here is it. enjoy.

Chapter 6: Weirdest day!

Drew`s POV:

I woke up feeling so energized and ready to get Mark-Marty, what`s his name again? Oh, oh yeah, Martinez! Yeah, him, I mean he is so handsome and so muscular.

In other words, his HOT!

Anyways, I got out of my bed, made it, went to the bathroom, fixed my hair, brushed my teeth, and etc.

When I came out, Piper was awake and was doing her bed.

After the giant war, I decided to be a good girl and to stop being that entire bitch-y Aphrodite girl before.

After that, I gained more friends and respect, but I still had lots of boys to victimize but I am unfortunately single today and still a virgin!

So don't get any ideas!

In any case, after she fixed her bed and spotted me in front of the bathroom, she greeted me good morning and I to her.

I went to my drawer and took my pink tank top, sky blue camp T-shirt, demin jean shorts, and pink converse.

After that, I decided to take a walk in the beach just before I picked up my pink jacket (so many PINK).

As I walked in the cold beach under the moon light, I spotted him looking towards the endless sea with distressed expression.

I silently walked behind him but he somehow knew I was behind him as he said, "Beautiful isn't it?" He said not waiting for an answer.

I stared at the sea with the early night sky covering the skies. "Yeah, it is beautiful." I said as I sat next to him in the fairly cold sand.

I turned my head to his direction and saw how handsome he really was. His perfect godly looks glowed as his soft, gentle scarlet eyes glowed like Lady Artemis` wolves.

When I turned my head back to the sea, a cold breeze passed us by, even with my pink jacket, it was freaking cold today.

I shivered and felt two warms arms lifted me up, and I knew who it clearly was, then he placed me in his lap as he hugged me tight, but not very tight.

I cuddled against his warmth and was quickly intoxicated with his fresh baked bread and freshly cooked food scent. If I told you I wasn't enjoying this, I would have hanged myself already.

As we sat like this, he pulled his right hand out and beautiful blue flames erupted from it, dancing like a very skilled dancer.

It felt warm and not surprisingly hot.

He then moved it closer and I leaned further back to keep myself from getting burned but what he said stopped me from moving away, "It`s alright, this fire can only harm anyone I hate or despises. Not the innocent ones." He said as he placed his hand on top of my wrist.

I followed the movement of his flaming hands on my wrist.

When his hand touched mine, I watched in marvel as the flames moved around my wrist and formed the symbol of the sun with three stars enclosing it in a triangular formation.

It then glowed bright red before disappearing. I stared back at him in shock as he looks at it with a glint of admiration to himself but was quickly covered by his devastated expression.

I then turned to the sea and said, "Tell me, tell me what`s bothering you." I said using my charmspeak.

Then he spoke, "Don't bother using your charmspeak. It`s no use against an experienced primordial like me or to any of my brothers." He said pausing to breathe.

"But I will tell you why…

Martinez`s POV:

"But I will tell you why…" I said taking back the painful memories.

I sighed and said, "It all happened two months ago. When that hypnotizing, cheating, bitch she so called herself my girlfriend and that gods-damn son of Aether, Gregg."

Flashback 2 months ago:

We, the Delta and Foxtrot forces have just returned from a naval battle in planet Naboo with both the battleships still in tack.

When we reached the Grand Port of Naboo and I was already jumping up and down on the deck of my ship, 'Libertad Guerrero'.

My half brother, James Ramirez, always mistaken the both of us to be twins, placed a hand on my shoulder to keep me still for sec and said, "Brother, you better control that jumping your doing less you want to fall off your own ship." He said chuckling.

I joined him and then faced straight towards the ship.

I and the other Delta force members walked to the front of the ship where everyone could see us and so did the Foxtrot.

I set the whole ship to auto-dock itself on the port so we could enjoy our time waving our hands to the people as we get closer.

I can`t wait to wrap my hands around my girlfriends waist and kiss her, plus propose to her this evening feast for our victory.

When our ship was docked, I was the first to get off the ship running like a mad man to the love of my life.

When I reached her, she was wearing her blue dress that goes below the knees and white converse, in simple, she was SMOKING!

I immediately pulled her to a hug and gave her a long, passionate kiss, but she seems to hesitate to kiss me back or not.

When I pulled away, I saw her not making eye contact with me.

That`s when my brother, Ramirez, came by and said, "How long?" He said with steely-calm voice.

I stared at the confused but then, she started tearing up so I pulled her to another hug and said to my brother, "Bro, what`s the matter?" I said putting myself in the middle of the two.

"How. Long?" He repeated.

This time, he was getting angry.

I turned to my girlfriend, Cindy, daughter of the primordial god Eros and said, "What`s he talking about my love? You know you can tell me." I said putting her hand on my chest next to my heart and lifting her had with my other.

"Nothing, my love. It`s nothing." She said still not making eye contact.

Then my brother spoke again but this time, he was dead serious, "Cut the bullshit! I saw how worried you were to that new son of Aether more than my brother, who was also your freaking boyfriend!" He yelled.

I stared at her wanting to hear her answer but nothing.

"Now answer me! How. Long?!" He exasperatingly yelled.

"Twomonths!" She said very quickly and sadly, I didn't catch what she said.

"What?" I asked.

"Two months. It`s been two months. I'm sorry Martinez, I didn't wa-" but I cut her off.

"You, you had the guts to cheat on me! Even after all that I had done for you?! You DARE cheat on me, huh?!" I yelled pinking up crowd.

She whimpered but I didn't care, not anymore at least. "I, I'm sorry. Please don't hurt me." She whimpered on my grip.

I tried to count to five and lowered my breath and said, "Who? Who. Is. He?" I said dead serious.

She finally made eye contact with me and I saw fear and pain in them then she whispered, "Gregg Rockbottom." I knew that guy; he was on the foxtrot force.

My head snapped to the Foxtrot and I saw that damn, girlfriend steeling, ass fucking, son of a bitch Gregg walking like the greatest hero to ever set foot on Naboo when it was clearly was said from my brothers from their team that he was hiding under his bunk on their room when they were boarded by the enemies.

"Gre-gg!" I yelled summoning my wings.

His head snapped at my position and all his almighty glory disappeared in a second when he realized what he did was gonna get him killed.

He started running away but I used my wings and in a matter of seconds, the last thing I heard was that bitch screaming 'No', then I was in front of him.

I punched him in the stomach, elbowed him in the back and threw him in the air not higher than my head limit and punched him in the face so hard the bones inside shattered and he was sent flying Chaos cares where.

When that was done, every last demi primordial children stared at me at both fear and awe.

Then my brothers walked towards me and patted me in the back comforting me and I fell to my knee and cried.

Cindy, my ex came to me crying and tried to apologized to me, but I was so angry at her that everyone around me, including my brothers, backed up as I was sparking electricity and my wings were lit on golden flames and my eyes were burning blood red fire.

She still walked towards me even when I was so angry that I could blow up and go mass massacre in seconds.

When she was a feet away from me, I pulled a black velvet box and said, "I- I was gonna give this to you tonight. But I don't think I`ll be needing this anymore." I said as the box burned and melted off my hands.

