What is once lost can't always be found

Summary: She was lost, nobody wanted her. She was alone, in the dark, afraid tired and hungry. She didn't understand how this happened. Why did she do this? She never wanted this. "Come. You will be safe." It beckoned her. Why? "Natsu…"

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"It was supposed to be a normal day at Fairy Tail, why did this have to happen? I don't get it! I just don't get it!" The pink locks stuck to his scalp from all the perspiration. The bruised and cut face of Natsu Dragoneel was face plant in the dirt, leaving a bitter taste to his taste buds. He felt movement to the right of him. Then the scent wandered to his nose. The scent of lavender, summer and peaches. The scent he loved most, Lucy's scent.

"Lucy..." he groaned as he tried to move with his battered body. How can she move? Wasn't she hurt too? He shifted his weight and brought his arm up to lift his head to look at the stumbling figure moving away from him.

"Lucy...Lucy. LUCY!" he screamed coughing soon after. She looked at him, the tear streaked face would forever be imprinted in his mind from that day on. When she saw him look at her she smiled a smile that could have out shined a sun.

"Thank goodness your okay Natsu." She croaked weakly. He just grinned at her.

"Enough with the mushy talk. Prepare to die." A voice boomed. They both whipped their heads to the sound. The source of the voice came from a man with a dark and sinister look across his face. His coal black eyes staring murderously at them. He then smirked. His gloved hand moved to face Natsu. Natsu was soon up in the air hitting the caves wall.

"NATSU!" Lucy's voice echoed. Colors flashed through his eyes as well as event that lead to this very misfortunate event.

10 hours ago….

Lucy's POV

"LISANNA!" I screamed as I ran to grab her hand as I ran to grab her hand but also falling into the river with her. Great! I just bought this blouse! I quickly grabbed a hold of a nearby rock and hosted Lisanna up onto it. She then pulled me up to safety with her.

"Lisanna! Lucy! Are you guys ok?"called Natsu. He looked over at Lisanna and made a quick check over me to see if we were hurt then scowled at me.

"Lucy, you should be careful! You could have drowned if Lisanna didn't save you." Lisanna opened her mouth to correct him but I stopped her.

"I know Natsu, I'll be careful." I said smiling at him. Lisanna looked at me saying are you sure? I just nodded with a small smile. The rest of team Natsu soon came into view and lectured me as well as to be careful. I just nodded and repeating said sorry.

"Great! Now we have to look for that black cape bastard again!" cried Gray.

"We should start searching for clues, this time be careful Lucy." Erza said giving me a sharp glare. I flinched while Lisanna bowed her head in guilt.

"Comm'on! Let's go!" Natsu shouted. He grabbed onto Lisanna arm and dragged her away. I just shook my head and trudged along behind them. We decided to do a request that evolved capturing a blacked caped man that's been kidnapping girls of all ages. It didn't seem that hard and the price was quite high. Lisanna came along as well since Natsu wanted to catch up with his childhood friend. I just sighed. Natsu and Lisanna…I guess he really did love her… I watched them whisper something and giggle soon after. A small pain rippled through my heart. I just shook it off. "They're perfect for each other" I thought. Suddenly Natsu's head shot up and he sniffed that air.

"That way! I smell the bastard and a bunch of other people!"he shouted with a grin plastered on his face.

"Quiet Natsu!" Erza commanded. Natsu's mouth shut closed. Gray snickered. We slowly crept to where Natsu said the smell was coming from. My mouth dropped open along with the others. I covered my mouth with my hands and tears started to blur my vision. No way…..

Natsu's POV

There were tons of them, may be hundreds. There was a small girl no older that 7 on the floor crouching against an elder lady. Both were in terrible condition. There was definitely blood and many open cuts on them, along with bruises and swollen body parts. There were some women dead along with some at the brink of death. The smell of rotten flesh hit my nose like a ton of bricks. I wrinkled my noise with disgust. How could he do this?! To all of these innocent people! I'm gonna kill him! Was all that was going through my head. I growled. I stood up and walked into the entrance.

"Come back here Natsu!" Erza seethed. I just ignored her and continued on. I knew that the black caped guy wasn't here even though his scent was everywhere. The women looked at me frightened.

"Who are you?" one of them called to me. I smiled.

"Easy. I'm here to get you all out of this hell hole!" I exclaimed. They all looked at each other than at me, at first doubtful then with smiled at me. Their smiles were full of hope and happiness. The little girl walked up to me.

"Really?" she said while looking at me. I grinned.

"You bet we are." Called the familiar voice of Lucy. The girl looked behind me. She smiled wide and ran toward Lucy.

"Really? Really! I can't wait to see mommy and daddy and little brother!" she bubbled. Lucy just chuckled and picked her up.

