrodite`s eyes for the first time.

Even though she is like a slut, she hates him and scooted closer to Hephaestus.

Before Zeus could continue, everyone turned to the large golden closed doors for everyone could hear shouting and fighting outside and it suddenly flung open and two male twin boys at the age of 18 to 19 were thrown in the middle of the room.

I think I heard one of them said something like "not the face, not the face!" then a loud thump. The demigods gasp on what they were looking at… I didn't know why because the boys look like Asians with tan skin, dark midnight-hair, blackish-brown eyes, and heavily, muscular built bodies that would have made Ares jealous and Aphrodite drool.

And when I meant by look -alike I mean not like Chinese or Japanese.

They didn't have small eyes but normal and fierce and serious eyes.

What was weird was that this two has army uniform, bandanas, and long-sleeve camouflage polo shirts.

One was wearing it neatly like I mean, tucked in newly ironed while the other un-tucked, un-buttoned, showings his gray shirt with a white skull face drawn in it.

Like his a street fighter or something? Both had a sheathed knife in the higher left part of their shoulder, different badge in their fore-arm.

The one who had his uniform tucked-in `s badge was a fox curled up on a picture of earth in the middle and two golden swords crossed together behind it.

The words said: FOXTORT. Weird name for a group, I said to myself.

The other one who was un-tucked had badge with a triangle with a knife under and the middle of the triangle and was colored granite silver with a blue-wish black background. The name under it was: DELTA FORCE. Well… at least that's not very weird cause I heard some names just like that. (Mw3 delta force logo)

Zeus, our father stood up from his throne and roared.

"How dare you interrupt us on our meeting?" Ah! Something's never change… the guards behind them kneeled while the two boys that were lying on the floor slowly stood up groaning.

They stood up and looked at the whole throne room taking all the information on every gods, goddesses and the eight demi-gods and goddesses. They looked at each other confused and looked at Zeus.

"Well? Are the both of you mute or deaf? The king of the gods had just asked you a question!" asked Selust mockingly.

They turned their heads to him and looked at him with death glare, more freighting than mine and I could hear Piper`s and Annabeth`s thought. "Impossible! They were dispatched in here in the west." Said Annabeth in her thought.

Then there was Piper`s thought.

"O.M.G.! My sisters are going to freak when they find out I was the first to meet the two of the most famous of six. And are they demigods, like us? Drew is going to hunt them and I bet mom will not have second thoughts on getting her manicured hands on them." She sighed sadly before giggling from what it would look like, if it was to ever happen.

I couldn't help myself but chuckle at their thoughts while the other Olympians look at me weirdly.

Then they spoke in a different language that even we, Olympians couldn't understand.

Must be foreign. "Kilala ba ng tangang ito kung sino ang siyang kinakalaban?" said the one with the foxtrot badge to his twin brother- I think? - Without breaking his gaze at Selust. (does this idiot know who he`s up too? - don't put it in Google translate. Its freaking wrong there. And it's Filipino)

Oh how I wish they would just trample him right here and there.

And I think I just saw a small grin formed to the one with the delta force badge, as if he had just heard my thoughts. The he spoke. "Not now my brother." He said. I knew it! They are brothers.

His voice sounded so calm and peaceful that I could just lits- what am I thinking? I just saw this…this… this boy, today! I must be going crazy, must dispose of this thought for I have made a vow to hate men for the rest of eternity.

Aphrodite`s POV:

This day is getting better and better!

Unless you count Selust out, it is.

But you can't. He just came back from his disappearance and now he`s here and his checking out my daughter and Artemis.

Still, he was the worst man in the history of men and that he should be in Tartarus, in the field of punishments.

Now, there are two hot lookin` boys in front of us with a very muscular looks.

I observed the both of them carefully and found out that their names are Cpt. France and Cpt. Franz.

I think I heard that name six years ago.

In world war 3, I think? But anyways…

I will do a research later but now; I need to know more about `em!

If you look at Selust…you would wish you never knew him.

He had messy blond hair, fat and un-athletic figure, ugly-fat-ass face and no politeness who he talks with.

Even though I might be the goddess of sexuality and love, I'm not like him who has only sex in mind.

Now looking back at them, I couldn't help but drool at their sight.

Now, Zeus turned to the guards with dramatic expression.

"Who are they and what are they doing in here in the throne room?" he bellowed.

"I'm sorry my lord. These two were caught entering your domain without any permission. We caught them and thought you`d like to blast someone today?" he said.

How dare they waste such two good lookin men.