Everyone stared at her like a slut she was as I walked away leaving my brothers and headed somewhere, anywhere, away from that bitch!

Flashback end:

"And that`s how my mother, Hemera, cursed the Erosians (children of Eros) severe sun burns every time the day touches them and how Aether tried to kill me after beating his stupid son to the edge of his life." I told.

She was a very good listener for an Aphrodite girl.

Then she spoke, "What happened next?" She asked leaning closer to me.

I don't know what I'm doing but I pulled her closer and said, "Eros promised my mom to find me the perfect girl who will love me for the rest of eternity and will always stay by my side at all cost." I explained resting my head on her shoulders looking at the rising sun.

It always reminds me of mom and my war hero dad.

He was always bright and care free.

While mom on the other hand`s very protective and cries a dam when one of her us (me and my siblings) is killed in action.

"Love you mom." I said in my thoughts.

Moments later, the horn blew signaling everyone for breakfast.

I was confused on why and when I stared at my watch; it was already 7:30?!

We were here for two stinking hours.

Damn you Chronos for making the stupid time so short! Wait, what? Why am I whishing for the time to be slower? Ugh never mind!

We stood up blushing really red.

Wonder how red was I? Back to the point, I offered her that I walk her to the pavilion.

While were walking, she took my hand and I wrapped it around her to keep her warm from the cold, sea breeze that was brewing every once in a while.

The only thing I forgot was to get a stupid jacket from the stupid bed that I was supposed to be wearing, instead, I am wearing steaming (to keep me warm and because I'm extremely, purely, ruggedly handsome and HOT) muscle shirt, and cargo pants, with a pair of black, red trimmed vans and black bandana wrapped around my head covering my forehead.

When we reached the pavilion, some of my brothers in the Delta were either sleeping on the table or playing poker (that`d be Gaz and Mason. Best poker players) while the other table are still empty, except the rest of the Primordial guys and gals.

We walked towards our table when my brother from the Foxtrot force wolf-whistled on us, "Hoo-wee! Finally, you fucking finally came to your senses. Piece of advice, don't let this one get away cuz a little birdie told me some dirt-bag, ass mother fucker is planning on making your life a living hell." Cortez said walking to his table.

I tried to ignore it but the last part kinda caught my attention, but let`s make it simple, I ignored it!

Then we parted when we reached the tables as the pavilion started getting filled up with campers and gods.

When the foxtrot members came, I gave them my greatest glare that says, "You might think your worse, but I'm hell itself".

Most of them freaked and ran to their table with their backs on me.

Much more like it.

I let go of Drew`s hand and sat on my table still next to her, got no problem with that, and waited for the nymph.

When the nymph arrived, she gave me my favorite food; rice and Filipino food named Chicken Adobo (a-dow-bo).

Then we started munching the food like there's no tomorrow.

When we finished eating, the centaur, Chiron, spoke up, "Campers, legacies, primordial warriors and gods and goddesses. I am proud to announce that today is Capture the Flag and the teams will be all major and minor gods and goddesses, and Delta. With the exception of the Ares and Selust cabins"

He said pausing to breathe, "Then! On the opposing team, the rest of the primordial battalion and the Ares, Selust cabins. Have a fun game and gods be with you all."

Then he sat back down next to the wine dude.

The primordial guys were cheering and were saying things like, "Delta will lose" or "I'm gonna send those hunters and campers to the infirmary on the starting match."

By that, it got my rage so high that I suddenly stood up earning the eyes of everyone while my eyes landed on Gregg fucking Rockbottom and that whore, Cindy, who were busy making out in the Foxtrot table.

I walked away slowly, and treacherously loud while they gave me the 'please don't come any closer, your scary' look.

When I exited the pavilion doors, I concentrated all my powers and summoned my wings and flew faster than the speed of sound, going supersonic and reaching subluminal.

You know, flying round the world in subluminal speed is a tiresome, but it`ll only last like an hour.

Anyway, I was flying like crazy, blowing some steam in my awesome speed that no one can ever beat, except Capt. and the other primors.

Ramirez`s POV:

When my brother left, we heard a Boom in which we only hear when his pissed off.

Its either his going sonic or blasting some stuff.

Stupid daughter of Eros.

Always as bitchy as ever.

When we finished, Chiron, the centaur, announced their game Capture the Flag.

It was so similar to the games we always play, instead here you have to capture a flag while ours, we have to shoot other teams with stun guns that look like real firearms.

After leaving the pavilion with the cabins we train, we head to our respected cabins to change in our battle uniforms and weapons.

When we came out, everyone was wearing our traditional black army uniform with bullet-proof vest, arm, leg and hand guards for short quarter fights.

Archer, Mason, and Capt. were in their sniper version of the uniform cause Archer had five bullets attached in his left arm, black bandana and was wielding an M40e5 and a bow in his back, Mason had his uniform that turns invisible when he needs too, he was wearing a camo cap, black shades and an M1 Garand and M1a1 Thompson with grip.

Old school, kid.

Capt. was wearing his uniform like the others but he had a black back facing ripstop cap and his L96 customized in woodland camo.

So that`s three snipers, and our six riflemen including me had our helmets on (we almost looked like the American army soldiers but in black), and our rifles, me: M16a3 acog and my trusty cutlass, Martinez: m4a1 hybrid scope and his badass whips, Campo: M416 holographic and Spear of Light, Chaffin: M4 acog and hellfire, Gaz: G36c red dot and water swords, and Yuri: Ak74m scoped and two battle axes.

Then our supports, Mactovic: M240 and Irish swords, Dante: M27 drum mag and καταστροφέας strapped in his left, then last but not the least, Ghost: machine gun for defense and shotgun.

We head out for the Big House with the cabins and when we reached there, we were all ordered to stay outside and wait for Nebula knows how long.

Third Person`s POV:

The campers and hunters were left outside the big house as the major and minor gods and goddesses, plus Nebula, discussed the plans to win the game.

"We must put most of our demigods on defense! The primordial children are much too powerful if we go head on, now that Ares and Selust chose the winning side." Athena yelled.

"No, we must chose our best demigods to fend off the flag while the rest goes for the enemy`s." Poseidon said pointing at the map for the Capture the Flag.

"What, that`s outrageous! Do you even use your brain, barnacle beard?" Athena yelled as the other gods both minor and major, groaned.

"Will you two shut up?! You sound like married couple arguing for what the baby will be named!" Nebula yelled having enough of their continues fighting and making them both blush like tomatoes while Aphrodite squealed and giggled.

"Here`s the plan. Half of my boys will defend the flag with the hunters and the children of Aphrodite! While the rest… they go forward with the other half`s help." Nebula said pointing his finger in the map.

"Are you out of your mind? Our children cannot fight them, not after day1 of training." Athena reasoned as Poseidon, and the rest of them, excluding Artemis and Aphrodite, agreed.

"No, those boys and gals aren`t personally trained by me so that makes them easier and besides, they might send the recruits. So, your children only need speed and precision. As long as they stay away from my twin`s team, they`ll all be alright." Nebula said both hands on the table looking at each gods and goddesses straight in the eye.