"Erza, I can get Virgo to dig a tunnel to the village. We should hurry and help them out before HE comes." She said. Erza came out of the bushes along with Gray and Lisanna.

"I agree." I responded. Soon enough, we got all the women who were able to walk and move around to go through the huge tunnel that Virgo made while the women with the most strength carried the fallen. As soon as Virgo came back her first comment was "punishment princess?" We all sweat dropped.

"Ah, no Virgo, that would be all." Replied Lucy followed by the poof from Virgo.

"How unkind of you to take away all of my precious sacrifices. Guess I'll have to start all over again with the 3 beautiful ladies here don't I hmmm." Rang a voice from the entrance of the cave.

"You." I said with pure hatred. The man's cape fluttered around him. He had cruel charcoal eyes along with dark brown hair. All his clothes were black and he wore gloves as well.

"Yes me. Hmmmm. Looks like that puny village sent a guild after all. Humph. No worries, I'll be done with you in no time." He smirked.

"IN YOUR FREAKIN DREAMS BASTARD!" I cried at him. My fist was covered in flames and I charged at him. He only kept that creep ass smirk and dodged my attack. I swiftly turned and jumped towards him. His hand came up and stopped me mid-air. "WH-WHAT THE HELL!" I screamed. He chuckled and swiped his hand across, causing me to slam into the caves wall.

"NATSU!" I heard Lisanna scream, followed by Lucy. I only groaned.

"That all you got, dragon boy?" the black mage taunted.

"His magic is telekinesis. He can move things without even touching them." Lucy called to us sternly.

"My, my aren't you the smart one. Beautiful too. You could make a great sacrifice to the project, or maybe I keep you alive as my wife hmmm." The man smirked. I was gonna reply to his half-assed request but someone beat me to it.

"Thanks for the offer but I already have a plan in mind." Lucy commented with a smirk equal to his.

"I like you. You'll become mine." He said while licking his lips. I felt the blood in my veins boil. She's mine bastard! Wait, what?! I was confused with my sudden declaration in my head, but I wasn't stuck on if for too long. "Enough talk. Time to play." He grinned dangerously. That's when the fight started.

We've been fighting for so long now and we barely made a scratch on him. We were all bloodied and bruised while he only had a couple of bruises and cuts from us. I was pretty damn frustrated and the others seemed just as pissed as well. Lisanna was out cold and Gray, Ezra, Lucy and I could barely stand.

"Damnit." Rasped Gray. The man laughed and gave us a smile promising death.

"This is all you guys have?! This is humiliating! The powerful Fairy Tail mages are this weak! Powerful my ass!" he laughed.

"Shut up." We all glanced at Lucy surprised. He stopped laughing and looked at Lucy. "We are Fairy Tail mages and we won't stop until your down." She called with determination set in her eyes. He man sneered as he made us fly into the wall behind us.

"That so hmmmm." He hummed. And now here I was, on the ground with my face pressed against the dirt, while Lucy slowly approached the man. Erza and Gray were desperately trying to move but they couldn't from all the blows they took. We needed to stop her, she's gonna end up more hurt! I tried crawling but that didn't help much.

"Lucy…. What are you doing?" I croaked. She looked at me again. I detected determination and sadness embedded in her eyes.

"Just watch." She whispered.

"Ahhh. My dear Lucy, come we must finish the project of the new world." He said with an open hand.

"What?" I heard Erza groan. The man glanced at Erza.

"Since you are about to die I might as well tell you. The project I am working on is called New World. I needed a large amount of females that I need to recollect again because of you guys and sacrificing them so I will have the power to reshape the world to whatever I want it to be. I can change anything. The appearance the climate the people! Who wouldn't want this power!" he exclaimed. Lucy was frozen and was looking toward his direction with fear and her determined eyes long gone.

"It's gonna happen all over again." She whispered, her gaze not moving. "You can't do that!" she yelled at him. We all looked at her surprised.

"And why is that my lovely?" the man cooed.

"If you do…" she gulped. "A monster shall be released, and will destroy time itself." She said fear etched with every word. The man looked momentarily surprised, but quickly contained his emotion.

"How would you know that?" he smirked.

"I am a stellar spirit mage! I can read the stars. This has happened before! I man sacrificed the lives of many women to gain the same power, but instead, it released a beast so treacherous that it nearly destroyed time! One great sorcerer though, sacrificed his life in order to seal the monster once again also writing a warning of it in the stars as well." She looked at him with pleading eyes. "Please stop this." The man observed Lucy for a minute before bursting into laughter. I growled. What was so funny about this? The whole freakin world's gonna end if he does all of this crap!