Then, the one that spoke in different language said or precisely, he yelled.

"Why you piece of shit!" he said as he tried to get the guard but his brother stopped him.

Selust was laughing at them that made my blood boil and captain France talked: the one with un-tucked polo.

"What you laughin at, you ass mother fucker, cock sucking leach, asshole for a god?" he said that made most of the people inside laugh, of course except Selust.

Selust eyes burned with hatred, anger and embarrassment.

He stood up and pulled his swords and was about to slash him when Zeus butted in.

"Selust, if you want to fight them…at least let them have their weapons so it's a fair match." He ordered.

The two boys grinned evilly at him that scared Selust and the guards threw their weapons at them.

Cpt. France had two single-bladed, one meter swords (katana) and a pair of glossy mid-night black shades.

Damn, his hot!

Then Capt. Franz had one two-sided battle axe and one single bladed curved Chinese war sword sheathed in a black leather sheath.

They caught it with both hands.

And both of them place their swords and axe either in the backs or their side.

Selust smiled while both of them grinned.

He turned to Zeus who said the most shocking challenges he ever said.

"Alright. Beat them both by yourself and I'll let you have Artemis`s hand for marriage…" but was interrupted by Artemis. "How could you, father?" demanded Artemis miserably.

"Let me finish dear daughter. Alright, where was I…oh yes! Lose, and Artemis will be given the authorities to do anything to you!"

"Wait, you mean I could make him into my slave? I could skin him? And…and…"

"Yes Artemis. And what part of anything don't you understand?" Zeus roared in irritation.

Artemis sat back to her throne saying sorry.

I for one knew this will be the most epic fights Olympus will ever see!

I told myself.

The two brothers looked at each other and shrugged.

They brought their hands in front of each other and did rock-paper-scissors thing.

France won while Franz walked to the other demi-gods and goddesses and shook hands with them and began introducing themselves to him.

France walked to him and pulled one of his swords while strapping the other in his back.

It was silver with a hint of celestial bronze and imperial gold.

It looked nic- wait, that's not the word.

It looked hot!

While Selust pulled both of his celestial bronze, three foot swords.

I would say it looked regular but it can be powerful with the user.

Selust`s swords caught Greek fire to scare him but it seems like there`s something more powerful than that.

France`s silver sword erupted to silver-wish blue flames and when I looked at Poseidon, his sweats were evaporating from the flames.

Damn, this must be some real out-of-this-world flames. I thought.

Then I caught a glimpse of France`s sword name: Elder Star.

Nice name for a sword, but why?

Then they took their battle stances.

Then I heard Ares, my boyfriend said. "I bet I could beat both of them easy as pie!" the Hephaestus butted in, "oh yeah? How bout this... If you lose, you get your hands off my wife."

I can't believe he cares for me even though I keep on cheating on him even in front of him.

"What happens if I win, huh?" Ares asked. "If you win, I will tell father to divorce me and Aphrodite. And then you can marry her. I won't interfere." Hephaestus said boldly as he pulled our wedding ring of his finger and showed to Ares.

He smiled evilly at my husband who so true I didn`t see it before.

Percy`s POV:

Wow, this is cool!

I just met a real veteran in the name-of-war and a great weapon builder.

Not a blacksmith.

I mean, he one of the guys who ended world war 3 with some awesome guns.

Then we saw a god, I don't know who, took the worst battle stance.

He raised his right-hand up making the tip point at him and his left-hand lower so it appears to be a shield.

Even Ares is going to join, well, it was nice knowing him, I though or maybe, he could take both of them out at the same time.

Then the other, France, think?

Sided his body so his left shoulder was now facing the other gods and his right hand raise at him waiting for him to attack.

The god of I don't know attacked and swung his swords at him trying to slash him but France just avoided him when this god dude slashed and jabbed with lightning speed.

The France slashed his sliver-wish-blue flame covered katana at him and both of his swords were burned and sliced half-way through the hilt.

The plasma in which was in France`s sword was so hot that it made my water inside the bottle evaporate.


And then he gave the god dude a bone cracking punch-stronger than mine cause everyone heard his jaws shatter inside-and the god dude fell un-conscious in the floor.

"That`s gonna leave a mark, right there."

i commented making everyone laugh.

And it all happened in three minutes plus having all the gods and goddesses stare at him in disbelief about something.

Now that something you don't see every day.

Even when I fought Ares, it took several more hours to take him down.

Then Ares jumped on top of him with his three feet sword, but France placed his left hand of Ares`s right hand and then pulled it behind him and he did a fast motion with his right foot and placed his right hand of Ares`s elbow and bend it behind him making Ares fall from his face with a painful thud.