Then Hermes spoke, "Leave the speed to my kids. They can go faster than normal mortals." He bragged.

Nebula stared at him and chuckled.

"What`s funny?" He asked.

"Nothing, it`s just that children of Aether and Hemera are faster and more cunning than your kids. So I advice you is to make you kids go and use lighter armor to match the Aetherian`s and Hemeran`s speed." Nebula said.

The Artemis spoke, "What about the traps, the strategy, and the plan?" She asked.

Nebula stared at her and said, "The campers will separate in three different teams. The first team will go to the left flank, second goes to the right and the last guards the middle."

Then the doors opened revealing Ghost with a mischievous smile plastered on his face.

"Capt., you might wanna see this." He said as four heavily armed boys aging to 20 to 25 came and stood in front of Nebula.

They saluted his and said, "We are the Socom, sir. I am Wraith, this guy to my left is Bronco, and the guy next to him is Kahuna and the guy to my right is Aztec." Wraith said.

He was wearing the same black uniform and equipment with their sleeves folded just below their elbows.

He was holding an M40e5 and his M1911 strapped in his right leg.

Bronco was holding an M4a1 equipped with Acog and M320 Grenade launcher and a jungle camo hat.

Kahuna was holding an ACR6.8 bushmaster equipped with holographic and grip and some camo paints in his face.

Aztec was holding an M60e4 equipped with Acog and tripod, he was wearing many machine gun bullet belts around his neck and in his body forming an 'x' and a sliver desert eagle.

"Sir, the rest of our team was killed in operation King Fisher so we came to request to you if it`s ok to join your squad?" Wraith asked putting his sniper rifle aside.

Nebula studied them and said, "How old are you?"

The gods stared at him as if he was crazy asking the stupid question when the Wraith spoke, "Four hundred and eighty-six, sir. Bronco is three hundred and forty-two, Kahuna is three hundred and fifty and Aztec is four hundred eighty-four." The gods stared at them shocked and Zeus finally spoke.

"Ho-how are you still alive?"

Wraith stared at him as if he lost his head and said, "Primordial rules, duh. It`s like the huntresses of Lady Artemis, we fall in battle, we die." He said as he turned back to Nebula.

Then Zeus turned to Nebula, "Then how old does that make you?" the other gods and goddesses leaned closer because they were very eager to these kinds of information.

"Let`s just say that when I was born, there wasn't any Asia or any continents yet." Nebula said as they all turned back to the new Delta members.

Nebula called, "Ghost, get your ass over here. We got new recruits." He said and the four smiled like they just won the lottery.

When Ghost came inside, he smiled at the four and held out his hand, "You four better not die on our missions." He said.

The four gulped and shook his hands hesitantly.

"Just kidding, mate. The missions are as easy as knocking a guy out with a beer bottle when they`re annoying like the Aetherians." He said and all five of them laughed then they all headed out as Ghost will be introducing them to the team.

"Ok now that`s done where were we?" Nebula asked getting back to their plan.

"You were about to give us the plan on how to defeat them." Athena said.

"Oh yes. Ok, I need all the Apollo children with their bows on the middle…" but he was interrupted by Apollo.

"Are you out of your mind, man?! My children are gonna get screwed!" He reasoned.

"Let me finish ok? Now, the Apollo kids in the middle on top of the trees to avoid detections. The left side will be taken over one of my boys cuz they had fought this before and had never lost a battle, not even my twin`s team ever reached our pure awesomeness on battle." He said.

"Now, we only need some punk ass explosives to deliver those goons straight back to their team." Nebula said tapping the table loudly.

Hera was about to say 'mind your language' but Artemis interrupted her.

"Why don't we put the explosives on the river here" she said running her finger on the blue line that was placed in the middle.

"Then we put some more in our flanks and on the surroundings of the flag to keep them out?" She said.

Athena and the other gods, including Nebula, raised their heads to Artemis and Athena spoke, "Wow sis, you just came up with a plan worthy of me!" She praised.

"Thank you Athena." Artemis said.

"But, we can`t just do that, the primordials are very strong and very experienced. Nebula, w-wh-what do you think we should do?" Athena said losing her pride for asking a single question in her entire life.

"We could do what Artemis said, plus them using the new recruits to see which team they go. We also have some mines that no one can sense, not even the primordials can and we have some surprise plan for ourselves." He said.

"What is the surprise plan?" asked Hera.

"It's a surprise, why would I tell you?" He said.

"C`mon, we got a game to win." Nebula finished before walking out.

In the Primordial Base aka 'The ship':

"We can pin them if we go hard and fast." Ares said.

"No, Nebula has never lost any game in his entire life, he won`t be expecting us to just attack, he wants us to play his games of strategy." Nova said (Franz).

"Then do you want us to do?" Selust asked.

"They`re down to one thousand and nine hundred thirteen soldiers and we have two thousand one hundred. They can`t beat us that easily." Ares bragged.

Boaz, who was seating next to me, smirked.

"Come back to us and say that again after the match. He doesn't take shit, so you might want to get set up." Then Cesar, Alexander, Enrique and Nebula`s champion, Amelia, laughed.

Ugh, this is gonna be epic and painful at the same time.

Back with the Olympians:

They had planned to send twenty-five campers each to divert them and squeeze their opponent so they can pin them as Nebula had planned.

While Max sent some robots of his to place the mines and the traps like: nets, holes, cages, and more mines.

The campers were dressed in both Greek and Roman armor while the Delta on army soldier uniform with bullet proof and swords, spear, axes, whips and stun bullets.

Now they were all in front of each other waiting Chiron`s speech.

"Welcome campers, gods, goddesses, legacies and primordial. We are gathered here today to witness the fun game of Capture the flag. As earlier today, all major and minor except Ares and Selust are fighting alongside Delta, while on the other hand, the primordials had decided to equalize the game but after Ares and Selust cabins joined, they were all forced not too because they wanted their soldiers to have fun.

So now, the primordials had more than two thousand one hundred soldiers while the campers had one thousand nine hundred and thirteen. Let the fight begin! And also, remember, no killing, no maiming, and no torturing." He said galloping towards his wheelchair to sit far away with the Gods and goddesses.

The match started really fast, the primordials sent half of their new recruit soldiers while Nebula only sent seventy-five to divert the enemy to a heavy fire ambush.

The surprise Nebula was talking about was sending the first seventy-five as decoy, then sending another seventy-five with half of his boys to lead while the other to defend with the huntresses.

The plan was on their side and half of the primordials struggled but started ending as captives or in the infirmary or lying on the ground unconscious after being bombarded by explosives that met their way while the campers had twenty-five out and fifty struggling to keep up.

Their flag was on the high ground seemingly un-protected from the clearing from the front, but what they didn't know was the hunters and huntresses were on top of the trees, behind some rocks and under the covered ground waiting to pick out tangos one by one.

Twenty primordials from Juliet force came scanning the area for any enemies until they were all shot with something they were so familiar with… stun guns.

They pulled out their bows and arrows but the stun bullets were just too electrifying that one bullet knocks them out cold.

Nelly, Mason`s girlfriend, was the last one to stand.