"You think I'll fall for your puny shit?" he said while wiping away the imaginary tears. "I'm gonna continue with what I started and there is nothing you could do to stop me." He spat while grinning like a maniac.

"I'm not lying! And we will stop you!" Lucy shouted at him tears brimming her eyes.

"How so fairy?" he chuckled.

"With this." She whispered, but before she was able to do anything, she was stopped.

"Please, Lucy. Don't. I want you to stay. Please." Lisanna begged. Stay? She's gonna leave? What? I was so confused. Lucy looked at Lisanna, then at all of us with an apologetic look.

"Sorry. But I gotta do this." She said with confidence. She pulled away from Lisanna's grip as Lisanna fell to her knees crying. I was confused beyond belief. She slowly stumbled toward the man. A few feet away from him she stopped and closed her eyes. Lucy cupped her hands over her heart, took a deep breath and started chanting something in a language that I didn't understand. I sensed a lot of magically energy flowing out of her. That's impossible! She was nearly out of magic minutes ago! If she goes further she could kill herself!

"LUCY! LUCY! DON'T DO IT! PLEASE! LUCY! LUUUCYYYYY!" I screamed as tears made their way to my vision.

"LUCY STOP THIS AT ONCE!" Erza commanded her eye filling with tears.

"LUCY! PLEASE STOP! WE NEED YOU! LUCY!" Gray bellowed, tears making their way down his face. Lucy slowly opened her eyes and turned her head towards us. Her hair was fluttering around her from the magic and a lone tear streaked down her face. We looked at her, begged her to stop. She just gave us one of her smiles that always got me flustered and red. The smile that I loved about Lucy. The smile that made me love her. She was then mouthing us words. She stopped and looked at the man with pure determination and hatred in her eyes.

"Katashi Honiral, I Lucy Heartifilia hearby command you to be banished from this world forever!" Lucy chanted her form now glowing yellow.

"How do you know my name?! What's going on?" he cried. His eyes suddenly went wide and he fell on his knees clutching his head. "AHHHHHGGGG!" he moaned. And with that he disappeared, like a wind that blew sand away. I suddenly felt a warm feeling pass through me. It was gone in no less than a second, I felt all of my wounds gone and my magic at its fullest. It must have been the same for everybody, cause as soon as I was off the ground everyone was as well, well except for Lucy. LUCY!

"LUCY!" I sprinted towards her body as she crumbled to the floor. I caught her just in time. "Lucy! Lucy! Can you hear me! Lucy! Com'mon! Open your eyes! Lucy!" I screamed. I heard her groan. I looked at her. I didn't remember seeing this many wounds on her. My eyes widened in realization. "Why'd ya do that you idiot!" I screamed at her. Her eyes dragged open. A small smile formed on her perfect lips.

"H-Hey…" she breathed before hacking her breath away.

"Shshshsh! You don't need to talk! We'll just get you to a hospital and you'll be just fine! Right! Gray, Erza, Lisanna, right?" I said letting my eyes look at them. They looked at Lucy and me with pity. "RIGHT!" I roared. Lisanna walked next to me and took Lucy's hand.

"Lucy, stay awake. You can do this! Please!" she said. Lucy just smiled. "It's ok guys. You guys need to continue on without me. Guess I won't be able to see that little girl again hu?" she chuckled before coughing again.


"You can do it Lucy! I'll try to go get help." Erza told her.

"No! Stay!" Lucy coughed out. "I wanna see you guys before I go." She whispered with tear filled eyes.

"NO! YOU AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE WITHOUT ME!" I cried, tears flowing out of my eyes. "WHAT ABOUT OUR PROMISES ABOUT BEING TOGETHER?" I shouted at her. She looked at me with surprise. She stared coughing again. This time blood dripped from her mouth.

"I love you guys," I heard her whisper. Her breaths were labored. "Especially you Natsu. I love you. I always will. We will me again. I promise. Kay?"She said while smiling. Her eyes slowly closed. No. no . !

"NOOOO!" I roared at the heavens. I shook Lucy, desperately trying to wake her up even though knowing she might never. "Lucy! This isn't funny! Come back! LUCY!" I cried. I soon heard the cries of everyone else. Their sobs full of grief and sadness. Lucy's body suddenly stared glowing a bright yellow. My eyes widened. Her body then started to slowly turn into tiny golden particles, leaving yellow dust floating away along with Lucy's summery scent. "No. NO. Lucy! Come back! Please! Lucy, I love you!" I choked as I tried to catch the tiny floating particles of gold. But my efforts were no good. Soon those little specks were gone along with the girl I loved. I roared. I put all my sadness, my anger and my love in the roar. My mate. How stupid of me. Lucy was my mate. And now she was gone. I just lost my mate, and I might never be able to find her again.

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-The Lost Hope