He then gave Ares a powerful punch behind the head that Ares fell un-conscious.

I saw Hephaestus smiled at him with Aphrodite who seemed like the weight of the world has been lifted of her shoulders.

It was quite impossible cause he didn`t even break a sweat and he finished both of them in four minutes without even showing his full potential.

Its like they were both a piece of cake to him that its easy taking both gods easily.

Then he turned to Lady Artemis and Hephaestus mouthing: you two owe me one, each.

And bowed at Zeus and walked out of the throne room before throwing me nodded like his saying 'what`s up' and pulling his brother before they said good-bye.

They even gave us their calling cards. it said:

13th Infantry Battalion

Call number: 16136479817

Emergency number: 09348623901

Joining number: 16173859759

Call us and we`re there before you even know it!

The gods looked at them both bewildered of demi-gods using phone without being attacked by monsters and they said "its for us to know and you to find out" before leaving the throne room.

After they left, we were all given gifts and rewards from our parents.

All of us were given two wishes and Athena was now letting me be with Annabeth more than we ever use to be.

So my first wished was for all the gods and goddesses who are married to be able to share domains.

By this, I received a kiss from Annabeth. I saw Hera, Hephaestus- who had a faint and hopeful smile- and my dad, in which by the way was just recently divorced.

Then Hephaestus was engulfed by a bright, shimmering golden light and when the light faded, he didn`t have the cripple look on him.

He looked more better.

And I mean like he looked more muscular than Ares, better lookin than Apollo and just like my dad?

Now, it was Hera`s and Zeus` turn, both was engulfed by the same light Hephaestus was and now, Zeus looked less grumpy and Hera looked a little like Thalia.

Oh shit!

Another Pinecone Face.

I saw Hera give me a threatening look and Zeus an amused grin.

Man, I really have this ability to tick off any god or goddesses.

Then I saw my dad smiled at my wish.

Maybe, his smiling so when he marries the right woman, he would not even think twice about sharing his domains.

Then my second wish was for my dad and Annabeth`s mom, Athena, to stop fighting. then again, I received another kiss from Annabeth.

I think using my brain more will get me more kisses from Annabeth than ever before and if I was to die today, I would die a happy dude.

Then Annabeth wished for me and her be monster-free demigods when we`re outside the Camp-Olympus and to be teachers in Camp-Olympus.

So we could teach the newer campers our moves and teach them how to protect themselves.

Then it went on, until to Thalia. you know what? i`m not even going to metion what she wished, its all covered with Pinecone Face written all over it.

I also thought of asking Annnbeth to marry me, but it was a little too early cause we`re just 16 in-a-half years old, but maybe after a few more years.

Yeah, after a few more years, cause we just fought the giants and closed the doors of death after falling to Tartarus.

Where Lady Athena almost killed me after chasing me till my dad`s place not for Annabeth and my dad stopping her from doing it and its not the right time.

We`re a bit, or maybe a lot more tired, it`s only been a few months, like three months? I don`t care, because my body still hurts like hell.

Artemis`s POV:

Well, the giving their wishes are done.

I flashed back to the hunt with Selust tied to a pole un-conscious and Thalia beside me.

The hunters were having fun and when they noticed me they bowed and saw Selust all tied up.

Phoebe ran up to me and said "M`lady, what is this man doing here and why is he tied up and un-conscious?" The girls came around us wanting to know what happened earlier.

So I told them everything and how he and Ares were defeated by a single man single handedly in four minutes and how are they un-conscious and how father asked Hecate to placed a no-lust spell and to act like a robot, doing everything we say and whenever we say it.

They all laughed and asked who was the man that took him down and I owe.

I told them he was "He is a war veteran aged from 18 to 19. Their names are Cpt. France and Franz."

"Weird names for boys" said Phoebe as if it was the worst thing ever.

And I agree with her till I fade. Period.

The names were kinda easy to remember and it suited them cause they were twins, after all, just like me and my annoying, man-whore brother, Apollo.

After the day, we made Selust cook for us without complaining cause of Hecate`s spell of do-all-what-they-say-without-complaining potion.

And we all went to sleep after the girls caught him in their traps hanging upside down the rest of the night.

Father said I had a year of being his master before the potion wears off.

I slept peacefully remembering what he said to me and Hephaestus.

"You two owe me one, each." And the worst thing is that I swore in the name of river Styx. So that made it official, I owe a male and I don't have anything to do anything about it.

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