She was turning in all directions every second until her eyes landed on Mason who was walking to her without his guns.

She pulled her bow string back and aimed at him while he raised his hands in surrender and he chuckled, "Well love, any last words before you wake up in your cabin?" He asked clearly showing his stun pistol to her.

She gulped and smiled nervously while she lowered her bow and said, "Please make it painless." She said sweetly.

He pulled his pistol and Nelly`s face morphed from nervous to betrayed but Mason just threw the gun away and her face went back to nervous.

"Ok my love. Painless it is then." He said waving his hand like swatting flies away and Nelly passed out and was about to fall face first to the ground if it weren't for Mason who caught her.

He laid her down gently and went back to his hiding spot with Ghost throwing his gun back to him.

Nebula saw this opportunity and said, "Percy, take Nico, Thalia, Annabeth, Will, Leo, Jason, Piper, Reyna, Nyssa, the Stolls, Clarssie, Chris, Frank and Hazel and get the damn flag. Also, Wraith, Bronco, Kahuna, and Aztec will be coming with for support." He said shocking Percy.

"How did you know our names?" He asked.

"I don't know how to explain it, but what I know is that I know all you names without needing of knowing so go. They have just recently sent all of their units to the right flank. Ares and Selust cabins are guarding it; it should be a piece of cake for you guys." Nebula said.

"Of course, I had sparred with all of them before." Percy said smiling proudly until Annabeth elbowed him.

"Cool, now go! The rest of you, march to the middle flank and then turn to the right and ambush them. Move, on the double! Go, go, go!" He barked and more than a thousand and eight hundred campers and legacies did as they were told screaming some battle cries.

Over a thousand and fifty primordials recruits came to vision but were suddenly pelted with stun arrows and tranquilizers.

Most of them fell but the ones that didn't was firing stun bullets at the Apollo kids, then the ambush began.

Clashing, clanking and metal to metal could be heard as the fight went on, the primordials who was downed to seven hundred managed to get the number equalized to seven hundred and ten, but because the campers and legacies had the hunters of Nebula, the number of the primordials went down to zero and the Campers and legacies to forty, leaving the Foxtrot team heeding Nebula`s advice.

The campers celebrated to their victory too soon and was quickly interrupted when three UH-144 Falcons came and started firing at the campers and their legacies, knocking them in process with a little bit more sparky-er stun bullets.

Their number was falling at three per second and that was very, very bad.

One of the Falcons turned back and started chasing the ones that took the red flag while Martinez went in front of the blue flag and summoned a Springfield M1903 and aimed with the iron sight while in crouch position.

The Falcons saw him and was heading his way until he fired his first dead accurate shot hitting and shattering the glass of the cockpit, therefore stunning the pilot and crashing the first helicopter.

His second shot was a bit longer, but when the Falcon was fifty feet away, he fired the second round to the falcon`s engine, thus making it spin mid air before crashing in his side.

When he saw the campers with the enemy`s flag, he steadied his breathing and fired.

The bullet left his gun before it produced a fast flash of fire and went straight through the protective windshield as in result making it crash in front of them.

They stopped but were ambushed by the remaining Foxtrot soldiers who happened to be all…Aetherians.

At the Primordial Throne room:

"I told you my sons are the best." Hemera bragged after seeing her son take down three helicopters with three bullets.

"Yeah, yeah suck it all up, sis. The match isn't yet finished, see." Aether said pointing at the large TV in front of the council as three of his children, all in horses with very sharp spears, and attacked them.

They saw Martinez come to their aid with an Aphrodite girl behind him.

Hemera pointed at the girl and said, "Who`s that girl?" Eros perked up and said, "Daughter of the love goddess, Aphrodite." Then Aether, Tartarus (who wasn't very bad like a real monster), Erebus and some other primordial gods perked up.

"Love goddess you say, eh?" Aether said. "Yes, and if you try anything with her…I don't think you`d be liking to be spending some time with the infirmary from Elementor`s wrath after his great effort to get her with her husband and nonetheless, she`s already pregnant with her husband`s baby. So you're kinda out." Eros said with most of the primordial gods and goddesses agreeing with them.

Then Chaos spoke, "Yes, my son, your brother and your uncle, will be quite pissed off if their relationship as husband and wife was interrupted the second time. Anyways, why don't we just keep watching?" He said turning back to the large TV in front of them.

Back with the game:

Martinez jumped in between them with Drew behind him and blocked all their spears with his cutlass and pushed them back.

The demigods and the new recruits joined in the fighting and two more members of the Delta came to their aid.

Max and Ramirez took on the other two leaving Gregg with Martinez.

Gregg knew he was going to get revenge but he was not gonna let any puny Olympian demigods win against him that easily.

So he summoned almost thirty light infantry soldiers with swords to attack the campers and get the flag.

The campers fought the light infantries with Nico`s skeleton warriors he summoned, which weren't doing so good because they were being torn apart by every last of the light infantries easily.

The light infantries looked like ancient Chinese terracotta warriors with the exception of golden armor, green clothing, and tan skin.

They fought like Chinese too, which made it harder because they fight in Greek and Roman style.

They struggled until Percy shouted an order, "Leo, melt this guys!"

Then Annabeth interjected his order, "Leo don't, this are terracotta warriors, seaweed brain! They are fire proof!" She yelled at Percy.

Leo was getting confused weather to burn them or just keep fighting these pieces of rock.

Then Max saw their struggle to only get slashed in the back sending him to them and giving them some minor help by whacking the terracotta in the head.

He fell in front of them with Leo helping him up.

"Ya`ll right bro?" Then he replied, "I don't know what hurts more, training to death or being slashed by that sword?" He complained as he held his long cut in his back.

"Should I take that as a yes?" Then Reyna slapped him behind his head.

"What do you think?" She asked.

"Uhh, I don't know." Leo said nervously.

Reyna face palmed and said, "Get him up!"

Leo did as he was told not wanting to feel the wrath of the daughter of Bellona, who he secretly had a crush on.

After getting him up, Max spoke, "Concentrate as much heat you can and burn these pieces of pebbles. They might be some good for making a few upgraded armors." He said wincing as his sweat touched his wound.

Leo stared at him with confusion until he spoke again, "Leo, son of Hephaestus, my Greek brother, did you hear what I just said?" Max asked knocking on Leo`s head. Leo grew annoyed with the knocking and said, "Of course I heard you! Now stop knocking my head!" He cried.

"Good, now do some barbequing and make dad proud!" He said.

"Yeah, but first`s things first. Will!" Leo shouted to the son of Apollo who ran to their side and gave him the what-am-I-suppose-to-be-doing-here look.

Then Leo said, "Dude, use you're healing powers to his back. It was slashed pretty badly." He informed as Will took a look on Max`s back.

Will took a look at it with Max wincing at the pain and said, "Yep." Popping the 'P'.

"it`s pretty jacked up." He said as he healed the wound.

After being healed, Max stood up with the help of Leo and at the same time, they melted the terracotta warriors into sticky tar-like mud by heating their fire abilities until it was white hot and Gregg summoned more draining more energy from him and Martinez fighting harder while Drew tries to charmspeak them into dropping their weapons.

Gregg tried to slash Martinez from the top but being the deadly Asian his is, stopped Gregg`s sword with his bare hands and broke it in half with his other hand in one quick move.

He then drove his palm towards Gregg`s chest making him stagger a few paces back with empty lungs.

All Drew did was stare in shock on how deadly he can be to his enemy as Martinez then lashed his lasso to Gregg`s neck and hurled him over his head and into the half destroyed Falcon helicopter knocking him out.

When Martinez turned to Drew, her jaw was wide open making him smile and he said, "Close your mouth, flies might get in."

Then he battled Don, another brother of Gregg and the one who Max was fighting earlier.

Don tried to stab him but he intercepted it by lashing his lasso again and wrapping hit around his arm.

Martinez whisk his wrist and the sword from Don`s hand fell with a terrible crunch and Martinez turned his back away saying Don had enough injuries and walked away.

Don took this opportunity and pulled out his knife and tried to stab him but Drew`s reflexes perked up and her charmspeak saved him from being killed from Martinez`s hand.

Don dropped the knife even though he didn't want to and maybe a grab for it but was knocked out when Drew slammed her shield onto his face.

Martinez turned back to her with a satisfied smile and said, "Not bad for a beginner."

And Drew retorted, "Not bad for an angry killer."

She said gesturing his merciful act of living Don after he had broke his wrist.

"I guess so." Martinez said as they ran to help the others fight the unlimited terracotta warriors that Logan, another Aetherian, keep on summoning while fighting Ramirez.

As the dude who summons the terracotta warriors gets weaker, so are they.

Percy, Annabeth, Thalia and the others slashed easily against them but there was too many of them that their skills feels like going to waste.

Logan kicked Ramirez in the chest as he jumped and Ramirez somehow shot an arrow faster than the speed of light to his arm and he fell, plus the amount of the terracotta warriors decreased.

Logan didn't felt the arrow pierce his arm but he did felt his strength diminish and his vision started to get a little bit redder than normal and he passed out from exhaustion.

Percy, Annabeth and the others were about to cross the river for the win but Nova landed in front of them leaning on one leg with his left hand on top of the ground and his Chinese look-a-like sword spread out while creating a large earthquake making all of them stumble.

Moments later, Nebula landed the same way Nova did with ElderStar ready at hand but with a stronger quake that would had made Poseidon jealous.

They both rose at the same slow time making it scarier for both parties but the demigods didn't know that whenever they do this, either one of them (mostly Nova) goes to the infirmary with broken bones and fractured joints.

"Well, well, well. Look who cared to join the par-ty?" Nova said gesturing to Nebula with his sword.

Nebula smirked at him evilly creeping the demigods a bit.

"Yeah, it got a little boring barking orders you know." He said as he stabbed his sword with both of his hands in the ground sending an 8.9 magnitude earthquake to his twin.

Nova had to think fast so he slammed his sword too, and sent the same power of earthquake to his twin to stop it from reaching him.

He then summoned the water and earth to make a large wall of hardened soil in front of them.

"Only way to pass this wall is through me and…" dramatic pause, "them." He said as he summoned twenty humanoid water, earth and fire figures.

The earthly figures were colored brown, with a few black outlines while on the other hand, the water figures were colored blue with green outline and last but hopefully not the least, the fire figures were colored red with black hand and leg guard.

The figures had spears as their main weapons, swords for secondary and large, round shields.

With a snap of his finger, the figures pointed their spears at them with their shield ready with a 'HIYA!".

The tired, nervous demigods groaned as they were about to fight another unstoppable wave of enemies that could never stop coming back after getting slashed.

Nebula sensed that they had enough fight figured he would need to give a little more help than just beating the crap out of his annoying twin and sending him back to his aggressive Brazilian wife of his to be attack once again cause he had himself beaten by mere children.

But it seems that Nova learned from his past defeat that Nebula wouldn't leave anyone behind so he doubled the amount of soldiers he first summoned making them reach forty against twenty-four.

Most of the demigods wanted to faint (cough, cough-Piper-cough, cough) but others kept their posture still.

Clarisse grunted from the earlier action against the terracotta warriors but now, they were about to battle another near impossible enemies again with double the package.

Nova eyed them all and said, "Well demigods? Don't you all be happy? I'm already giving you the sneak peek of you future training."

The demigods thought that if he said this was the sneak peek that meant it was harder than any other kind of training they had ever done.

Nebula growled angrily at his brother and charged full force with every last one of his small army of twenty-four strong against forty.

Swords clashed together, then swords with spears and shields.

A few cries of pain as some of them got a medium deep cut in their arms, thighs, legs, and light cuts in their cheeks that could heal easily.

Nebula charged with the strength of a thousand men while giving a fierce battle cry, slashing every last figures in half to piece.

His graceful skills were very deadly that he was slashing four at a time. Nova was standing there watching all of them amused while summoning another forty.

Percy`s POV:

I slashed, hacked, and blocked every last one of these dirt faces but they just kept coming and coming.

I gotta admit this was better than I thought.

It felt so natural again to slash somebody with my trusty Riptide.

I tried controlling the water humanoids but they keep resisting me so I and Annabeth are back-to-back protecting each other`s back.

I could mentally hear Lady Aphrodite`s painful squeals in my head that almost destructed me but I intercepted it by giving my sword a little bit more power blow and the elemental warrior staggered so I used my free hand and punched his head of his body and stabbed him where his heart`s suppose to be then he or it, crumbled in front of me.

An elemental warrior managed to land a small cut on Annabeth`s arm and it drove me crazy like hell.

I lunged at the thing and at the corner of my eyes, I saw everyone stopped but I didn't care, now I was gonna murder this sack of fire.

I landed deadly punches at the elemental warrior`s face which were made of burning coal which would had hurt me but I was too angry to care.

I punched and punched as hard as I could until it was just a dummy with no head and no life, then it disintegrated.

When I finished, I stood up with everyone staring at me with shocked expression.

"Wow, that was the coolest dummy killing I have ever seen Prissy!' Clarisse said.

I nodded at her not realizing I still had a dead angry expression on my face.

Then I turned my head to Annabeth and my expression soften, "you alright?" I asked.

Her worried face turned to shock when she saw my hands, "Oh my gods! Percy, your hands are bleeding!" She exclaimed and when I look at my hands, they were bleeding very badly.

I shrugged and said, "That's alright. I would happily take anything for you Wise Girl. Even if I have to take a poison to save you... I would." I said dead serious.

I saw her eyes water and she ran to me and kissed me.

I heard wolf whistles and then I heard Chiron`s booming voice, "Demigods, wins!"

When I turned my head to the wall, I saw Nebula with his sword on the throat of a kneeling Nova and a large hole in the wall with the Stolls and Katie on the other side, grinning like crazy.

We all met in the clearing, all the ones in the demigod side only and celebrated.

The whole camp was celebrating in the pavilion with the primordial campers.

I saw Nova with his twin, Nebula, with a Brazilian girl who had her arms around Nova as if she was choking the life outta him.

I walked over to them and said, "Great game. You guys are quite cool but using a helicopter against us was quite a rip-off." I said as I took a sip from my blue cola.

"Yeah, sorry about the helis. We kinda need it cuz I was testing the recruits so we know" gesturing to Nebula and him, "where to put those kids." He finished.

I nodded and then Annabeth came next to me and sat on the chair next to her while I wrap my arms over her shoulder.

"Oh, I almost forgot, this is my lovely, fierce, very sexy, beautiful wife Jewel!" He said gesturing to the Brazilian.

Then Nebula spoke, "Funny how you could forget such small factors." He said leveling his cup to his face as if he was studying the beverage inside. Jewel, Nova`s wife scowled at him making Nebula`s eyes turn to her without moving his face.

Then she spoke, or rather yelled, "At least he knows how not to douse me with ice cold water than you, who would douse me with a ten gallon of water when I'm angry so that I 'cool down'!"

I swear, she yells louder than anyone in here.

I saw Nebula narrow his eyes on her but broke to laughter as he remembered whatever he did to her, "Good times y`know? I had a good run too." He said as he laughed some more.

Soon, we joined him and everyone stared at us like were crazy but the look Nebula gave them a look that scared them all off.

Then jewel whispered something in Nova`s ears and he dropped his cup and stared at her with shock and said, "Really?!" She nodded.

Then he erupted to a few 'yes' and 'finally'. I was getting confused until he walked in the middle and took everyone`s attention.

"Attention everyone. I want to say something very important." Nova said while Jewel said, "you don't have to say it in front of everyone."

But he replied, "But they need to know and besides, nothings gonna complain unless they want a quick visit from my knuckles and one way ticket with Thanatos to the underworld or with Tartarus to the Land of the Faded." She nodded defeated.

"Alright, as I was saying, I want to tell you guys the best news. My wife is pregnant!" He exclaimed.

It was silent at first then it finally irrupted to loud cheering that people from New York would hear it.

They congratulated the couple as they walked back to our place.

When Nebula saw them back, he said, "So that`s why you have this mood swings. Now I know why you would chase people with either your sword or your battle axe." He said.

Annabeth came to her and said, "Congrats." And shook her hands.

I stood up and said my goodbyes and went to my other friends and my siblings with Annabeth`s arm linked with mine.

Artemis` POV:

When I heard that Nova`s wife was pregnant, I was fuming cause another maiden`s virginity was taken but I remembered what Nebula said: the miracle that would have made every husband`s heart leap out of their chest when they come to the hearing that their wife`s pregnant with your first son/daughter. So I let this things pass and took a stroll outside, near the beach where I can see the full moon.

It was beautiful on its own way and indescribable too.

I sat in front of a tree while thinking.

"Is this how it`s suppose to end? I didn't want any of this in the first place. I just wanted to be with my girls and do what we do best. Hunt." I thought bitterly, yet sadly.

I felt tears but I willed them not to dare drop.

Marriage is like me being stabbed in the heart repeatedly.

And now I was suppose to choose a decent male in the planet to be my fucking consort for the rest of eternity?

Then what?

Find out he cheated on me?

I'd rather fade than be someone`s little whore.

I was deep in thoughts that I didn't notice some spoke, "You know bottling up your feelings makes you colder and weaker inside."

I nearly had a heart attack and as fast as lighting, my bow and arrow pointed at a vile male that dare interrupt my peace.

When I took a little bit more information of him, somehow, I couldn't see half of his body from the shadows the tree his leaning on gave him.

But one thing for sure is that I saw his eyes open, they revealed two silver orbs filled with knowledge and sympathy.

I pulled my bow string harder and said, "Reveal yourself, male."

He pulled his hands above his head and walked forward.

When he reached the light of the moon, it was just Nebula. He had an emotionless and quite the glare his giving me.

"Put the weapon down Artemis." He commanded. What did this man think? I don't follow orders from anyone!

"I don't follow orders, Nebula. Especially to a male!" I gritted my teeth.

He raised his eyebrow as if he was saying is-that-so look, I sighed and lowered my bow, "No." I sat down and stared at the moon and thought everything then he said, "So, what`s wrong?" I answered, "Everything."

I didn't notice I was already crying when I felt his hands wiping my tears.

I quickly smacked his hands away and he said, "I know it`s hard to be missing your own mother."

I stared at him and saw him looking towards the moon but wasn't really staring at it.

It's as if he was staring farther away from it.

Then he stood up, offered his hand and said, "Take my hand. And I`ll help you reunite with her." I took it then he pulled me up.

He whistled and moments later, a midnight black Pegasus landed in front of us with its dark night blazing eyes glaring at my godly soul and its wings larger than any Pegasus I have ever seen and muscles that could move faster than normal.

It neighed and slammed its hoofs in the ground and caused a powerful earthquake that shook the whole beach.

Nebula walked over to the Pegasus and rubbed the side of its face while giving it a doughnut. "Artemis, I want you to meet Jack Black. Jack, Artemis."

The Pegasus looked at me and blew powerful smoke from its nostrils till my face.

He and the Pegasus had a silent eye-to-eye conversation before the Pegasus lowered itself in front of me.

"I said that you want to see your mother again and he agreed. Tell me, how did you and your mother got separated in the first place?" I told him that when we grew up, we suddenly lost communication.

I climbed the Pegasus and Nebula climbed behind me and grabbed the handle and wrapping his arms around me on process.

"Jack, to Ortygia. Hiya!" And then we rocketed to the skies faster than anything.

We reached to the clouds in a matter of a second and I was quickly mesmerized by the display I was seeing with my own eyes.

A floating island, in the middle of the sky, surrounded by clouds, making it look like it was rotating because the clouds were circled around it.

It had a spiky bottom, a forest at the top, the moon was behind it to the left (my left), and an invisible force field surrounding it.

It was so fine that I almost didn't notice it.

"Nebula, the forc-" but he interrupted me to it.

"Too late!"

And we smashed to the force field. And let me tell you, it felt like hitting solid brick wall multiplied by ten for gods then being squished at the same time.

I closed my eyes as the pain surged through us and he said, "I need to connect our minds together to be able to communicate." Then I felt as if I suddenly had another head.

"Boss! We need to go plan B!"

Wait, was that Jack?

"Yes Artemis that is Black." Nebula said in my mind.

"Hello Ms. Artemis. It's a pleasure riding with ya, but for the moment, I think I would use terribly painful for the moment as we are slamming against 300gs of gravity for the moment. And it hurts like hell for all three of us." Black (Jack Black) said forcefully, as if he was trying to keep himself from falling out of the sky as we rode through extreme powers of gravity.

When we were about to fall of the sky from the extreme gravity force, Black`s eyes turned silver and I saw the tip of Nebula`s sword on the corner of my eyes and felt the force field decreasing at unbelievable speed.

We then increased speed tenfold and Black has to glide around the island for a few times before landing and stopping without too much incidents just a little bit shakier.

We got off Black and took our things on Black`s weapon holsters and was planning on where to go, "So, where do you want to start first?" Nebula asked.

"Somewhere my mother would be." I said looking at the smoke I saw earlier and we started following it as a path.

When we saw the end of the path, Nebula stopped me behind the trees that were blocking us and said, "Let me do this part." He said as we saw a woman walked out of a brown tent and into the fire she was cooking.

He walked out of the clearing as the woman continued cooking without even sensing his presence.

He motioned me to follow with his hand and I obeyed.

When he stopped, I stopped.

Then he pulled out his silver sheathed sword and tapped the ground with the blade`s tip and the woman spun to us with amazing speed and fired arrows at us at point black range and Nebula unsheathed Elderstar and slashed the first arrow in half and deflected the second with the flat of his sword.

When the woman realized who she shot at, her eyes went wide and quickly bowed.

Then she spoke, "I'm very sorry my Lord." Then Nebula groaned and said, "Please enough with the bowing and formalities. You make me sound old."

The woman rose with a smirk on her face and said teasingly, "Ah, but you are old." Nebula groaned again and said, "Don't remind me."

The woman nodded and still didn't show any signs that I existed. "Do you have any news about my daughter, Nebula?" She asked rubbing her hands with anxiety.

Nebula stared at me and said in my mind, "Keep a straight figure." Then he turned to the mysterious woman and said, "Yes, I do actually." Then the woman became very nervous, "Please tell me she`s in good hands."

Nebula grinned slowly and said, "Why don't you ask her yourself?" The mysterious woman seemed confused but when her eyes landed on me, she rushed up to me and scooped me up on a tight hug.

This woman, this woman is my MOTHER!

I felt my eyes watered for the second time and hugged her back.

I cried and cried like never before and she said, "There, there. Mother is here, nothing`s going to harm you."

It sounded like she was convincing herself that this wasn't a dream and hugged tighter.

When we finished, Nebula offered us to sit down as he prepared dinner.

My mother, Leto, asked me everything she had missed out, which is about everything.

I replied my saying, "Dad forced me to get married in a year." Her expression was a mix of anger, disbelief, and shock trying to wrap around the truth.

Then I told her the old god of nudity and lust came back and wouldn't stop on hitting on every female he encounters.

Plus Hephaestus and Aphrodite becoming a real husband and wife after Nebula single handedly defeated Selust and Ares on a single combat.

My mother`s reaction was frightening. Her silver eyes where murderous, her face bent on a sadistic killer`s face and her body language said the rest.

Nebula returned only to face my mother`s expression which almost gave him a heart attack if it wasn't for the plates and dishes he was holding.

While we ate, mother occasionally asked me questions and Nebula too.

When they finished, mother suggested she wash the dishes but Nebula beat her to it by snapping his fingers and the next thing we knew… it`s all done.

I gotta say that Nebula was opposite to everything I thought of men.

His responsible, caring, smart, loyal, and very well collected when his angry or being annoyed.

He told us to have another mother-and-daughter time as he go and check on Black.

Mother turned to me and said, "How did you come upon Nebula in the first place?"

I looked at the flames and said, "Well, it was two years ago. We were all in the middle of giving the faithful demigods their rewards when he came upon us."

My mother nodded and it was my turn to ask her a question, "So… how do you know Nebula, mom?" I asked poking the fire.

My mother`s face flushed a deep red and I came to a fast, yet disturbing conclusion, "OH MY US! Mot-" but my mother interrupted me.

"No Artemis! It`s not like that."

"Then what is?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"It was in my youth. When your bastard-of-a-father got me pregnant. I prayed to Elementor and he sent me Nebula." She said mentioning this Elementor guy.

"Mom, before you get to another explanation. Who is this Elementor guy?" I asked.

My mother stopped and said, "Well, Lord Elementor is the titan/primordial of the immortals and all domains. He is also the ruler of the universe."

So this Elementor guy is a primordial? What about Lord Chaos?

"Mother, what exactly happened to Lord Chaos being replaced by Elementor?" I asked.

"Well, about two billion years ago, a prophecy was given and Chaos quickly understood it. It was about Lord Elementor. Lord Chaos always knew that his son Elementor, the most powerful of all, was ever so loyal to him and that his power exceeds his own powers as Elementor can change the universe with a simple snap of his finger. While Lord Chaos takes about a millennia before everything he started is done." My mother answered.

I was shocked. An immortal by the name of Elementor has more power than his own father as he could change everything by just snapping his fingers.

Then I motioned my mother to continue on how she knew Nebula, "Anyways, Elementor sent Nebula. When I met Nebula, I told him that I cannot give birth to any land touched by earth or light. So he took me into this island, and he started blasting underground and after that, he lifted the whole island with his bare hands into the sky and that's where he helped me deliver you."

"He said that he saw a future for you but it was very blurry. He said only an hour was all he saw. So he helped me gave birth to you and you did the rest for the whole hour. That's when I came to the conclusion that this was the hour he was talking about." She finished.

I took everything in, also the fact that Nebula was older than me and etc.

"Mother, if you don't mind, can you tell me how old did Nebula were when you two met?" I asked.

"Well, he happens to be in the same age but he always had this looks in his eyes that said I-am-way-older-than-you. And that he always had many battles to fight. I asked him once which battles he was referring and he said it was mortal battles. "Just for anti-boredom" he says. But I wouldn`t care, he`s a primordial, one of the universe`s most powerful beings. Besides, I knew what Nebula is." She sighed.

"And that is?" I asked.

"He is like a father, a brother, a friend, and a helper. But if you were ever to fall for him, remember what I`m about to say my dear daughter: Nebula swore never to fall in love again."

I was about to protest at the falling in love part but Nebula came out of the clearing with Black walking behind him.

"So, what we missed?" Nebula was giving Black a large bowl filled with doughnuts.

"Nothing much." I said.

"Thaz gud! Bozz and I can lizten to zome funny ztories about moon butt kicking Dildo Bangingz azz!" Black said in our minds in a foreign accent.

"What`s wrong with your voice?" My mom asked.

"His trying to get in this 'French Pegasus Club' he discovered a week ago. Of course he knew he had to learn the language first but he`s too stubborn to and turned his attention to their accent instead." Nebula said.

We all snickered at that while Black blushed even though his skin color is black.

Do you even imagine a piano black horse blushing?

We continued chatting when the time that we have to go back to camp and retire for the night came.

We were already boarded Black when my mother came to us. "Nebula, please take care of my daughter." She said with misty eyes.

Nebula nodded and said, "I will, but I don't think she would need a lot of taking care of. She`s a big girl now, I just need to keep an eye on her, that`s all."

Then we sped to the skies, but this time, we did not feel the deadly crushing sensation we felt earlier.

When we reached camp, we were greeted by a ghost camp.

Everything was silent.


Archery range.

Camp fire.

Cabins lights closed.

Big House lights open.

Wait- Big House lights` open? I motioned Nebula for us to go to the Big House and he didn't need to be told twice.

We landed in front of the Big House only to be met by none other than Athena and Aphrodite themselves.

"We thought something`s happened to you two when the both of you disappeared." Athena said.

"Ohh! Did something happen?" Aphrodite squealed.

"Yes." I answered.

Both of their eyes went wide and we all shared a rather long awkward silence.

"So, what happened? I want details." The pesky, pregnant love goddess said.

"We met my mother. In Ortygia." I said.

Both my sisters` mouth fell and Nebula snapped his fingers in front of them and unfazed them.

"Oh yeah, father needs to talk to you with Chiron and the rest inside the Big House." Athena said.

Aphrodite nodded and led us all inside.

Once inside, all of the other Olympians were inside with Chiron too, in his mortal form.

"Ok, now that everyone`s here. I would like to announce that in a week`s time, I`m needing a single god or goddesses to spy on our enemies. He or she will be able to take at least seven other companions with them." Father said.

All of us exchanged looks and that was then when I stepped forward and said, "I`ll do it, father."

Everyone stared at me and I remembered that they must be remembering the fact that before the second titan war started; I got captured and was forced to hold up the sky.

My annoying, but loving twin brother, Apollo, came up to me. "Are you sure Artemis? We don't want you to get hurt or worse, be forced to hold up the sky again from Atlas."

I was actually touched by his words and I said, "Don't worry brother. Nebula`s going with me."

Everyone in the room had an uncertain look in their eyes as they knew me for hating men for an incredible limit.

"Besides, primordial meant bad news for titans as they meant bad news for us too." I said in my best matter-of-a-fact tone.

Beside me, I saw him checking his Ipod. Maybe taking one of his boys with us so we can tip the balance a lot more.

"Wow dear sister, you just came up with another plan worthy of me! Again." Athena praised again.

"Why thank you Athena." I said smiling.

Then Selust has to ruin the moment.

"Wait, why are you taking someone you new for only three days?"

"One: Mother told him to be my protector even before I could protest." Hera`s eyes hardened. "And two: Fuck off Dildo Bangings." I yelled giving him the middle finger.

Apollo, Hermes and the rest of us bust off laughing except Selust who looked very red from anger and embarrassment.

"BURN!" Apollo and Hermes chorused.

When everyone finished laughing, Hera spoke while gritting her teeth, "How did you get to Ortygia? I thought I placed a force field powerful enough that no one could ever get through."

"Well, now that I discovered something new about Nebula, I think we should be more respectful with the primordial children. Today, I had just witnessed less than a quarter of Nebula`s power as we went to Ortygia," glaring at Hera, "and when my mother told me how Nebula helped her all the way when she was still conceive with I and twin, Apollo."

"What do you mean 'helped her all the way'?" Apollo asked.

"Well dear brother, Nebula helped mother to deliver me when I was to be born and that he saw the first hour of my birth therefore me gaining the title, Goddess of childbirth." I told him carefully so he understands.

"Ok, let me get this straight… you helped mother give birth to Artemis and witnessing her gain the title she just said and being older than us?" Apollo asked piecing the entire puzzle piece.

"Yes Apollo, but as you can see, I am not entirely mortal. My mother and father are both immortals for that reason making me a full primordial. So we come to the conclusion that I am way older than anyone in this room." Nebula said.

Our eyes went wide when he said that he was way older than anyone else in this very room.

"You mean we are in the presence of a Primordial and that your power exceeds with us all combined?" Athena asked bewildered.

Nebula nodded and said, "All of you wouldn't feel my full power as it would destroy the entire planet for I am only to be in full power in Chaotica as I'm no ordinary primordial like Aether, Hemera, Nyx, or the others being in full power when they come down here to have demi-primordial." He said shocking us again.

"So that means that you're more powerful than Lady Chaos?" Athena asked.

"Lady Athena, it`s actually Lord Chaos and not Lady. He can get very offended easily but he can let what you said pass as you are a woman and it`s forbidden to hurt a woman whatever their fault is." Nebula said directly.

"Oh my us, the worlds ending! Athena made a simple MISTAKE!" Poseidon mocked.

"Shut up, Kelp Head." Athena gritting her teeth in anger and her eyes getting misty from the first mistake she had in all her life then she wiped it off immediately.

"No need to get all emotional Lady Athena. Besides, you not the only one who mistaken him for being a woman. As I rightly remember, the very same hunting goddess made the same mistake as you did." Nebula said mocking me and trying to lighten Athena`s mood.

I punch him on the gut and he doubled over it and said, "Remind me never to get to your angry side." He chuckled placing his hand on his paining stomach.

"Don't worry; you might like the fact that I didn't have my knives with me." I teased.

"Oh brother. This trip is gonna be the end of me." He muttered.

Everyone chuckled when Apollo talked, "Hey, uh Nebula, I can feel something`s wrong with your health. Mind telling us what am I sensing?"

"Oh yes, I almost forgot. You see my hair, it`s like the hair a forty year old man has right?" Pointing at his grey hair, "Well, a few years back, I took a bloody curse for my twin brother, Nova, and I unfortunately ended being cursed of the 'Immortal Curse'. And now, I am dying slowly as I use up my powers." He sighed.

"Before I got cursed, my hair was pure silver and it suddenly turned black for no reason after the curse embedded itself in me. Later I found it was one of the symptoms." He added.

"Not very long now, I will be joining my faded wife in The Internal Realms. The place where the dead immortals go after their fading."

I patted him in the back and gave him a reassuring smile that everything`s gonna be alright when he turned to me and he returned it.

My father cleared his throat and said, "Before we go. Artemis," he called, "Yes father?" I asked.

"Did your mother say anything about me?" Hera smacked him behind the head while glaring daggers at him.

"Why yes father." I said in my best sarcastic tone.

"Really?!" Asked everyone.

"Why yes. She said that she hates your guts and that you were a 'bastard-of-a-father'." I said which was a complete lie but sugar-coated it and smiled like crazy while Nebula snickered silently beside me.

My father`s eyes went wide and he was about to throw a fit but Nebula simply snapped his fingers in annoyance and then...

Father fell face first in the ground limp while everyone stared at him shocked on how much guts he has to do that to the king of gods.

"What?" he asked. "He was getting annoying with his old antics about women he beds." Nebula said annoyed while waving his hand without even caring if he would get blasted from father himself.

Then everyone fell laughing their butts off, "Alright everyone, go to your respective cabins and take some rest. We have a long day tomorrow." Hera said and then she motioned Hephaestus, Ares (not liking being near his full brother), Apollo and Dionysus to carry father as he was extremely heavy for his size.

I saw uncle Poseidon and Athena leaning on each other laughing like crazy while Aphrodite came to our side and said, "It`s not long before they realize their feelings for each other." Then she left to her cabin not before giving her husband a goodnight kiss.

I was confused on what she said but I threw it out of my mind and went.

I saw Nebula strap his sword on his side and then he opened the door for me.

I smiled at him when I exited and he followed along.

"Thanks for reuniting me with my mother." I said looking at him.

"I told you I know what it feels like to be away from your own mother." He said with a hint of sadness.

"Who is your mother anyway?" I asked.

"I don't think it`s appropriate for you to know her now. It`s better that it stay`s a secret before it endangers anyone." He said.

I nodded and we started walking again.

When we reached my cabin, I gave him a quick hug and a quick kiss on the cheeks and left him with my blushing tomato face and retired for the night.

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